Task 1 page layout


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Task 1 page layout

  1. 1. Drop capitals- This is where the first letter at the start of the paragraph is enhanced to a larger size, this is a popular technique within many articles and used to make the text look more professional. Pull quote- This is where a quote from the article is enhanced larger and put in a different font to become a sub heading. Reverse- This is where the white text is made to stand out from the darker blue background. Headline- This is one of the main parts of the article as it is made to stand out by the use of the bold and larger text. It is always located at the top of the page. Cross-head- This is where a heading is used to split the large amount of text for the reader. It is also used to look more of an exciting article to read and appeal with its target audience. Base line- This is imaginary line that the text sits on. It is used without the line because it is more effective in standing out more Margins- These are the spaces around the edges of the article to prevent text or images going outside and therefore resulting in being cut off or to look very different to the other double page spreads used. White Space- The space here on the photograph may be seen as white space as it is unused in the article for space. It does not mean that it was done without realising but to make the spread look less squished and provide some professionalism o the work. Cut out- This is where the photograph is cut out by other text or off the page in the article. It is used to give a more stylish effect to it. Orientation- This is the way the page is presented and in this case here is it a landscape spread. Border- This is where the edge or sides of a photograph can be used to help keep the text in line and position. It is a good way of reducing the amount of lines and boxes needed in the article. The Strap-line- This is the text after the headline to provide a further insight to what it happening and what you will learn. However the extra information may be given in other sections of the article such as here with giving a little information on whom the band are. This is a double page spread and popular with magazines in the similar music nature.