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Immutable servers


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Presentation @ Infrastructure Coders April 2014

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Immutable servers

  1. 1. packer immutable @bigal
  2. 2. immutable ɪˈmjuːtəb(ə)l/Submit adjective 1. unchanging over time or unable to be changed. "an immutable fact" synonyms: unchangeable, fixed, set, rigid, inflexible, unyielding, unbending, permanent, entrenched, established, well-established, unshakeable, irremovable, indelible, ineradicable; More
  3. 3. The Golden Image anti devops …. but why Quarterly unchanged image Any change was slow and frustrating Poor tooling Much easier deploy and then change with config managment
  4. 4. Image benefits Faster to deploy Stability Testable Secure
  5. 5. Source Code Binary libA 1.0 libB 1.0 libC 1.0libA 2.0 Compile Failed
  6. 6. New Server Ready Server Chef, Puppet, Shell, Ansible …. Package Network Config Management
  7. 7. New Server Server Setup Failed Chef, Puppet, Shell, Ansible …. Package Changes Network Config Management
  8. 8. New Server Server Setup Failed Chef, Puppet, Shell, Ansible …. Package Network Unreliable Config Management
  9. 9. New Server Server Setup Failed Chef, Puppet, Shell, Ansible …. Package Config Changes Network Unreliable
  10. 10. New Server Ready Server Machine Image Ready Server
  11. 11. Machine image A deployable unit that contains a pre- configured OS and software.
  12. 12. Config Management How long does your puppet/chef run take? Downloading Compiling Network outage For each Machine!!
  13. 13. Packer Use Packer to build machine image for multiple platforms
  14. 14. Package Server Image Provision Server Instance Apply Configuration Change Apply Configuration Change Change! Change! Provide Service Package Server Image Provision Server Instance Provide Service
  15. 15. Immutable Servers Instead of changing or maintaining a server, replace it with a new one. Servers no longer change, they are prebuilt static images that we have tested. Automation is key
  16. 16. The Future is Immutable ● Big Wins, little downsides ● As server become cheaper more commoditized and more distributed immutable servers will be key ● Start small not all servers will be easily immutable
  17. 17. The Wins Super fast deployment Repeatable High failure tolerance Improved stability and testability Versioning Secure
  18. 18. The losses Requires change in mindset Tooling is young Deployment for small config changes Data
  19. 19. Light reading
  20. 20. packer immutable @bigal au/page/AlanChalmers