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  1. 1. Proposal I am going to do a graphic novel where I re-create the story of jack and the beanstalk, a popular tale. This will be captured over 4 pages and to tell the story with a modern twist. The images that will be included in the graphic novel will be that of my own photographs I have taken and edited on Photoshop to a comic book style. The text on the pages will be very little and just to explain what is happening in the scenes as well as to show dialogue between the characters involved. After detailed mind maps and extensive brainstorming it has become clear the main audience of these kind of books are children, this is due to the lack of words and heavy imagery with bright colours. Therefore this particular novel will be targeting an older market of those competitors target but still in the child demographic. The novel will be aimed at both genders from the age of 10 to as high as 15 years old. This may in some cases be extended should the classic tale with a twist be a success. The Twist will stay with the outline of the story but with many tales, the way in which it is told differs each time. Examples of the twist are the peculiar Afro that the giant has and the guitar that is stolen instead of a gold harp in the original story. Also some characters are changed such as the cow that is sold in the original tale will be changed to a dog. The twist is designed to modernize the book and target a new and older target audience. The audience would mould the product because for too long has the book been written off as some old tale and it is time where the children aged 10-15 can read to book, enjoy it, tell others through word of mouth and maybe even have role play in their schools to play the parts they have read. It is the targeted audience that will decide how well the novel does through readership and also through how well they have understood the adaptation of the novel. The audience will be targeted through schools, as they do not tend to buy or go to any libraries in their spare time. Having a sale in the schools where many other books and novels are sold would be a good idea to bring the product to them, here they can use some book tokens given and also get a good understanding of competition through the sellers wanting them to read their book. I would like the final product to look suitable for the target audience as well as looking professional. It should have many images with little captions and a less percentage of text to image ratio.