White Shaka - Graphic Novel


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Award-winning preview of the new Graphic Novel adventure about a boy who discovers his biracial heritage in Africa.

He learns from the great warrior Shaka Zulu who somehow invented African feminism and inspired Gandhi's passive resistance.

Based on a true story. Winner of the 2009 Fuze Multimedia Storytelling contest.

For more visit http://www.whiteshaka.com

Created and storyboarded by Alan Brody
Graphics by Revo Yanson
Music: Yeah, Yeah by Draztik from the Zulu-language album Imbube

White Shaka - Graphic Novel

  1. In the 19th Century <br />a White Guy <br />became a full <br />Zulu Chief<br />- based on a true story<br />
  2. 125 years later – an unsuspecting<br />descendant wants to be a rapper…<br />
  3. I got my own moves. Respect bro’ –<br />but you don’t gotta be black.<br />
  4. It helps!<br />
  5. Hey man, all I did was use <br />your name as a reference.<br />Yeah? So here’s my stamp of approval.<br />
  6. BRAD!<br />Boy, you sure keep trying!<br />
  7. WE’RE WITH YOU, MAN<br />Even though his friends still support him.<br />He knows he won’t make it.<br />
  8. So he heads to City College to <br />claim his Financial Aid package……<br />
  9. But they tell him he’s too rich for aid.<br />He’s the heir to an Empire…in Africa!<br />
  10. So he sells all his equipment and heads <br />out to Africa to claim his birthright.<br />
  11. But when he tracks down his family…<br />
  12. He discovers that the Empire…<br />
  13. …isn’t his, exactly…<br />
  14. Instead, he has entered a War Zone!<br />
  15. So he learns the real story about<br />his great-great grandfather…<br />
  16. The dangerous journey…<br />
  17. …that earned him the Empire.<br />
  18. Until it all began to unravel…<br />
  19. ….and dragged him into the Anglo-Zulu War!<br />
  20. Then he meets a pretty lawyer who tells <br />him what the Empire is really worth!<br />
  21. She takes him to meet the Zulu King.<br />
  22. He teams up with a Zulu MC <br />- and starts an act.<br />
  23. He gets a little magic…<br />
  24. He meets a Zulu girl.<br />
  25. He hangs out with his partner<br />in the township. <br />
  26. Where he discovers what Gandhi <br />learned from the Zulus.<br />
  27. And what Shaka did for feminists.<br />
  28. Then he is attacked!<br />
  29. So he heads out for the wilds.<br />
  30. And plans a way to win back his Empire.<br />