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Aluminum Wire Coil and Wedge Inserting Machine for Induction Motor Stator


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This machine is suitable for inserting coil and wedge into stator by servo system; This type of Stator Winding Inserting Machine can insert coil and wedge or coil and wedge in the mid of slot into stator at a time; wedge feeding is to be done bt stepping motor,and coil and wedge inserting is by servo system; different parameter could be set in human-machine interface; the speed and feeding mode is acquirable according to different slot filling rate and different kind of wire; different size stator production can be achieved by changing tooling; especially apply to micro induction motors such as air conditioner motor, washing machine motor, compression motor, fan motor, generator and pump motor.

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Aluminum Wire Coil and Wedge Inserting Machine for Induction Motor Stator

  1. 1. 主要特点 该机型为线圈与槽楔自动嵌入定子槽形中的设备。配备人机界面可设定槽数、推线速度、槽楔长度等参数,适用于各类感应马达。 Main Feature This machine inserts coil and wedge into stator automatically. Slot number, coil pushing speed and wedge length are settable in HMI, which is suitable for various induction motors. SMT-K90 伺服嵌线机 Servo Coil Inserting Machine SMT-QK350 嵌线扩形一体机 Coil Inserting and Expanding Machine SMT QX08 该机型为卧式结构,采用伺服电机做主推线、伺服电机槽楔切断、伺服电机送纸,带加热成形功能。转产更换模具时 间小于等于10分钟。 This machine is with horizontal structure. Inserting coil and cutting and feeding wedge are controlled by servo motors. The machine is equipped with wedge heating device, which is easier to be formed in cold environment. The tooling change over time is less than 10 minutes. SMT QK350 该机型专为大定子立式嵌线/扩形设计的一体机;带护齿定子夹具在嵌线与扩形的工位上自动往返完成工作;自动装 载/卸载定子物料,有效的降低工人劳动强度。 The machine is suitable for vertical coil inserting and expanding of big size stators. The fixture with cuff support transfer stators between inserting and expanding stations automatically. Auto loading and unloading reduce labor intensity effectively. 技术参数 Technical Parameter K90 Φ20~Φ100mm ≤Φ160mm ≤120mm ≤70mm 铜线/铝线 CU/AL 8~48 slot 380V/50/60Hz 3Kw ≈850Kg 1800×650×1700 FDK90 Φ20~Φ100mm  ≤Φ160mm ≤120mm ≤70mm 铜线/铝线 CU/AL 8~48 slot 380V/50/60HZ 4Kw ≈950Kg  1800×650×1700 Compatible Q 08 QX10 Φ60~Φ150mm Φ110~Φ210mm ≤Φ210mm ≤Φ260mm ≤190mm ≤250mm ≤90mm ≤90mm 铜线/铝线 CU/AL 铜线/铝线 CU/AL 24~48 slot 24~48 slot 380V/50/60HZ 5Kw 380V/50/60HZ 6.5Kw ≈1050Kg ≈1150Kg 2380×1180×1700 2380×1280×1700     X Servo Coil Inserting Machine Series 伺服嵌线机系列 Servo Coil Inserting Machine 伺服嵌线机 SMT MOTOR EQUIPMENT SMT MOTOR EQUIPMENT 电话:0512-66316783-808 传真:0512-66316717 手机:13915527107 电子邮箱: 苏州市圣玛特电机设备制造有限公司 Suzhou Smart Motor Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Tel: +86(0)512-66316783-802 Fax: +86(0)512-66316717 Mp: +8613914007779 E-mail: SMT-RQ100 绕嵌一体机机 Automatic Wind/Inserting Machines SMT RQ100 该机型为2个工位绕线,1个工位制槽楔,1个工位嵌线集成的一体机;转盘4工位,双动力分别驱动完成嵌线,特别 适用于高槽满率电机的自动嵌线。 The machine is with 2 winding stations, 1 wedge making station and 1 coil inserting station, in total 4 stations on the rotary table. Coil inserting is achieved by double spindles individually. It's especially suitable for the automatic coil inserting of the stator with high slot fill factor. 地址:江苏省苏州市吴中区胥口镇浦庄大道北端 Add: North End Puzhuang Dadao, Xukou Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City R 100 Φ40~Φ100mm  ≤Φ160mm 20~100mm ≤110mm 铜线/铝线 CU/AL 16~36 slot 22Kw 3500Kg  1250×1800×2350 QQ 350 ≤Φ210mm ≤Φ350mm ≤350mm ≤300mm 铜线/铝线 CU/AL 72 slot 20Kw 8500Kg 2600×1450×5050 K