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White Shaka 2 - African Adventure: Episode 2


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Brad discovers the true status of his Zulu Empire and learns the family history.

Episode 2 of the new Graphic Novel adventure about a boy who discovers his biracial heritage in Africa.

He learns from the great warrior Shaka Zulu who somehow invented African feminism and inspired Gandhi's passive resistance.

Based on a true story.

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Created and storyboarded by Alan Brody
Graphics by Revo Yanson
Music: Yeah, Yeah by Draztik from the Zulu-language album Imbube

White Shaka 2 - African Adventure: Episode 2

  1. 2.   [Brad learns the Empire he arrived to claim is really not available!]
  2. 3.   Well, I was told that my Dad owned this…this Zulu Empire. Who told you this? College Admissions
  3. 4.   Is this some American bull…? Well , whatever – come meet the family. Huh?
  4. 5.   See these lands? This is where our great-great grandfather hunted.
  5. 6.   He was so good, he almost wiped out the elephants. It got Shaka’s attention. HAWAII! YOU’VE GOT A LOT TO LEARN.
  6. 7.   Shaka sent his people to find out more about him. I GREW UP ON THE TUGELA. HOW IS IT YOU SPEAK PERFECT ZULU?
  7. 8.   The frontier suited him and his wife. He’d been cheated by Whites, not the Zulus.
  8. 9.   The British soon noticed him too. They had plans for Zululand and could use him.
  9. 10. The British colonel offered him a position as a border agent. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF WORKING FOR US? NO
  10. 11. They offered him a way to hunt with the Zulus and live with the British. IT’S A GOOD LIFE. YOU GET A BATTALION OF BRITISH-TRAINED ZULUS.
  11. 12. He couldn’t refuse. It went well at first – the hunting was good and his wife happy.
  12. 13. But Rosemary made their wives uneasy because of her years living in the bush.
  13. 14. Our family never really got along. Morris and your Dad – brothers that didn’t talk.
  14. 15. Huh, so that makes us cousins.
  15. 16. Yes….though you really don’t look like a Mahon…
  16. 17. To tell the truth, I’d never heard of any of this this until a few months ago.
  17. 18. Really?
  18. 19. I’d never even heard of Zululand before all this. But please - finish the story
  19. 20. Well OK, you see the main prob OK. Well, Grampa did well on the border but he soon forgot which side he was on.
  20. 21. One minute he was helping the white traders….
  21. 22. Next thing he was getting involved with Zulu rivalries over succession.
  22. 23. King Shaka wasn‘t doing well and two half-brothers were fighting to take over.
  23. 24. Then Shaka died and all hell broke loose!
  24. 25. Next thing he was in the middle of a full scale battle for leadership.
  25. 26. But he had sided with the wrong brother!
  26. 27. They were surrounded and they had to cross a raging river to escape
  27. 28. Many of them drowned. But he saved most of his soldiers.
  28. 29. He was a real hero - he even Helped save the women and children.
  29. 30. And the he saw something that changed him forever…
  30. 31. Whoa. What’s this…!
  31. 32. Why are they coming after us…? Don’t ask – just hang on…
  32. 33.   White Shaka Boy Created by Alan Brody Art by Revo Yanson Music (in Zulu) – “Umile” Produced by Draztik From the album by Imbube © 2009 Alan Brody All Rights Reserved