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Opinion8 Survey Types


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There are many ways in which Opinion8 can help your business gather customer and employee feedback. Get the details of all our survey types - telephone, web and SMS - so you can discover the most effective solution for your business.

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Opinion8 Survey Types

  1. 1. Opinion8 Survey Types Get the specifics on our telephone, web and SMS surveys.
  2. 2. The ten best ways to survey people automatically by phone Source: Opinion8 Automated Telephone Surveys Here, your agent invites a caller to take part in an automated survey during a telephone call with your company. If the participant accepts, the agent simply transfers the call to the Opinion8 telephone surveying system. This can be done on calls to or from your company or organisation. 1. Post­contact telephone IVR surveys (agent invitation) 2. Post­contact telephone IVR surveys (invitation by message) The caller is informed by an automatic recorded message (before being connected to the agent) that your organisation is running a caller survey and if wishing to participate, should ask the agent to put the call through at the end. In this way, the participants are self­selecting which helps combat ‘agent cherry­ picking’ of calls. This method can be used in combination with others.
  3. 3. The ten best ways to survey people automatically by phone Source: Opinion8 Automated Telephone Surveys Callers to your company are asked by recorded message whether they would like to participate in a survey at the end of their calls. Those who elect to do so, press a specified key on their telephones. Once the participant’s conversation with the agent is finished, the call is automatically routed to Opinion8’s survey system. This method facilitates survey participation unbiased by the agent as the agent does not know which caller will be surveyed. 3. Post­contact telephone IVR surveys (stealth mode) 4. Post­contact telephone IVR surveys via call back This method allows callers to request a call back so that they can participate in a survey. Once callers leave their details they are called back either immediately or some time after their call finishes, so that they can participate in the survey.
  4. 4. The ten best ways to survey people automatically by phone Source: Opinion8 Automated Telephone Surveys In this scenario, the caller calls the survey line directly, without previously speaking to your call centre or organisation and without being transferred by an agent. Typically the caller has been advised of a freephone number which he or she has then called at a convenient time. 5. Caller­accessed inbound IVR telephone surveys 6. Outbound IVR telephone surveys (agent invitation) Here, a member of your organisation invites callers to take part in an outbound survey during their interaction with your business. If the participants accept the invitation to take part, automated surveys to those callers are initiated shortly after. Opinion­8′s survey system is also sophisticated enough to recognise answer machines and will leave a suitable message in those instances.
  5. 5. The ten best ways to survey people automatically by phone Source: Opinion8 Automated Telephone Surveys If you want to survey your customers’ levels of satisfaction with your call centre, this method has the enormous benefit of requiring no agent participation or co­ operation. It is, in the main, entirely automated and works by performing an automated IVR call to the customer to conduct your survey. 7. Automated outbound IVR telephone surveys 8. IVR telephone surveys (email invitation) These surveys are very useful for surveying employees who may have access to email but not the Internet. The email will usually carry a freephone number of the survey for the participant to call. Additionally, the email can carry a reference number to identify or categorise the participant.
  6. 6. The ten best ways to survey people automatically by phone Source: Opinion8 Automated Telephone Surveys On this occasion, the participant is invited by letter or other piece of fulfilment to participate in a survey by way of a freephone telephone call. Other invitation methods could include a poster, advertising, word­of­mouth or a radio or television advertisement. 9. IVR telephone surveys (invitation by written/ printed or verbal communication) 10. IVR telephone surveys (invitation by SMS message) Participants can be invited by text. Conveniently, in this method, the text message is stored and available on the device used to make the call to the survey line.
  7. 7. How to survey using the worldwide web Source: Opinion8 Web­based Surveys A link is made available on your company’s website or Intranet, enabling visitors to your site to participate in a survey. Web­based surveys: open feedback link on websites Pop­up surveys on websites Web surveys can be popped up in front of visitors to your company’s website or Intranet.
  8. 8. How to survey using the worldwide web Source: Opinion8 Web­based Surveys Web­based surveys (invitation via a link from an email) Emails carrying a link to your web survey can be sent to prospective participants. Web­based surveys (invitation by written/ printed or verbal communication) It is possible to communicate the URL (link) of your survey to prospective participants by a number of other methods. You could consider a letter, a poster or a radio or television advertisement.
  9. 9. Survey your customers by text message Source: Opinion-8 SMS Surveys Solicit a response by sending an outbound message to the participant After a response is received, further questions can be sent by subsequent text messages to elicit further responses. The survey can be participant­initiated In this instance, the participant sends feedback in the form of an SMS message to a mobile shortcode for instance. SMS surveys allow you to solicit your customers' opinions in an unobtrusive way. Things that people may be reluctant to express to another person, they would be more prepared to do via the anonymity of text message.
  10. 10. Say Hello If you want to ask us any further questions about our survey methods, please don't hesitate to get in touch as we are happy to help. Ring Andy Moore on +44 117 398 2349 or +44 7833 470707 or email us on hello@opinion­ to find out how an investment in Opinion­8 can ease the pressures your business is facing every day.