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A Global Business Opportunity For You!!

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My Video Talk Products

  1. 1. Welcome to MVT prelaunching in U.A.E. For more info pls. contact: Noel F. Frivaldo - MVT Member Mobile no. 050-5483642 Technology you can Email: SEE and HEAR……. MyVideoTalk Bringing the World Closer Together The ULTIMATE High-Tech, High-Touch Solution Streaming Video! The fastest growing segment of the Internet A Multi-Billion Dollar Market Catch the Wave of Online Video Communications Consumer market Business market 900 million+ customers 50 Million+ Customers over 800 million people online today over 40 billion emails sent daily 99% of people have never received a video email less than 1% of the 50 million websites online utilize video email has surpassed TV and print as the preferred method of communications Just Imagine if YOU could get a piece of this multi-billion dollar global market !! Why is MyVideoTalk the #1 choice for Streaming Video? 1) The highest quality video All in one 2) The most feature rich 3) Complete branding and customization COMPLETE 4) Ability to import videos package! 5) Most competitively priced Check out what sets MyVideoTalk apart from everyone in the market.....
  2. 2. Video Management Portal Video Management Portal Recording Screen Playback Screens Lots of design templates for personal and business purposes... Record your video then send via need downloading and uploading.... very effective for commercial marketing and advertising... Video Management Portal MyVideoWebMail “My Videos” Screen Playback Screen Webcast your seminars...individual and group activities...corporate and religious meetings live anywhere in the world !!!
  3. 3. MyVd oR s me ie e u Resumes/CVs – get a competitive edge by adding a professional and custom video to your emailed resume or CV Up to 10 persons... MyVd oR s me ie e u My Video Resume U.A.E. Certificate of Formation Member: Dubai Direct Selling Educational Institute registered under Dubai Chamber of Commerce This is just the beginning in U.A.E !
  4. 4. Other Product Feature MyVideoTalk Companies Notes MyVideoWebMail Web-based video production Only product for mass consumer Up to 10 minute recording time market offering up to 10 minutes of video recording time. You can use a camcorder to create Import video from outside source “mini-movies” Merge newly made video with your own stored video Only MyVideoTalk offers the Ability to share videos produced by others with exclusive MyVideoLibrary for video exclusive Video Library sharing Merge newly made video with videos shared in the public library Merge your own stored videos with videos shared in the public library Merge multiple clips into one video playlist – combine newly recorded footage, stored videos, imported videos or library videos Edit existing Playlist contents (video clips) without changing URL You can update videos on a Change video contents without changing HTML website without touching the HTML code for video posted to website code or paying a web designer. Large variety of playback screen graphics preloaded into video portal Completely customizable playback screens Can add multiple images with Ability to add your own graphics – logos or MVT. Others offer limited areas images – to playback screen where you may add a single picture to the area. MVT’s built in text editor allows for easy customized text. Can be Ability to add text to playback screen used to create a TRUE video newsletter. MVT allows multiple hyperlinks to Ability to add hyperlinks to playback screen both images & text. MVT allows you to resize and Ability to resize images on playback screen reposition images within your customizable area. Send a video web mail from within system Send video from outside email client Some providers require that you Requires a separate email system for sending send video emails from within their videos separate mail system.
  5. 5. Other Product Feature MyVideoTalk Companies Notes MyVideoWebMail - continued Research shows most people DO Requires an email address different from your NOT like to change their email regular one for sending videos address. Provides HTML code for posting to website MVT allows you to customize the look of your video player then Ability to customize video player – autostart, generates to code for you to click to start, player size, control buttons, no copy/paste into your website – you control buttons, player border can even have different size players on each page of a website! Stream to cell phones Stream to Windows enabled PDAs & mobile devices Available for broadband and dial-up Multiple resolutions up to full screen Ability to limit number of times video is viewed You may limit number of views so Ability to “turn off” video video is unavailable after limit is reached. Able to allow recipient to download video to disk MVT includes the MyVideoTestDrive in each start-up Free “test drive” of products package then available for $0.15 each. Other companies charge up to $3.00 for trial subscriptions. Customizable folders for organizing videos Customizable address book View History – shows date & time viewed and IP address of viewer Download History – shows data & time requested and IP address of request Full system support available 24/7 Monthly plans available MVT plans start at $5.95 per Multiple retail plans (better price plans, more month. MVT has more plans to minutes w/ MVT) choose from with the most streaming and features included. MVT offers hefty 50% first month Commissions for sharing the products commission then 20% for subsequent months.
  6. 6. Other Product Feature MyVideoTalk Companies Notes MyVideoWebMeeting Most companies require participant to download a file Fully web-based, no downloads required just to attend a meeting. Much harder to get a guest to attend with a download. No special hardware or equipment required PC and Mac compatible True multi-party video and Multiple stream video feed into meeting room audio collaboration, worldwide! Most other companies offer a one way broadcast only with FULL interactive video & audio conferencing no interaction between participants Most companies only allow 1 Up to 6 participants on screen with full audio and or 2 participants on screen, video capabilities those that allow more - charge exorbitantly Text chat communication available to all participants, on screen or not Unlimited number of participants Very unique feature – multi- Ability to switch on stage (video) participants point video conferencing. Many during conference uses. With other companies, either Ability to share Power Points, web pages and they don’t have this or they desktop applications charge exorbitantly for this. Ability to grant video & audio permission, remove chat box, remove participants from session Monthly plans available Multiple retail plans Some companies only offer their web broadcast product Offered as a stand-alone product bundled with another streaming video product. MVT offers hefty 50% first Commissions for sharing products month commission then 20% for subsequent months.