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White Shaka 1 - African Adventure: Episode 1


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Episode 1 of the story about a white kid's discovery of his African fortune and his true racial destiny.

The new Graphic Novel adventure about a boy who discovers his biracial heritage in Africa.

He learns from the great warrior Shaka Zulu who somehow invented African feminism and inspired Gandhi's passive resistance.

Based on a true story.

Full Graphic Novel at

Music: The Someday Song
Written by Alan Brody
Produced by Sangoma

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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White Shaka 1 - African Adventure: Episode 1

  1. 2. On a street in Brooklyn, NY.  Hey man, you call yourself a rapper?
  2. 3.   Well, yeah, I got a following
  3. 4. No man…That’s my following!
  4. 5. You can’t rhyme, DJ, scratch. Nothing!
  5. 6. You got it wrong bro’. I got my own moves.
  6. 7.   You ain’t nothing but a phony, no-talent white boy…..using my name to get gigs.
  7. 8. I just said I know you. I got the gigs on my own. You don't gotta be black.
  8. 9.   It helps!
  9. 10. Look, I was just using you as a reference.
  10. 11. Yeah, then why don’t we just stamp that reference…
  11. 12. Hey Brad, I told you to stick to taxis. You'll never get to college that way!  
  12. 13. Forget about them. You could still be Rapper.
  13. 14.   We’re your crew, man. You can do it!
  14. 15.    But I got boo’ed off  the stage.
  15. 16. You’re good enough for college. You wanted to study politics…
  16. 17. Sorry guys, I’ve had enough. I’ll get financial aid. It’s school for me!
  17. 18.   I'm here to see Mr. Hill about my student aid package
  18. 19.    Look Brad, you don't qualify for aid. You own a Kingdom in Africa.  
  19. 20.   What! In Africa? I’m an African? Yes, you are the millionaire great, great grandson of a Zulu Chief.
  20. 21.   Ma, who was Dad, really? He was just a...sailor...from the Mediterranean. Nothing about Africa.
  21. 22.    Brad has no choice but to research the story and uncover his Roots.
  22. 23.    He sells his equipment to pay for the trip.
  23. 24.   Wow! So this is Africa. But where are the huts?
  24. 25.   .  Hi, I'm looking for the Mahons... The Mahons! Which one?
  25. 26.   Morris Mahon? The tailor on West Street.
  26. 27.    At the Chambers Building
  27. 28.   Brad – Len’s son? We thought we’d lost you…
  28. 29.    I’m taking you to meet the family! This looks like California with canefields.
  29. 30.    The welcoming committee.
  30. 31. I’m Martin Mahon, the clan leader. Lenny was my uncle - so we’re cousins.
  31. 32. Why all the fences?
  32. 33. We’ve been invaded. We’re in a Kind of war with the Zulus.
  33. 34.    But I thought you were Zulus?
  34. 35.    We are only part Zulus – and that is the problem…. Continued next week….
  35. 36.   White Shaka Boy Created by Alan Brody Art by Revo Yanson Music (in Zulu) – “Yeah, Yeah” by Draztik From the album Imbube © 2009 Alan Brody All Rights Reserved