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Technical Writing Final


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2311 Final

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Technical Writing Final

  1. 1. LEARNING OUTCOMES FROM A SEMESTER IN 2311 English 2311 Technical Writing: Final Alan Johnston Section 029
  2. 2. Rhetoric 01 LEARNING OUTCOMES Writing 02 Design 03 Ethics 04 Cultural Considerations 05 Applied Technology 06 07 Collaboration
  3. 3. 3 RHETORIC Before coming into this class, I thought I had a good knowledge of writing technique and principles. While discussing rhetorical analysis, I was aware of the four factors (Audience, Purpose, Context of Use, Genre) but was not aware of how they were actually to be applied. After studying all of the factors in rhetoric, I saw the deeper meanings that they carried. LEARNING OUTCOMES When applying the factors into my resume and visual resume, I tried to find a deeper root of the factors in my project. By searching every detail of rhetoric in my resumes, I was able to compile a project worthy of presenting to employers and learned how to tailor future projects to any audience I may encounter.
  4. 4. 4 WRITING When I signed up for the Introduction to Technical Writing course, I thought it would be a course that would help improve my professional writing. I soon discovered that it would help in all areas of my writing. By learning the technical writing process, I learned step by step how to maximize effectiveness in my writing. I learned that effectiveness is not in how detailed you make an idea, but how simple you can relay it to the audience. In our Car Manual assignment, this learning process proved critical. By having to reword instructions and put them in a user-friendly mobile app that we created, I witnessed first hand how important simplicity is in instructional platforms. This helped me realize how crucial simplicity is in getting a message across to consumers or clients. LEARNING OUTCOMES
  5. 5. 5 DESIGN Design was an integrated part of this class that I had not seen coming. I was not aware of how much design work would have to be done on the visual resume, car manual presentation and other projects we had. Learning how to design projects aesthetically in a way that made sense with the reaction I was trying to get was a big thing that I took out of this course. Learning how to design projects that will come up later in my advertising career will be something I will always hold on to. Designs can make the difference in getting the job or not, making the best presentation or the runner up. So even though the content on the page is important, the design is just as important to how it is received. LEARNING OUTCOMES
  6. 6. 6 COLLABORATION Originally I did not expect to have as many group projects as we did in this course. I expected to mainly have a good dose of individual writing assignments with small in-class group projects. However, it was the opposite. In the end, that proved to be significantly more beneficial. By working with groups, I learned how to be creative in a group writing environment as well as how the writing process becomes more clear with more peoples’ opinions involved. Group projects in this class became something I looked forward to because it sharpened my writing ability and creativity simply by being creative with other people. By hearing different ideas, it forced me to think differently and bring fresh ideas to the table. LEARNING OUTCOMES
  7. 7. 7 ETHICS No matter what profession a person enters, ethics will always be at the center of their work. Ethics in writing is providing the most accurate information possible to the public and giving sources credit where it is due. Throughout the course, we have discussed types of infringements that would break the ethics code and how to avoid them. Learning the fine line of ethics in the real world is important to the credibility of your work. Through discussing ethics and completing projects such as the Car Manual and the video resume, I have learned the process of putting out credible work. Whether it be tagging sources, fair use and usage rights or simply providing the correct information, these are all important in commercial advertising and presentation. LEARNING OUTCOMES
  8. 8. 8 CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONS When writing for any type of media, one always must consider how it will be perceived in different cultures. Being able to identify with different audiences across the globe and truly understanding the way they communicate is paramount in presenting media. I have learned how to go about identifying with different cultures, what type of research to do before presenting to them, and the cultural challenges that come with the language barrier. In my major of advertising, understanding cultures is one of the most important aspects of commercial advertising. In the digital age we live in where anything from any region of the world can be accessed at any time, cultural sensitivity is at an all time high. This course has taught me how to be culturally aware and how to apply the awareness to my work. LEARNING OUTCOMES
  9. 9. 9 APPLIED TECHNOLOGY Many of the group projects assigned in this classed involved using interactive technology. While creating our mobile app for the Car Manual assignment, we had to use a website called Within the website, we had to create the app, insert designs and hotlinks and made sure it was user friendly. Also for testing the app, we used different devices from the English media lab to help gather our data. In using different technologies to complete group assignments, I learned how to manipulate technology to make it user- friendly and aesthetically pleasant. This will prove very handy when I am creating advertisements and presentations for ad agencies. Showing that you know how to use technology and use it well is impressive in any line of professional work. LEARNING OUTCOMES
  10. 10. IN CONCLUSION Overall, I would say that my semester in 2311 was a fantastic learning experience. It helped me understand how important visual organization is when creating presentations, taught me how to use different writing techniques to receive a certain reaction, and left me with technical writing skills that I will use in my future career in advertising.
  11. 11. Alan Johnston Thank You