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MMB 3D Printing Overview

  1. 1. 3Dprinting
  2. 2. We are on the precipice of a revolution in manufacturing.
  3. 3. 1 design for many is becoming any design just for you.
  4. 4. What you may have heard about 3D printing...
  6. 6. But here is a better story. A story that shows not just what we can do, but what we can dream up.
  7. 7. This is Emma.
  8. 8. Emma has arthrogryposis. At 2 years old Emma could not lift up her arms.
  9. 9. Many kids like Emma use a device called the Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton (WREX). Its design reduces the force of gravity on the arms, similar to how the springs on a swing-arm lamp keep it suspended in air. The WREX worked for kids as young as 6.
  10. 10. Emma is 2. They don’t make a WREX that can fit her properly.
  11. 11. Tariq Rahman and Whitney Sample of Nemours’ pediatric engineering research lab found a way to shrink a WREX and make it much lighter: They 3D printed it in ABS plastic.
  12. 12. For a fraction of the cost of a normal WREX.
  13. 13. They were able to fit Emma’s WREX perfectly to her body.
  14. 14. If a part broke or she grew out of one, a new piece could be generated in hours, and for just a few dollars.
  15. 15. Magic Arms let Emma color and paint for the first time.
  16. 16. Emma’s story not only illustrates the practical application of the tool but the ability to make real the creative visions of the people who use it.
  17. 17. It lowers the barriers of the physical design process.
  18. 18. Manufacturing is on its way to becoming as fast and as fluid as the internet.
  19. 19. Let’s quickly cover the basics.
  20. 20. 3DP has been around since the 80s. It became a patented technology in 86.
  21. 21. There a 3 main types of 3D printing. Stereolithography (SLA/DLP) uses resins and photopolymers that react to light sources such as UV. Where light exposes the resin it hardens and builds up layer by layer.
  22. 22. There a 3 main types of 3D printing. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) uses lasers to fuse powdered material together, again layer by layer.
  23. 23. There a 3 main types of 3D printing. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is the most common and uses a filament that is melted and extruded onto a base plate. The melted material is built up layer by layer.
  24. 24. Printers For each type of printing there are specific types of printers. FDM machines like ours cover the largest ground in terms of price and application.
  25. 25. Printers Personal FDM printers are creating lots of buzz and are driving awareness for the entire industry due to their low cost and rapidly growing user base.
  26. 26. Printers FDM printers are great for rapid prototyping but tend to lack in terms of print size and finish quality.
  27. 27. Printers DLP and SLS printers are generally high end and expensive machines, some in the $1million range. They can produce hi rez, colored, and in some cases multi material prints. They are a favorite of corporate labs and service bureaus.
  28. 28. Printers SLS & DLP
  29. 29. Materials Materials are the ever - expanding building blocks of 3DP. Currently there are nearly 50 different types of materials that can be used in various printers.
  30. 30. Materials For FDM most are polymer or thermo plastic derivatives. Most common are ABS (legos) and PLA (eco plastic). Our printer can also print nylon, poly carbonate, polystyrene, and sand or wood hybrids.
  31. 31. Materials SLS printers use powdered materials and offer a much wider variety such as, ceramics, alumide, sterling silver, brass, bronze, elasto plastics and sandstone.
  32. 32. Materials SLA/DLP printers use resins and photopolymers that can be colored, translucent, flexible or ultra hard.
  33. 33. Software As you may have guessed, 3DP runs off models built in 3D applications. Models get cleaned, sliced and sent to the printer.
  34. 34. Software 3D design isn’t as scary as it used to be. New online tools and beginner friendly 3D sketching apps are making creation a whole lot easier.
  35. 35. Software Find a program that fits your needs and ability.
  36. 36. Software 123D, and SketchUp can let you quickly and easily master the basics.
  37. 37. Software Blender, Cinema4D and Strata are like the Photoshops of 3D.
  38. 38. Software And if you wanna get nerdy there is always AutoCAD.
  39. 39. Software After creating a 3D model we will bring it into a program to make sure it’s built in a way to ensure a quality print. This is called cleaning.
  40. 40. Software After cleaning we “slice”it. This basically means we generate the code for every layer that the printer needs to print. This slicing outputs Gcode which can be read by the printer. G-Code not G-Funk
  41. 41. Industries Industries already taking advantage of 3DP. Medical and Dental Fashion Auto Aerospace
  42. 42. Industries Industries on the verge of disruption. Food Toys Electronics Military
  43. 43. Industries Emerging industries within 3DP. Service Bureaus Material Suppliers Online Marketplaces for ready made models Printer and Supply retail stores
  44. 44. Those are the components, so let’s see what is being made from them.
  45. 45. New technologies bring new challenges.
  46. 46. Challenges Still not easy to get great prints out of the box.
  47. 47. Challenges Prints are only as good as the models they come from.
  48. 48. Challenges Little to no standards are slowing the ability for the technology to spread.
  49. 49. Challenges Software still has a ways to go to become as user friendly as people are used to.
  50. 50. Challenges Failure rates are high.
  51. 51. Challenges Takes a long time to print.
  52. 52. Challenges High rez and colored prints are still pretty expensive to make.
  53. 53. Challenges Who owns what? Lots of intellectual property grey areas.
  54. 54. Challenges Product Safety Requirements. The laws you didn’t even know that you may be breaking.
  55. 55. But here is what is AWESOME!
  56. 56. Our industry is still a pretty blank slate.
  57. 57. Most people think we are just going to use it to make keychains and pencil holders with brand logos on them.
  58. 58. You have access to a tool that can quickly turn your ideas into real things.
  59. 59. Out of home or tradeshow ideas? We can print scale models for you.
  60. 60. Need a custom object for a shoot?
  61. 61. Is there an opportunity to extend a campaign with a consumer take away?
  62. 62. Have a product idea for a client or the agency?
  63. 63. With these new tools we can help go from a sketch to a prototype quickly.
  64. 64. If the prototype is well received we can have it sent out for a high rez print.
  65. 65. Here are the few examples of initial creative ideas coming from brands.
  66. 66. GE #3DPrintMyGift - Prototypes designed by celebrities incl. weatherman Al Roker, host Stacy London, Red Sox pitcher Craig Breslow, and companies (CooperHewitt Museum, Spotify) - Prototypes include penholders, key chains, iPhone 5 speakers, cat charm. - Consumers pick a prototype for delivery and tweet their wish, along with the hashtag #3DPrintMyGift
  67. 67. Coca-Cola Israel - Introduced new Mini Bottles by inviting consumers to create tiny, digital versions of themselves in Tamagotchi-style mobile app - Winners won a trip to Coca-Cola factory, where they turned their mini-mes into 3D-printed figurines.
  68. 68. VW Denmark - "The Polo Principle” campaign turned consumers into car designers in Denmark. "The Polo Principle - Forty of the most creative ideas were 3D printed and exhibited in Copenhagen
  69. 69. Saks 5th Avenue / MasterCard - Shoppers that spend $150 or more at Saks Fifth Avenue on their MasterCard will receive a special commemorative 3D printed snowflake - Partnered with MakerBot - customers can see printer in action at the store.
  70. 70. Kids Company 3D Print Pop-Up store - UK charity for vulnerable children and young people - ‘Print Happiness’ pop-up store will create toys for Kids Company children who would otherwise not have anything to unwrap on Christmas Day - Public can text to donate - toys will be printed by six Ultimaker 3D printers on site
  71. 71. Bacardi - BACARDÍ Beginnings, music mentoring program in the UK - World’s first 3D record printing shop in London - Kele Okereke releasing new track on 3D printed record - Requires high-definition top-of-the-line 3D printer (Stratasys 3D) - Mono tracks only
  72. 72. DVV (Belgian Insurance) - Customers to scan their keys - Data is stored on secure server - If keys are lost, customers can take their data to 3D print shop
  73. 73. Smithsonian - 3D archive of historic artifacts available for viewing and printing - From supernovas to sculpture of President Lincoln's head, a variety of historic objects are available for download in the Smithsonian's X 3D Explorer web portal
  74. 74. Chang-rae Lee Book Release - Signed limited edition hardcover with a first-of-its-kind 3D printed slipcase, printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 - Only 200 sold
  75. 75. Caskstrength - New '3D' whisky created from a blend of three Single Malt Scotch Whiskies - Back label of each bottle contains a QR code to download 3D model of container
  76. 76. Digital blueprint downloads - The Hobbit / The Key to Erebor - Ender’s Game / Customizable spaceships - Porsche / Cayman S print file (#3DCayman)
  77. 77. Kinematics - Kinematics creates complex, foldable forms composed of articulated modules - Website allows users to customize flexible wearables – bracelets, earrings & necklaces - to create unique accessories
  78. 78. PixelPrint Studio - Kickstarter initiative to create free iOS app allowing users to create 3D block-based creations - Creations can be printed and delivered to home
  79. 79. Motorola Project Ara Smartphone - Free, modular, customizable open hardware platform for highly modular smartphones - Handsets will consist of a central "endoskeleton" and additional 3D printed modules created by a range of other developers and companies
  80. 80. Now a peek into the near future.
  81. 81. Future Applications 3D Printing human tissues, and within 15 years, hopefully complex organ structures.
  82. 82. Future Applications Integrated circuits allowing powered mechanical devices to literally walk off the printer.
  83. 83. Future Applications Food printing takes a leap when it integrates customized nutrition based on your NIKE+ data.
  84. 84. Future Applications Large scale printers printing single family homes in 24 hours.
  85. 85. Future Applications Nano printers using single molecules to print any type of matter.
  86. 86. We have the unique opportunity to be leaders in this space.
  87. 87. Everything in front of us is new. We can define what comes next.