Oresund Region of Denmark & Sweden by Whitt 120210


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Regional cooperation between Denmark and Sweden over the Öresund Bridge that connects Malmo to Copenhagen airport by training in 20 minutes.

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Oresund Region of Denmark & Sweden by Whitt 120210

  1. 1. The Oresund region- a short presentation of the Danish – Swedish cross-border regionLars WhittDate
  2. 2. Europe and the Oresund Region Title of presentation I
  3. 3. Denmark vs. Sweden Title of presentation I
  4. 4. Historical relations between Denmark and Sweden› How the two states have acted in the period from 1500 to 1800› The Oresundreion have shifted natinoality many times. Title of presentation I
  5. 5. The Oresund region Title of presentation I
  6. 6. The Oresund region› 3.6 million inhabitants› 26 % of the two countries’ BNP› 14 universities› 140.000 students› 1,9 million work-force Title of presentation I
  7. 7. Government in the Oresundregion› Sweden › Denmark› The swedish national › The danish national legislation legislation› Region Skane › Region Copenhagen› Municipalities › Region Sealand › Municipalities Title of presentation I
  8. 8. Background › 1991: the governments of Denmark and Sweden agree to build the Oresund bridge › 1999: The report ”Øresund – the creation of a region” concludes that the greatest barrier to integration in the Oresund region is lack of communication between citizens, businesses and public administration › 2000: The Oresund bridge opens and Oresunddirekt is launched Title of presentation I
  9. 9. OresunddirektPurpose› To eliminate potential communication barriers› To make the region more easily available to its citizens and businesses› Strengthening co- operative networks between civil servants Title of presentation I
  10. 10. What is Øresunddirekt?Copenhagen office Malmö officeEdits the web pages Representatives fromwww.oresunddirekt.com different authorities answer cross border questionsCommunication betweenauthorities and the citizens and Stortorget 3, Malmöbetween authorities + 46 40 17 64 00 malmo@oresunddirekt.comGammel Kongevej 1+ 45 33 91 10 49Gammel Kongevej 1+ 45 33 91 10 49redaktionen@oresunddirekt.com Title of presentation I
  11. 11. Citizens› There is no established public forum for the inhapitants of the region.› The various agendas is based on either side of the region – from there different perspektive. Title of presentation I
  12. 12. Civil society medias for a cross-border citizen› 2003 – a danish – swedish newspaper is establiseh (public funded)› 2004 Metro Oresund – a coorportation between Metro Copenhagen and Metro Malmo (public funded)› Common public-service television (public funded)› Interreg culture projects Title of presentation I
  13. 13. Missing focus?› Oresunddirect launch a citizen forum in 2005.› To kick start it – we do as all others – the abstact discussion – the regional development – the politcal discussion?› What is is the citizens want on our forum? Whats in it for me! Title of presentation I
  14. 14. How it worksLink to site Title of presentation I
  15. 15. Lessons learned › Citizens do want to particpate in a public discussion – when it is relevant for them › Citizens are interested in the civil society – but not as an abstract dicussion › Lively discussion can happen – dont do cencur. › It take time to be a sucess Title of presentation I
  16. 16. Thank you › Lars Whitt › lvw@oresunddirekt.com › 0045 26 13 20 84 Title of presentation I
  17. 17. contact@urbact.euwww.urbact.eu