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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE  Contact Information Name: Alan Bolinelli Aguiar; Marital Status: Single; Date of Birth: 11/09/1984 Address: Rua Treviso número 212, Bairro Bandeirantes, Pampulha, Cep: 31340 320; Belo Horizonte – MG. Profession: Engineer of Control and Automation; CREA: MG0000120503D Telephone: (031) 3443 – 5213 (031) 8840 – 0239 e–mail:; Interests: To align my objectives with the mission, vision and values of the company in the way I could contribute, through my knowledge and my professional experiences to the company reach their goals.  Education:  Master Degree Profissional in Administration – Fundação Pedro Leopoldo Duration: 2 years. Conclusion Date: December/2013.  Technical Introduction to Electrical Solar Systems: Solar Energy International Local: San Francisco – USA Duration: 27 Hours. Conclusion Date: July/2011  Program of Coaching & Leadership – Trainees of Future: Consultoria Crescimentum Duration: 100 Hours. Conclusion Date: June/2011  Managing Projects: The George Washington University – School of Business Duration: 1.60 Units of Education. Conclusion Date: April/2010.  University: Engineering of Control e Automation – PUC/MINAS Duration: 5 years. Conclusion Date: 20/12/2008.  High School Colégio Pitágoras – Pampulha (December/2003)  Exchange Student Experience – E.U.A. Local: Mead High School; Duration: 1 year; Conclusion Date: July/2001;  Idioms:  English: Fluency in talking, writing and reading;  German: Basic – A.1.2 – In Course  Spanish: Intermediary – In Course
  2. 2.  Automation Knowledge:  Software Development – Training by Rockwell Automation: - RSLogix 5; 500; 5000, - Siemens Step 7, - Languages: Ladder e Blocks.  Supervisory Software – Training by Rockwell Automation: - PanelBuilder 32, - FactoryTalk View SE, ME.  Automation Network: - Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet.  Radio Network – Training by Prosoft: - Data Link, Prosoft.  Computer Skills:  Excel – Advanced;  Word – Advanced;  Power Point – Advanced;  Bilder C++;  Assembly;  AutoCad;  Circuit Maker;  MatLab;  MicroController Sap1 e Motorola HC08Q (CodeWarrior);  Database – Microsoft SQL Server  Employment History:  (01/10/2013 – Now) Product Analyst at FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMÓBILES (FCA) Acting in vehicle validation area. Responsible for the final validation of vehicles and systems in development by Fiat engineering, both in Brazil and in active markets. Responsible for integration of the engineering and the customer needs, so that products meet the wishes and complaints of its customers. Responsible for managing the different projects in order to do all the monitoring of the vehicle from conception to launch so that during development the vehicle always meets customer needs. Responsible for manager drive sessions, road tests in order to create e evaluate data in customer view.  (03/10/2011 – 01/10/2013) Product Analyst at FIAT POWERTRAIN I worked in the area of engine calibration doing vehicle and chassis dynamometer tests the way to reduce gas consumption, pollute less and calibrate it to have the best derivability.  (January/2010 – June/2011) Trainee at Volkswagen of Brazil (only one selected of 21.780 candidates to the Produktkosten Optimierung area). I worked in Product Cost Reduction by analyzing the concurrency and using the Benchmarking and Tear Down techniques. I acquired knowledge of the productive process of VW by doing
  3. 3. Job Rotation on Supply (New Projects), KaufTeile Management (Management of buying parts), Logistic, Manufacturing Engineering and Finishing Engineering.  (February/2009 – January/2010) Junior II Product Specialist at MACROTEC LTDA in the areas of PLC, Powers, Inverters, Software and Network. I worked in the area of PLC, Powers, Inverters, Software and Network specifying and determining automation solutions to the companies’ projects from “Vale do Aço”. I gave Technical Support on the areas above, presenting products, giving training with Hand’s On (field training), handling Site Survey (inspection on-site), Inverters Star-up and tests and validation to implement wireless radios.  (January/2008 – January/2009) Traineeship at MACROTEC LTDA, in the area of Product Specification of PLC, Software and Network. I worked specifying e determining automation solutions to many industrial areas as automobilist, food, siderurgy and mining. I gave support to the companies in the areas above showing products, giving training, Hand’s On (field training), handling Site Survey (inspection on-site) and tests and also validation to implement wireless radios.  (February/2007 – August/2007) Traineeship at CETEC (Centro Tecnológico de Minas Gerais) I worked in the development, in the tests and in the assembly of the pilot plant of the factory to produce siliceous by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition.). In special, was responsible to the installation and configuration of the controlling devices and to configuring the parameters of the process.  (August/2006 – February/2007) Traineeship at CETEC (Centro Tecnológico de Minas Gerais): I worked in the assembly and padronization to the Thermal Treatment System to Silicon Steel Siliation. (Project subsidy by Acesita); I made the process of data acquirement automatic, as temperature, pressure and flow and also I established a relation between those variables in the process.  (15/05/2006 – 03/07/2006) Analyst at Contax Contact Center: I worked in the area of service delivery in Correios, precisely in International Sector, doing tracking of the posted objects in and out of the country. Also worked with detection, orientation and giving information about the products of Correios. Belo Horizonte, October 15, 2015.