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How to build amazing facebook pages


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How to build amazing facebook pages

  1. 1. Heres a few social media tips on how to build an amazing Facebook page for your business. Some recent Facebook statistics 2 billion likes and comments on a daily basis 500 million users log in daily 250 million photos are uploaded dailyWe can help you build and run an amazing Facebook page to engage with your customers and grow yourbusiness with social media. Reach out to us here at or check out our social mediapage on our website with our services and prices.An Empty CanvasEvery great profile begins with an empty page. Start off by making your Profile Picture your companys logoand your Cover Photo something more creative that best represents your business - people, food andlandscapes are popular.MilestonesAdd milestones to define key moments - storytelling is engaging in social media.Pin StoriesPin important stories to the top of your page. Theyll be pinned for seven days and you can repin the samepost again.Post DailyRegular updates engage fans.How much is too much?Use the insight tool on your admin page to check engagement - what happens when you post? If your fans likeit do it more, if they dont, well youve gained insight. Minimum update twice a week.What happened to Landing Pages?Landing pages still exist - but now only if you use paid media such as Facebook ads to drive traffic to yourlanding page tab. Facebook wanted all pages to be similar and updated on a regular basis - so they introducedtimeline as a level-playing email:
  2. 2. Admin PanelManage your page through the admin panel - check user engagement, respond to messages. You spot problemsquicker and youll realise who your superfans are and how they can help build your brand and keep othersinformed when you are not there.Rearrange your Views and AppsAlong the top of your page are the apps such as number of likes, photos and a welcome tab. Apps are shortcutsto content. You can add your own free apps such as video, polls, events and maps or develop your own apps forcompetitions and marketing surveys for data capture.Highlight UpdatesYou can make some of your posts the full width of the page - useful if you have a great photo or a big newsstory you want to draw attention to. Use the star icon when you hover on the top right of the post.Vanity URLCreate the with your own brand - heres ours Like us if youve found this post useful.Shinesquad creates high quality video, animation, design, content and themetrics to understand and engage in conversations in digital and social media.www.shinesquad.com14 Hanover Street, London W1S 1YHT: +44 203 582 3832E: email: