Social TV Update #1


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The first of a series of updates on the latest developments in the world of Social TV, curated by KIT digital's strategy director Alan Wolk

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Social TV Update #1

  1. 1. SOCIAL TV UPDATE: 21 OCTOBER 2011HBO GO IS COMING TO ROKU. Sort of a mixed message here: the site is only available to viewers who subscribe to HBOvia their pay TV provider (PTP). But HBO GO offers a much deeper catalog that the PTP’s have on VOD. So this could be LINKa test balloon for a direct subscription service or an attempt to differentiate HBO from its competitors and build loyalty.WATCH: Will HBO attempt to sell a la carte subscriptions to cord-cutters and others who can’t sign up via their PTPAPPLE’S NEW CLOUD-BASED MOVIE SERVICE. Left coast sources seem pretty certain that Apple will soon be rolling out astreaming movie service via iTunes. In addition to Netflix, it would compete with UltraViolet, the movie studios latest LINKattempt to bribe people to DVDs: new DVDs come with a code that allows you to stream the movie from UltraViolet forfree. WATCH: Will Apple attempt monthly all-you-can-eat pricing or will they stick with a la carte?TIME WARNER TO START SELLING VOD MOVIES SAME DAY AS THEATRICAL RELEASE. Comcast started this: they had a deal withUniversal to rent “Tower Heist” just three weeks after it opened. The offer was only valid in two small test markets andwould go for a whopping $60 (Actually not a bad deal for a family or 5 or more.) Theater chains rebelled, threatened not LINKto show the movie. Universal cancelled the deal. But two days later, TWC announced it had struck deals to start rentingseveral new movies the day they opened. WATCH: Will theater chains also threaten to boycott TWC’s movies?YOUTUBE IS ADDING PREMIUM CHANNELS WITH ORIGINAL CONTENT FROM MAJOR HOLLYWOOD PRODUCERS. Google has deeppockets and they appear to be using them to buy original programming from Hollywood’s finest to create premiumchannels on YouTube. YouTube has great distribution deals with PTPs, who had never seen sneezing pandas and LINKdancing babies as a threat. WATCH: Google’s original forays into Hollywood were unsuccessful: if they can arrangesomething this time, will viewers accept YouTube as a legitimate broadcast channel?FACEBOOK IS LOOKING TO BECOME A TV DISTRIBUTOR. Facebook has allegedly been talking to major broadcast and cablenetworks about becoming a distribution channel, letting both parties harness the power of “frictionless sharing” andcollect data on viewers watching and liking habits. With 800 million users, it should certainly prove attractive. WATCH: LINKTV-on-Facebook is a suboptimal experience. But if users can get shows from Facebook to their HDTVs, they may startto view the social network as a TV network. Alan Wolk, Managing Director, Social Strategy @ KIT digital