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Is your buidling an asset alan trauger


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Everyone's Home Is A Castle Or Is It? Physical conditions left unattended can ruin your property and home causing monetary loss and health hazards to it's occupants. Often times property owners ignore conditions that can be averted by awareness and periodic maintenance.

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Is your buidling an asset alan trauger

  1. 1. Why Your Home or BuildingWhy Your Home or BuildingMay Not Be an AssetMay Not Be an AssetA Presentation by Alan TraugerA Presentation by Alan TraugerAlan Trauger and AssociatesAlan Trauger and Associates
  2. 2. Is Your Home An Asset?Is Your Home An Asset?
  3. 3. Negative GradingNegative Grading
  4. 4. Moisture Intrusion due to NegativeMoisture Intrusion due to NegativeGradingGrading
  5. 5. Poor Exterior DrainagePoor Exterior Drainage
  6. 6. Negative Grading to PatioNegative Grading to Patio
  7. 7. Exterior Window SillExterior Window Sill
  8. 8. Interior Window SillInterior Window Sill
  9. 9. Window Sill Moisture IntrusionWindow Sill Moisture Intrusion
  10. 10. Black Mold on WallsBlack Mold on Walls
  11. 11. Exterior Deck Higher Elevation thanExterior Deck Higher Elevation thanInterior Finish FloorInterior Finish Floor
  12. 12. Foundation Repair ?Foundation Repair ?
  13. 13. Exterior Railing Spacing Too WideExterior Railing Spacing Too Wide
  14. 14. Exterior BalconyExterior Balcony
  15. 15. Exterior Balcony: Structural DamageExterior Balcony: Structural Damage
  16. 16. Leaking BalconyLeaking Balcony
  17. 17. Another Exterior BalconyAnother Exterior Balcony
  18. 18. Infra-Red Image: Balcony LeakageInfra-Red Image: Balcony Leakageinto First Floor Interiorinto First Floor Interior
  19. 19. Chimney CapChimney Cap
  20. 20. Ceiling at FireplaceCeiling at Fireplace
  21. 21. Roof Defect: Exposed NailsRoof Defect: Exposed Nails
  22. 22. Roof Defect: Loose ShingleRoof Defect: Loose Shingle
  23. 23. Roof Defect: Leak into AtticRoof Defect: Leak into Attic
  24. 24. Improper Truss StrappingImproper Truss Strapping
  25. 25. Asbestos FlueAsbestos Flue
  26. 26. Disconnected Dirty Dryer VentDisconnected Dirty Dryer Vent
  27. 27. No Roof FlashingNo Roof Flashing
  28. 28. EIFS Exterior WallEIFS Exterior Wall
  29. 29. Voids in WallVoids in Wall
  30. 30. Stucco Delamination: ResidentialStucco Delamination: Residential
  31. 31. Stucco Delamination: CommercialStucco Delamination: Commercial
  32. 32. Stucco DelaminationStucco Delamination
  33. 33. Close-Up of Previous Stucco FailureClose-Up of Previous Stucco Failure
  34. 34. Exterior Cladding Water DamageExterior Cladding Water Damage
  35. 35. Roof Leak at Eave EdgeRoof Leak at Eave EdgeNo Flashing –Water Damage
  36. 36. EIFS Office BuildingEIFS Office Building
  37. 37. EIFS Office Building Window Sill:EIFS Office Building Window Sill:LEVELLEVEL
  38. 38. Improper Window InstallationImproper Window Installation
  39. 39. AHU – Return Air Plenum: MOLDAHU – Return Air Plenum: MOLD
  40. 40. Bathroom MoldBathroom Mold
  41. 41. More Bathroom MoldMore Bathroom Mold
  42. 42. Termite Wings on Window SillTermite Wings on Window Sill
  43. 43. Polybutlyene PipingPolybutlyene Piping
  44. 44. Poly Pipe FittingsPoly Pipe Fittings
  45. 45. Dirty A/C CoilDirty A/C Coil
  46. 46. Defective A/C DuctworkDefective A/C Ductwork
  47. 47. Electrical FireElectrical Fire
  48. 48. Infra-Red Image: Hot BreakerInfra-Red Image: Hot Breaker
  49. 49. Electric Ground Rod DisconnectedElectric Ground Rod Disconnected
  50. 50. Infra-Red Image: Missing InsulationInfra-Red Image: Missing Insulation
  51. 51. HWH – No Drain Pan and DryerHWH – No Drain Pan and DryerVent for FlueVent for Flue
  52. 52. Questions?Questions?See Any CommonSee Any CommonDenominators?Denominators?Contact InformationContact 834-7714(407) 834-7714