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New Social Network For St Clears

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  1. 1. A revolutionary new online network has taken off in West Wales. The networknamed ‘Deheubarth’ after the old name for West Wales has been set up to promotecommunity, business, culture, history, art and music within the area. It has received awarm welcome from businesses artists, musicians and community organisations.Within the first month the site has topped 6,000 views. The site can be translated intoalmost any language in the world at a click of a button. It is the brainchild ofprofessional photographer Alan Evans. Alan said ‘All I am doing is using the latestfree software and applications to empower people and allow communities to takeownership of marketing themselves. It is entirely free and anyone over thirteen yearsof age can join”. The site allows people to add their events, create online groups,promote their business, upload and share all types of files and listen to music by anyartist. Alan said, “People are looking for real alternatives and I am simply providingthem with a platform free of bureaucracy. My title is simply, administrator. There isno doubt that this is the future for enabling communities to consolidate the best theyhave to offer. Similar networks are being used across the world but this is a first forWales and it will revolutionize the way people connect with each other. It has beenset up so that anyone can access the multi functional site and reach a worldwideaudience. This is not a static brochure site we see so much of where nothing changes.The community has taken ownership of the site and the community has the say inwhat goes on there. Best of all, it is FREE”.With 100 members joining within the first month of being launched Alan is
  2. 2. optimistic that more will follow. The 100th member Sascha Pearce Narbett received afree bottle of champagne. There is a slap up meal for two at one of Carmarthenshire’sbest restaurants on offer for the 200th member. Laugharne County Councillor JaneTremlett and Simon Morris, chairman of Pendine Community Council attended apresentation of the network at Gilbert’s café recently.Councillor Tremlett said "The Deheubarth Network presentation impressed everyonewith its quality and the opportunity it gives to individuals, community groups andbusinesses to share their interests, events and showcase this outstanding landscape tothe world. We need to use everything we can to develop economic growth in ourcommunities. Tourism is a necessary part of our economy. We all have our uniquepersonalities. Pendine has a beach that compares with the best in the world.Laugharne has its literary heritage in Dylan Thomass Boathouse Museum, its Castleand estuary. We need to attract tourists to the area and this website has the potentialto reach those prospective visitors. I hope this presentation will soon be given to thevarious community organisations and businesses in Laugharne."Businesses already signed up include Morfa Bay Adventure, Gilberts, Elaichi, SarnauDesign, 24 Carrot Promotions, Castle Stores, Battlefield Live and Rogue magazineamongst others. The website can be found at