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VendAsta White Label Reputation Managment Solutions


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Published in: Technology
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VendAsta White Label Reputation Managment Solutions

  1. 1. White Label Reputation Management Solutions
  2. 2. MISSIONVendAsta’s mission is to provide our partners with essentialsoftware tools to help businesses manage their brands and transform customers into raving fans.
  3. 3. Problem Facing SMBs New Media has changed the game for SMBs. Their brand is defined by what customers say, rather than what they say themselves.
  4. 4. Consumer Behavior Has ChangedConsumers now trust usergenerated content (UGC)more than traditional formsof advertising.This has not only createdchallenges for SMBs butalso for traditional mediacompanies.
  5. 5. Consumers Control Conversations • Your online listings are full of UGC • Consumers trust UGC more than traditional advertising • Monitoring all the places you are discussed is challenging • Your brand is now what your customers say it is, online
  6. 6. Local is important ForBrand Management
  7. 7. Local Visibility / Presence is Part of Brand Management
  8. 8. Every Business has a Digital LegacyDigital Footprint• Things you have some level of control over• What you say about yourselfDigital Shadow• Things you have little or no control over• What other say about you Your Digital Footprint + Your Digital Shadow = Your Reputation
  9. 9. What is Reputation Management for SMBs • Local Presence Management / Visibility • Monitoring structured data (reviews) • Monitoring User Generated content (UGC) - Including employees • Engaging customers and tracking ROI • Comparing yourself to your competition
  10. 10. Different StrokesFor Different Folks Digital Products Digital Sales Force DIY/DIFM Mature Digital Strategy No Digital only sales force DIFM High Touch Service Need Prescription
  11. 11. Creating a High Value Digital Bundle Sell complementary products together: • Higher price point of the sale • Better results for the client • Increased stickiness of the program Other digital products to consider bundling with Reputation Management: • Website Development • Social Media Presence Development • Social Marketing • SEO / SEM • Display Advertising
  12. 12. Getting in Contact Alan Hunter Willis Strategic Partner Development Phone: (306) 955-5512 ext 107 Email: @VendAsta