innovation and technology hong kong innovation strategy innovation ecosystem knowledge-based economy economic development innovation intellectual capital management china economic growth knowledge creation technology innovation and technology bureau hksar government enterprise europe network public policy technology commercialization urban and regional planning finland icm 12th and 13th five year plan of china ip trading 中国 香港 business and economy world economic forum wef ic ratings hong kong policy address sme start-ups yozma venture capital technology transfer een management accounting telecom costing 创新 knowledge management asia gii 2016 crowdsourcing gerrnany internet of things industry 4.0 china trade innovation policy hong kong's ranking development isues danish accounting standard cedb ip trading strategy future centre alliance financial ratings brookings seed funding government structure policy implementation one country two systems economic diversification sme support strategy innovation eco-system israel intangible assets open innovation knowledge economy oresund region beijing-guangdong-hong kong knowledge corridor resource intellectual property ip resource allocation accounting 经济转型 知识型经济 北京 科技 廣東 经济合作 十二五 知識 management science and technology regional clusters knowledge policy kissinger on china world order chinese foreign policy trade investment eastern roman empire the new silk road obor one belt one role belt & road informal diplomacy track ii diplomacy diplomatic role innovation diplomacy innovation cities hong kong innovation profile hong kong innovation ranking innovation input innovation matric innovation output innovation efficiency wipo insead our hong kong foundation research funding reform in hong kong university grant committee research grant council funding system tsui lap chee policy implemention policy development policy dimension citie innovation and technolgy strategic planning freest countries in the world world's freest country asia's freest country human freedom economic freedom work priorities nick yang secretary for innovation and technology governance connected goverment itb connectivity bottom up management organization capital managing hong kong's intellectual capital itb structural capital developing manufacturing capacity white papter healthy aging aging urban innovation smart city innovation and technology policy managing change positive non-intervention free trade dutch german industrial strategy standards industry strategy china's foreign policy nyas russian cross-country comparison technology policy study digital consumer digital economy world ranking russia overview interational cooperation science and technology cooperation high-tech strategy germany federal ministry of education and research ideas-innovation-prosperity renewal growth hk profile social ipd hong kong incas ic starement intangible assets reporting intangible assets reporting versus intangible asse hkas 38 ricardis google google business development google strategy star leif edvinsson intellectual capital management at a national leve intellectual capital national competitiveness five steps tekes future centre government-society-industry collaboration hank kune european future centres hku financial crisis aalto university incubation innovation capacity sweden 2020 innovative society innovation framework social innovation sweden social implications innovation a the world bank inbound investment investhk it government initiative start-up success story meso-economic structure political argument for innovation & technology economic policy public p creative city cultural and creative industries west kowloon cultural district technology hub commercialisation washington d.c. tel aviv london silicon valley new york zhang xiao-ming global innovation index strengths and weaknesses cepa early-stage technology development funding knwoeldge-based economy guangdong beijing south korea creative catch-up hong technolgy apec stephen selby network capital human capital greater china knowledge city asean knowledge centre intellectual capital centre sme product development 2013-2014 budget speech hrg heathcare management activitiy based costing drg ip and technology commercialization ip and technology trading een-hk tech-transfer performance management abc activity based costing public sector telecommunications national capital region knowledge-based economies 知资本识管理 business process 宏观经济 规划 六大支柱产业 可持续发展 economic developoment regional cluster history government
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