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Alan Showecker's TED evaluation Presentation


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my presentation for my speech class

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Alan Showecker's TED evaluation Presentation

  1. 1. TED Talk Evaluation Presentation By: Alan Showecker
  2. 2. Steve Jobs
  3. 3. Thesis“I want to tell you three stories from my life. That’s it. no big deal, just three stories.” - Steve Jobs
  4. 4. He begun his speech with admitting to never being as close to a college graduation ceremony such as this. “Truth be told.. uh, I never graduated from college. And uh.. this is the closest i’ve ever gotten to a college graduation.” - Steve Jobs
  5. 5. • He continued to share his three stories from his life.
  6. 6. The TEDCommandments
  7. 7. • Steve utilized the fourth commandment which was, “Thou shalt tell a story.”• He shared his experiences throughout his life up to this point.
  8. 8. Dynamism• I would rate Steve’s dynamism at 5.• i felt that his delivery and execution in the speech was outstanding.
  9. 9. - A tip that Steve was able to deliver his presentation is keeping eye contact on everyone and not on one section.
  10. 10. My Evaluation• One thing I’ve learned from observing Steve’s speech is to keep eye contact, don’t be afraid to use humor in your speech for comic relief and to keep the audience entertained.
  11. 11. Ken Robinson vs. Steve Jobs
  12. 12. Ken vs. Steve• Both Ken and Steve used humor to engage with the audience, as well as keep them entertained.
  13. 13. Ken vs. Steve Comparisons• In Ken Robinson’s TED speech, “School Kills Creativity”, he is only verbal with the audience. No slides were aided with his speech, only his charm and poise kept the audience entertained.• Steve was able to do the same for his speech. Because of their communication skills, both Ken and Steve maintained the audiences attention.
  14. 14. Ken vs. Steve Contrasts• In Ken’s second video he captured the audience with visuals such as his drawing typography.• Steve was not able to use that kind of delivery for this speech.
  15. 15. Tips• Always give proper eye contact.• Humor is always welcome.• Be yourself.• And of course, have fun!
  16. 16. Thank you for watching my presentation!
  17. 17. Sources• uploads/2011/02/steve-jobs1.jpg• 2012/33-16/sir-ken-robinson-to-serve-as- keynote-speaker-at-mizzous-celebration-of- teaching/lead.jpg