What does your support network do for you?


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A fresh look at valuing support networks for startup companies. Why I started Founders' Assembly and what Founders' Assembly does. Presented at #GPConf2014

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What does your support network do for you?

  1. 1. What does your support network do for you? Alan Ward Founders’ Assembly / @mcrStartups / Besteno
  2. 2. Value to you What do you receive? What do you give? Camaraderie Opinion Advice “Free” consultancy Leads Knowledge Yourself Your experience Your skills Your skills & time Connections to others Your knowledge
  3. 3. Value to your startup Think about a recent support event: Did it save you more time than you spent attending? What else could you have done better with your time? How do you measure value?
  4. 4. My Decisions Has Besteno progressed further by me attending this event than if I’d worked on generating growth instead? The shorter your remaining runway, the more support you need and the less you can provide To pay it forward: help others when my runway is long To create a support event that works for Besteno
  5. 5. Founders’ Assembly Founders’ Assembly Originated from LeanManc Accountability Fortnightly structured peer-review + peer-support Scrum of non- related projects Mixed with BrainTrust ideas + PPP Primarily tech startups, but open to all scalable startups With a Manchester flavour Thanks to The Assembly (assemblymcr) co-working space for being hosts
  6. 6. Members The affordable managed cloud telephony solution “A chance to share constructive criticism and validation of progress with likeminded individuals.” Find the best of everything “Relentless focus on progress. Forces you to answer ‘What am I going to achieve this week?’ A marketplace that gives, and keeps giving, entrepreneurs a fighting chance at success. “Valuable networking and feedback regarding problems and concerns in a friendly environment with no hidden agenda.” Delivering the whole picture “Because 10 minds are greater than 1”
  7. 7. Members Helping you fulfill your future travel dreams “great motivation to gather your thoughts & prepare a report once a fortnight, and gather feedback from those doing a startup project & going through the same process as me” Simple, Intelligent Collaboration “Founder’s Assembly is an effective support network where I can get help, learn from other founders, and contribute back!” Find freelancers in minutes not days “…for the face-to-face learning and advice from others, the feedback loop in person isn’t something you can get remotely”
  8. 8. Next Steps Open to all. We all have different skills and experiences. Let’s use them. Come prepared to offer skills and time + a description of what you need help with Expect each attendee to donate half-a-day of time during (or outside of) the event to help someone they’ve met during the event. Interested? Contact me: alan@alancward.co.uk or @alanward 1. Customer Development 2. Locate with more hosts 3. Opening-up to more established startups 4. Online recording and interim online sessions 5. Partnerships 6. Increase number of facilitators & number of attendees 7. Generate more Founders’ Assemblies across other cities* Half-day drop-in session
  9. 9. Next Founders’ Assembly http://foundersassembly6.eventbrite.co.uk/
  10. 10. Additional Slides
  11. 11. Founders’ Assembly Format Introduction Progress Issues Aims Help Discussion
  12. 12. Overview of MCRStartups Influencing stakeholders Social Media (@mcrstartups) Collaboration Boutique Founders’ Assembly MCRStartups
  13. 13. Common Aims – Overview 1. Build an eco-system in Manchester that supports tech startups without excluding other sectors 2. Build the eco-system in conjunction with the startup founders 3. Provide support necessary for early stage tech startups 4. Attract (or obtain and provide) relevant financial support to early stage tech startups 5. Develop an offering attractive enough to retain growing tech startups within Greater Manchester 6. Build a city-wide programme to grow early stage tech startups from inception through to first 1000 customers 7. Build a city-wide programme to grow tech startups from 1000 customers through to profitability or to first large commercial funding round