Guy Fraker - from Risk to Opportunity


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Guy Fraker - from Risk to Opportunity

  1. 1. Our Sponsors
  2. 2. From Risk To Opportunity Guy Fraker Founder: Knowledge Services @ AutonomouStuff, LLC Co-Founder &CEO : get2kno, Inc.
  3. 3. You Inspire
  4. 4. Mission & Passion: Grow Access as an Alternative to Ownership Why: Access Empowers
  5. 5. Learned to manage “risk”......... “Of course haven’t learned it yet. First learn, then do and accomplish anything”
  6. 6. “Millions come and see these mountains. Only a few reach for them. I can’t imagine those who do are ever the same. “If you don’t try- won’t you always wonder..”
  7. 7. Diagnosing “Risk” to create Opportunity Weak Signals Then Ask- “What If?” Launch New Entity Form Collaborativ e Team- Research DEEP DIVE: Create Multiple Scenarios ID: 1. Core Risk 2. Core Opps Ideation
  8. 8. Over a decade collaborating with the best
  9. 9. Personal Transportation- Always Scaled To Culture
  10. 10. The “Haves” = Ownership
  11. 11. Shared Mobility Has a Deep History As Well
  12. 12. 1920‘s: The Stars Aligned And car ownership went viral
  13. 13. 1950‘s: The Interstate Highway Act
  14. 14. Explosion in Ownership & VMT
  15. 15. Challenge: Innovation is counter- intuitive- causes REACTION Data Source : Dr. Ray Kurzweil MD, PhD CEO Kurzweil Technologies, Inc Zoneof Distress
  16. 16. Recognize Problem or opportunity Plan & Act Solution The Greatest Risks Are Often Internal Whatpreventsattainingidealsolutions?A: With questions: 5 W’s Q: How do we learn to think differently?
  17. 17. Pace changes everything- It can also work against you 10 15 20 Skip? React? Hope to follow? Execute Grow Lead Chris Anderson; The Long Tail, 2007, 2008 Car Share? Tourism Unions Car Ownership? P&C Ins ? Taxis Pre Web= 5-10 years; Now= 24-36 months
  18. 18. 2. Market development: Extend the core into new markets 4. Diversification: Create a new future 1. Start-up Market Penetration: Better positioning with improved products and services 3. Product Development: How to redefine/redeploy to create new products? New Existing Existing New Consumers Maturation of a New Industry As a Sector Grows, Existing Industry Scale Forces React- Default Mode Risk: Hype vs Genuine Products
  19. 19. Respect The Role Others Own
  20. 20. Educate, Collaborate, Em brace
  21. 21. Balance = Maximum Efficiency •Individual firm: Compete & Grow •As an industry (Shared Mobility): Be Pro- Active, Collaborate, Tell Our Story
  22. 22. Together, We Will Succeed China will build new 20 cities every year until 2050 to keep up with the migration from rural to urban India: 1 million people migrate from rural to urban…… per week.
  23. 23. Improving 1 billion lives within 1 decade “Only a few can reach for them. Those that do will never be the same”
  24. 24. • or • m •@cre8tfutures • 309-660-5238 • guycf4 Thank you!