Leisure Facilities Plan For St Clears


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We have unearthed these plans from 2002. As we move into 2012 more kwangos wil appear, more promises, more committee meetings. Look at what was promised and look at what appeared. All that time, all that money. It has usually involved a select few community members who are involved in narrowly prescribed and mechanical discussions, token figures to be used for achieving an externally preconceived end-goal. Can we go on in this way for much longer?

An interesting paper on community suggests otherwise. It suggests that community participation has to be recognized both as a means and an end to be self-defined by all community members and that local knowledge, traditions, practices and languages need to be recognized, shared and
incorporated as part of self-reliance, self-sustainability and community regeneration.
Finally, that the community itself is a learning resource that is constantly evolving, discussing, negotiating and engaging in collective learning.

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