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Desertation mba BU 2K13

  1. 1. “A STUDY ON A DETAILED COMPARISION OF THE BROADBAND SERVICES OFFERED BY BSNL WITH THE OTHER BROADBAND SERVICE PROVIDERS IN BANGALORE.” Dissertation Report is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements For the award of the Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Of BANGALORE UNIVERSITY The training has been undertaken By A…………m Reg No. 11Y………96 Under the guidance of Prof. Indumathi R Nagesh Asst.Professor Presidency College PRESIDENCY COLLEGE BANGALORE – 560 024 Batch: 2011-2013
  2. 2. DECLARATION I, A………..M, studying at Presidency college, hereby state that this Dissertation report titled, “A Detailed comparison of the broadband service offered by BSNL with the other broadband service provider in Bangalore”, submitted by me to the department of Management, Bangalore university and is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the MBA Program of Bangalore University, is an original work carried out by me under the guidance and supervision of, faculty guide Prof. Indumathi R Nagesh and that the project or any part thereof has not been previously submitted for a degree/diploma of any University/ Institution elsewhere or published any time before. Date: ……………… Place: Bangalore A……….. Register no:11Y……….
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The successful completion of the dissertation report has been accomplished with the valuable guidance and support of numerous people. I owe to their constructive support, which sustained my motivation. I take this opportunity to express my profound sense of gratitude to all of them. I express my sincere gratitude to Dr.MJ Arul, Director, and Presidency College for his invaluable support during my MBA Course. I am extremely grateful to Prof. I………., my internal guide, for helping me in making this internship report. His clear thinking and penetrating insight into matters relating to the study has enabled me to traverse the path with considerable ease. I would like to thank my parents for their extreme support. Lastly I would like to thank for the timely help rendered by all whose comments and suggestions has been of much help during this endeavor.
  4. 4. CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY This is to certify that the project titled” A Detailed comparison of the broadband service offered by BSNL with the other broadband service provider in Bangalore”.is an original work of the student and is being submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of the Master’s Degree in Business Administration of Bangalore University. This report has not been submitted earlier either to this university /institution for the fulfillment of the requirement of a course of study. SIGNATURE OF SUPERVISOR SIGNATURE OF STUDENT PLACE: ------------------------------ PLACE: ----------------------- DATE: -------------------------------- DATE: -------------------------
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  11. 11. BSNL LL INTRODUCTION Broadband a telecommunication in which a large band of frequencies are available to transmit information. It is one of the revolutionary technologies with anticipating change in many of the sectors including business, education and economics. It helps us by providing the trend for high speed networking and extremely responsive working environments and provide high speed data rates. In the emerging broadband services market Getting success can only be happened where we can deliver high quality and high availability of services on time and that leads to success or failure of any business, broadband service providers must plan a course of action for meeting the demanding bandwidth and performance requirements of next-generation applications and ensure a satisfying end-user experience. If they don’t, they will lose a chance on broadband revenue opportunities, such as the successful delivery of triple-play services, and can lose their customers to the competition. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 1
  12. 12. BSNL LL Broad band is one of the best ways to enjoy the high speed internet. For exchanging large volumes of data, faster responses and fast browsing, research, faster video and audio downloads broad band is the most appropriate way to do. For the ISP markets better broad band service is the key to gain the competitive edge in the concerned business because today people need more of advanced technology and that can happen only with a better internet facilities. Broadband technologies provide high speed internet connectivity to the users, so it considerably changes the patterns of internet use. These changing usages, brings considerable growth in electronic commerce and information technology initiatives and that in turn enhancing the economic growth of any country. Currently in the developed countries and many developing countries it has become an important political agenda to develop and maintain a proper broadband structure. BSNL has a world class, multi-gigabit, multi-protocol, convergent IP infrastructure through National Internet Backbone, through which it is providing convergent services through the same backbone and broadband access network. The Broadband service is available on ADSL technology (on the same copper cable that is used for connecting telephone), on a countrywide basis. BSNL is the only service provider, making focused efforts and planned initiatives to bridge the Rural-Urban Digital Divide ICT sector. In fact there is no telecom operator in the country to beat its reach with its wide network giving services in every nook & corner of country and operates across India except Delhi & Mumbai. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 2
  13. 13. BSNL LL Broadband Introduction-An Overview Broadband is an often used term referring to a high bandwidth or carrying capacity of a communications line. To use the water analogy, consider a 3/4 inch pipe as a 'normal' supply line. In that case a 6 inch water main would provide 'broadband' water. In our context it refers to High Speed Internet Access. Having a broadband connection means your web pages will load much faster than they do using your phone line. The FCC definition of broadband is 200 Kbps (.2Mb) in one direction, and advanced broadband is at least 200 Kbps (.2Mb) in both directions. The definition of broadband, or high-speed Internet access, is constantly changing and being challenged. The term is typically used to describe Internet service that is faster than traditional dial-up Internet access. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration currently defines broadband as speeds that move data at a rate of 768 Kilobits per second (Kbps) downstream and 200 Kbps upstream. Broadband comes in different speeds and types. Broadband connections mean instant access to online information, email, instant messaging and other communications services available over the internet. For businesses it means communicating more quickly and more reliably with customers and suppliers. For all of us it means that information can move into and out of our homes and businesses much more efficiently than it does today. How is broadband different from dial-up service?  Provides higher-speed of data transmission — more content can fit in the “pipeline”  Provides access to the highest quality Internet services— video, streaming media, VoIP (Internet phone), online business applications and interactive services  Broadband is always on — does not block phone lines, no need to reconnect to the network.  Less delay when downloading or sending files. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 3
  14. 14. BSNL LL Why do we need it? Broadband Internet is one of the key drivers for growth in terms of e-governance, E-Commerce and online education. A basic Internet connection may not sufficient to drive newer applications that come up. A huge shift to deploying Software as a Service (SaaS) puts more work on the network / cloud and hence a good connection is required for an enriched SaaS experience. India has a further challenge of an immense skew in terms of broadband penetration in rural India, which is only 25% of the connections available in Top 30 cities. Definition of Broadband "A type of data transmission in which a single medium (wire) can carry several channels at once." Cable TV, for example, uses broadband transmission. In contrast, broadband transmission allows only one signal at a time. Most communications between computers, including the majority of local-area networks, use broadband communications. The US Federal Communications Commission when referring to the internet regards broadband as 200kbps or more in at least one direction. A more technical meaning reads: 'Broadband refers to a transmission speed of 1.54 million bits per second or more using a single medium, such as a wire, that has two or more channels carrying information at once. Broadband refers to bandwidth and is also known as 'throughput rate.' It is contrasted with baseband transmission, which transmits only one signal between two devices, as between a computer and a peripheral, and in contrast to narrowband, which transmits speeds more slowly, at a speed usually between 64 kilobits and up to 1.54 million bits per second. Your cable TV connection is capable of giving you speeds in excess of 27 million bits per second. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 4
  15. 15. BSNL LL Types of Broadband DSL Broadband  Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a technology that delivers broadband over your phone line to be used in the home or office.  With DSL technology, large volumes of information are sent over a copper cable at rapid speeds.  DSL allows you to download web pages, text, graphics, music and video in real time. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 5
  16. 16. BSNL LL ADSL Broadband Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a technology similar to the DSL technology. With ADSL, information is downloaded more rapidly than it is uploaded. ADSL is particularly useful for homes and businesses as it can download web pages and files at fast speeds. ADSL2 and ADSL2+ are new technologies offered by some providers offering speed up to 24Mbps. Symmetric Broadband (SDSL)  Symmetric broadband (SDSL) is a technology similar to ADSL broadband.  SDSL broadband downloads information at the same speed as it uploads information. Whereas ADSL broadband downloads the information faster than it uploads it.  This type of broadband requires an extra telephone line.  SDSL broadband is particularly suitable for businesses that send large volumes of information. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 6
  17. 17. BSNL LL Cable Broadband  There are several ways in which broadband can be delivered to your PC; this type of broadband is delivered through a cable.  Cable companies also offer television and telephone packages as well as broadband Internet services.  Cable companies provide broadband, television or phone packages to about 45% of homes and businesses in the UK.  You can only get cable broadband if a company has cabled your street.  Cable providers include ACT. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 7
  18. 18. BSNL LL Satellite Broadband  There are several ways in which broadband can be delivered to your PC, PC; this type of broadband is delivered through a satellite.  To receive satellite broadband you must have a dish antenna, and can be used almost everywhere in India. There are 2 types of satellite services:  One-way satellite services download information via satellite and upload information via a telephone or IDSN line.  Two-way satellite services download and upload information via satellite. This provides an even higher bandwidth and a faster speed.  Satellite transmission may be affected by weather conditions.  The cost of installing and running satellite broadband can be quite expensive compared with other types of broadband.  Satellite broadband generally has quite high latency (ping times) compared to other broadband, and so is unsuitable for certain types of Internet Access such as online gaming. Wireless Broadband  Wireless broadband is one of the ways in which broadband can be delivered to your PC.  This type of broadband requires an antenna to be installed to get connection to the Internet.  Wireless broadband is particularly suitable for distributing information between buildings and for homes where access to ADSL or cable broadband is unavailable. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 8
  19. 19. BSNL LL INDIA BROADBAND OVERVIEW A year after the Government unveiled an ambitious policy to promote broadband use, the Ministry of Communications is discovering the depressing reality that not all subscribers are ready to make the transition from dial-up Internet. Costs have dropped by nearly 75 per cent in the 12 months ended September, but the tariff reduction for 256 kilobits per second connections is rendered unattractive by restrictions on usage patterns or downloads. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), which envisaged a liberal policy framework for broadband, has rightly called for concerted efforts by service providers to achieve the original goal of 1.5 million connections each in the private and public sectors by December. Given the relatively slow pace of growth, it would seem the opportunity to create a competitive and subscriber-friendly regime was lost simply because the Government was disinclined to share the BSNL and MTNL telephone networks with the private sector for service provision. International experience indicates that a mix of entertainment and social benefits has fuelled expansion of broadband, where subscribers generally have unlimited access to upload and download content. Music, entertainment and multimedia information-governance, health and telemedicine, social connectedness, and the availability of information have all actively promoted its use. In the Indian context broadband has not made the major strides thought possible only a year ago, in the absence of a wider base of users and active promotion of content creation in areas such as education, agriculture, health care, and e-governance. It is unlikely this situation will change dramatically if the "rationing" mindset that limits data downloads is not replaced by a more progressive outlook. The Indian market will continue to be one of the most sought after markets for global equipment vendors. The nation promises to offer huge, consistently high growth for the next several years, judging by its extremely low broadband penetration rates (under 3 million for a population of 1.1 billion). PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 9
  20. 20. BSNL LL Broadband Internet Adoption in India 2012 India houses a huge population using internet for entertainment and productivity. With growing heavy and feature rich web activities, dial-up and equivalent internet services have become obsolete and the need for broadband internet has rose immensely. Broadband internet adoption in India is at the threshold to witness significant adoption not only in urban areas but also in suburban and rural areas. The report begins with ‘Introduction’ section covering overview regarding broadband internet which provides basic idea regarding broadband internet and how it is different from legacy dialup or equivalent internet technology. Various internet access technologies are briefly discussed here for better understanding of the subject in hand. The section also covers a short history of internet in India, highlighting key moments since 1995, when internet was first introduced in India. The ‘Market Overview’ section elaborates global & domestic market state of broadband internet. It is accompanied by a plethora of statistical information regarding broadband in global scenario as well as in India such as global & domestic market size in terms of subscriber base, penetration level in various countries, market share according to broadband access technology, and other related information. The section also elaborates details regarding region-wise data of broadband and country-wise information in Asia covering total population, subscriber base in 2000 and 2011, & percentage share compared to total subscriber base in Asia and the world. The section continues with emphasis on information regarding domestic market including latest TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) updated market size in terms of subscriber base, projection of growth of the same till 2015, & also for 2017 and 2020. It also enlightens with information such as current rural usage and projection of growth in the coming years, average internet speed in India and rural-urban internet subscriber base split from 2008 till 2011 and a projected growth till 2015. Next state-wise broadband subscriber base and penetration in India is provided to explore possibility in various states. It is followed by a discussion on broadband service delivery technology wherein various technologies are briefed with definition & technical information. The section closes with ‘Market share of Broadband Players’ segment where various broadband internet service providers are mapped according to their market share with some key information. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 10
  21. 21. BSNL LL It is followed by ‘Scope in India’ section which elaborates on various scope areas and verticals for broadband in India. Special emphasis has been given on rural and sub-urban opportunities as broadband will be largely driven by these consumers in near future. Specific sectors have been highlighted with information regarding each of their market state and opportunity areas in the sectors for broadband internet. The report continues with ‘Drivers & Challenges’ section elaborating the major furtherance & impediments for broadband internet adoption in India. Both the ‘drivers’ and ’challenges’ are equally stressed upon to provide clear idea regarding the probable obstacles and rewards in the line of business and help vendors take necessary measures. In the ‘Broadband Service Providers’ section the major broadband ISP vendors are profiled. It provides information such as corporate & business highlights covering operational & recent information regarding broadband service offerings, related services & strategic moves regarding the same. It also provides financial performance for a period of time and key contacts for each of the players. Key business segment and key geographic segment for each player are provided as well to provide further clear idea regarding the companies. Also broadband tariffs of each vendor are provided covering major broadband plans for both general usage and high data usage separately with information such as product name, broadband speed, bandwidth allowance and price for each of the service plans. Next the developments & trends in the domestic market related to broadband services, recent trend & developments, and government initiatives are mentioned in the ‘Key Trends & Development’ section. Also, specific prospective areas for broadband ISP vendors in India are discussed in ‘Vendor Opportunity’ section. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 11
  22. 22. BSNL LL It is followed by the section ‘Strategic Recommendation’ section which is derived after a comprehensive analysis of the market state & scope. It suggests key strategic moves which can help broadband internet adoption to grow in all regions of the country. The report concludes with a primary conducted in the form of survey in ‘Survey on Broadband Usage’ section which provides an overall idea of internet consumption pattern and trend in India along with consumer needs and opinions. Broadband access technologies have shown explosive growth in large-scale deployment during the past decade. As of 2007, there are over 300 million of broadband subscribers worldwide. In the United States alone, broadband Internet access has penetrated over half of U.S. households, reaching 66 million subscribers in 2007. The number of broadband subscribers will continue to grow in the years to come. Today’s broadband applications are mostly driven by Internet users—hundreds of millions of end users generating terabits per second of Internet traffic, and others by the entertainment industry— online or broadcasting video and music consuming a large portion of Internet traffic. The huge bandwidth demands impose a great pressure on broadband access, the technology bridging the gap between home and Internet backbone. Although it presents a great technical challenge, broadband access will lead to a great opportunity to develop new applications and services. In previous sections we have presented various broadband access technologies. Broadband Scenario in Corporate India The contribution to the growth of national output in the form of labor productivity improvement of existing workforce due to ubiquitous broadband deployment in India is estimated at an approximate 50bn USD for the period 2010-2020 (Source: Deptt of IT and Deptt of Telecom Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Gov. of India and CII). In other words, high speed access to information and web-based communication can make a huge difference in your enterprise workforce efficiency, which in turn impacts your business economics. But today, simply having broadband connectivity is not enough. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 12
  23. 23. BSNL LL What good is ample bandwidth if there aren't enough applications to leverage it effectively? Today, there is a surge in the number of applications that can be used over broadband. You need sufficient bandwidth to be able to use them. For that, you need the right broadband connectivity provider, who can support you in your future growth plans. PC Quest did a survey of mid to large enterprises in the country to find out the most popular broadband connectivity providers in India, why they're popular or not so popular, etc. We tried to determine the average bandwidth being used by organizations in India, and for which applications. We also try and determine what they're likely to use their connectivity for in the future and whether their existing bandwidth would be able to handle the additional workload or not. Opportunities for Consumers include  Faster Internet access  An "always on" connection so one does not have to wait to "log on" to the Internet  Interactive video and data content  Next generation content, including streaming video and electronic magazines  Ability to play multiple player games with friends in many different locations PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 13
  24. 24. BSNL LL Comparison of BSNL Broadband with other Broadband service provider: The topic is about a detailed comparison of BSNL broadband services with other major players in the market. In this we are going to identify various aspect of consumer that are attracting them towards a particular broadband services. The analysis of customer preferences towards a particular features of a broadband services are being identified in this measure the satisfaction level of various customers towards BSNL broadband with that of other broadband services in the market. This study help us to identify what actually customers are looking for in a particular broadband services. The study is being conducted to know how the company can go through some initiatives to cope up with the other broadband services in the market .To analyzes customer delight in the field of broadband among various broadband service provider in the market. Introduction This project report is about “A STUDY ON A DETAILED COMPARISION OF THE BROADBAND SERVICES OFFERED BY BSNL WITH THAT OF THE OTHER BROADBAND SERVICE PROVIDERS IN BANGALORE .”The main aim of this study is to find out consumer perception, preference and awareness towards broadband services of different companies. The study is done to find out the preferred factors of consumers regarding broadband and to study the preference of consumers towards BSNL Broadband with other broadband services in Bangalore. The study also aims to find out the consumer perception towards the upcoming technologies in the field of broadband. The study also deals with the question of overall perception of consumers towards broadband and consumer preference towards various high-tech features of broadband of various players in the market. The study also looks at the awareness level of consumers towards after sale services of various broadband in comparison with BSNL. The study is conducted to make a comparison of the broadband services provided by BSNL with that of other broadband companies. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 14
  25. 25. BSNL LL TITLE OF THE STUDY The title of the study is “A study on a detailed comparison of the broadband services offered by BSNL with that of the other broadband services provider in Bangalore”. Literature Review Broadband is a concept that comes from telephony world. Different service provider will have different definition of broadband but in general the speed of the broadband must exceed 2Mbps (Aronsson et al.2003). Broadband connection is faster than narrowband connection and is suitable for large amount of data transferred (Kidokoro 2007). Broadband is a generic term used to describe high-speed networking services, that is a set of digital communication technologies with the capacity to transmit significant amounts of data at a high rate, supporting the delivery of a range of digital services some or all of which can occur simultaneously. It is usually a symmetrical service allowing fast in and outbound data capacity. (Becta, 2003; OECD, 2003). Broadband contributes to national economic competitiveness (ITU, 2003), allowing industry to access distant markets as well as develop and deliver new services. (Whilst Fransman 2006) Broadband technology has the potential to enhance the service quality in education and health to the society (Firth & Mellor 2005). Broadband also offers organizations the improvement of its efficiency, connection and access towards specific operation that suggest new methods in doing business and new business model .According to Broadband Stakeholder Group (2003), a lot of benefits can be gained from broadband usage in higher education. These benefits include ability to enhance the learning experience, improve cooperation among learning institution, deliver new potentials and enhance the efficiency in education. Service quality is defined as level of services and it can be categorized into two critical aspects; those are operational and relational performance. Operational performance is about physical services while relational performance concerns on service delivering process. (Stanket al. 1999) Major beneficiaries of broadband internet services are health, education, transport and banking sectors. In India, BSNL is the dominant player in broadband segment of telecommunication. BSNL PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 15
  26. 26. BSNL LL is a state owned telecom operator and is offering almost all the telecommunications services from basic telephony to video conferencing. Besides, it has sizeable market share in rural India. From a conservative telecom operator controlled by Government of India, it has transformed into more corporatized entity resulting improved delivery, quality of service. BSNL has presence in almost all urban areas except New Delhi and Mumbai. By 2006, BSNL had over 450,000 kilometers of fibre, compared to about 65,000 kilometers of its nearest rival, Reliance (Malik Payal 2008 chap 9). STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study that examines the perspectives of the customers, regarding their product and services information needs, of an Internet Service Providers. Mainly to understand the satisfaction level of the customer using BSNL Broadband services and it’s the competitive advantages when compared to that of the competitors. At present, the demand for broadband is increasing. There are many players in the Broadband industry. To market their service every company is adding new features. The subscribers are provided with various schemes of broadband service and the market for broadband have become very competitive this study will help us to compare the perception & expectation of various customers towards BSNL Broadband service with that of other major players in the broadband market. The study will enable us to gain certain knowledge on those issues such as the factors that are influencing customer to choose a particular broadband service. To analyze the buying behavior of BSNL Broadband with the other competitor the market. SCOPE OF THE STUDY To study the expectations of the of customers regarding the product and services offered by BSNL compare to other broadband services providers in the market and to identify the satisfaction level of consumer regarding the services provided by different companies in the area of Bangalore. This study has been conducted to know the general perception of people towards the Broadband.  It helps to clarify how BSNL is different from others and also helps us to know the desired level of value of BSNL broadband when comparing their services with other companies providing broadband facilities. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 16
  27. 27. BSNL LL  We come to know about the satisfaction level of customer. This study helps to enhance the quality of service by comparing various aspect of consumer that helps them to stick to a particular company.  The study also helps us know the broadband plans of other competitor of BSNL.  This project will also help us in decision making while choosing the broadband service. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Today’s customers expect a lot more from the company’s end they expect them to deliver the services at their door steps; they expect immediate response on subscription of service a quality driven service .they can pay more for getting better they expect all those features that has to be in any kind of broadband services and sometimes they expect more of that. This study will helps us to identify certain objectives such as: 1. To measure the perception of customer towards the BSNL Broadband services with respect to others in terms of value added services(VAS) 2. For analyzing the after sales services of BSNL Broadband with that of the other competitive Broadband service providers. 3. To compare and analyze the performance of the BSNL Broadband services when compared to that of the competitors. 4. To identify customer satisfaction level towards BSNL Broadband service with respect to other broadband service provider in terms of value for money. 5. To determine the profile of broadband customers. 6. To identify the important & most relevant factors customers looking for while subscribing to a broadband service. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 17
  28. 28. BSNL LL METHODOLOGY Research is absent without the methodology which consists of all the major aspects related to the research study. Hence the methodology must be planned according to the research design and the objectives of the study. As the study is conducted to comparatively analyze the broadband services provided by BSNL with that of its competitors, the suitable type of research is Descriptive Research where in all the aspects related to the services as well as the customer expectations are descriptive with of the information provided by the respondents. Sources of Data 1) Primary data is directly obtained from the customers freshly and also by directly visiting to the specific subscriber, Tele-calling and through questionnaires. 2) Secondary data which is available from the company will be analysed and based upon which the criteria for primary data collection will be decided. Data will also be collected through internet by visiting company’s official website. Sampling Method & Sampling Size: Sampling Technique That Will Be Adopted To Carry Out The Research Is The Convenience Method. It Is Non-Probability Sampling Technique Where In All Members Of The Populations Has An Equal Chance Of Selection. Sample Size: The sample size included for conducting the study is estimated to100. PLAN OF ANALYSIS Collected data were examined by the help of Microsoft office, Ms Excel. Statistical technique like Descriptive analysis used to evaluate the broadband customers ‘opinion with regard to their preferences, expectations and satisfaction level about the various services provided by the broadband companies across Bangalore region of India. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 18
  29. 29. BSNL LL LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY  Since the scope of this research investigation is restricted to Bangalore City and to a limited sample size of the units, the problem of generalization is obvious.  Time and resource constraints  As the sample size is 100 in numbers, the findings may or may not be appropriate  Not all respondents will have willingness to provide all the information with regard to their service experience.  The study is limited to some parts of Bangalore city CHAPTER SCHEME Chapter 1: Introduction This chapter will include an introduction to the broadband services, internet market, specific features and an overview of industry in general. Chapter 2: Research Design Review of literature and design of study: It includes statement of the problem, objectives of the study and number of samples. Chapter 3: Profile of the Industry and Selected Products This chapter will contain profile of different commodities including nature of business, products and services, turnover market statue. Chapter 4: Results, Analysis and Discussions This chapter will provide an analysis of the data with required interpretations. Graphs and charts will be used whenever necessary and inference will be drawn from interpreted data. Chapter 5: Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Suggestions This chapter will include findings related to each objective and conclusion & recommendations would be drawn based on findings. Bibliography Annexure PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 19
  30. 30. BSNL LL COMPANY PROFILE Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. formed in October, 2000, is World's 7th largest Telecommunications Company providing comprehensive range of telecom services in India: Wire line, CDMA mobile, GSM Mobile, Internet, Broadband, Carrier service, MPLS-VPN, VSAT, VoIP services, IN Services etc. Within a span of five years it has become one of the largest public sector unit in India. BSNL has installed Quality Telecom Network in the country and now focusing on improving it, expanding the network, introducing new telecom services with ICT applications in villages and wining customer's confidence. Today, it has about 47.3 million line basic telephone capacity, 4 million WLL capacity, 20.1 Million GSM Capacity, more than 37382 fixed exchanges, 18000 BTS, 287 Satellite Stations, 480196 Rkm of OFC Cable, 63730 Rkm of Microwave Network connecting 602 Districts, 7330 cities/towns and 5.5 Lakhs villages. BSNL is the only service provider, making focused efforts and planned initiatives to bridge the Rural-Urban Digital Divide ICT sector. In fact there is no telecom operator in the country to beat its reach with its wide network giving services in every nook & corner of country and operates across India except Delhi & Mumbai. Whether it is inaccessible areas of Siachen glacier and North-eastern region of the country. BSNL serves its customers with its wide bouquet of telecom services. BSNL is numero uno operator of India in all services in its license area. The company offers vide ranging & most transparent tariff schemes designed to suite every customer. BSNL cellular service, CellOne, has more than 17.8 million cellular customers, garnering 24 percent of all mobile users as its subscribers. That means that almost every fourth mobile user in the country has a BSNL connection. In basic services, BSNL is miles ahead of its rivals, with 35.1 million Basic Phone subscribers i.e. 85 per cent share of the subscriber base and 92 percent share in revenue terms. BSNL has more than 2.5 million WLL subscribers and 2.5 million Internet Customers who access Internet through various modes viz. Dial-up, Leased Line, DIAS, and Account Less Internet (CLI). BSNL has been adjudged as the NUMBER ONE ISP in the country. BSNL has set up a world class multi-gigabit, multi-protocol convergent IP infrastructure that provides convergent services like voice, data and video through the same Backbone and Broadband Access Network. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 20
  31. 31. BSNL LL BSNL has been providing narrowband Internet services on all India basis with 432 Internet nodes. These services are available throughout the country on local call basis with concessional pulse rates. BSNL supports about 1.6 million dialup subscribers with large number of leased line and MPLS VPNs subscribers utilizing this infrastructure. In its endeavor to provide the latest & the best of the services to its customers at the affordable prices, BSNL has drawn huge plans of providing Broadband Internet services in 198 cities in the country in a phased manner spanning over next few months. BSNL has launched these services in the country under the brand name Data One with the simultaneous launch of same on 14th January 2005 on nationwide basis beginning with four cities namely Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. BSNL hopes to have about 2.5 million broadband subscribers in next two years. The subscriber base is increasing at a very fast pace in all the categories, namely Narrowband, Broadband, MPLS VPNs, etc. Scaling new heights of success, the present turnover of BSNL is more than Rs.351,820 million with net profit to the tune of Rs.99,390 million for last financial year. BSNL has plans to expand its customer base from present 47 million lines to 125 million lines in coming years and also to increase infrastructure investment plan in the next three years. The turnover, nationwide coverage, reach, comprehensive range of telecom services and the desire to excel has made BSNL the No. 1 Telecom Company of India. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 21
  32. 32. BSNL LL Areas of Operation BSNL provides a wide range of services including landline, cellular (GSM and CDMA), Managed Services Network, MPLS VPN, VSAT, VoIP, VAS, audio, video and web conferencing, internet and broadband services among others. The company provides Internet services, under the brand name Sancharnet, through various modes that include Wi-Fi, Broadband, Direct Internet Access (DIAS), ISDN and PSTN dial-up services. The company also carries on activities of planning, installing, network integration and maintenance of switching and transmission networks. The company operates through 26 circles all over India except Mumbai and Delhi. With services in around 0.55 mn village, 7330 cities/towns and 602 districts, BSNL has a major presence in rural areas. The company has in-house production units in Mumbai, Jabalpur, Richhai, Bhilai, Kolkata, Gopalpur and Kharagpur engaged in the production of GSM tower, SIM cards, Pay Phones, Mini Pillar, MPJ box, CT boxes, Line Jack units, Drop-wire units etc. The National Internet Backbone (NIB) of the company has 432 points of presence and provides Internet service to approximately 1 mn dial-up customers including about 3.5 mn customers on CLI (caller line identity) basis. This network helps the company transport IP traffic to every corner of the country. BSNL has been providing narrowband Internet services on all India basis with 432 Internet nodes. These services are available throughout the country on local call basis with concessional PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 22
  33. 33. BSNL LL pulse rates. BSNL supports about 1.6 million dialup subscribers with large number of leased line and MPLS VPNs subscribers utilizing this infrastructure. In its endeavor to provide the latest & the best of the services to its customers at the affordable prices, BSNL has drawn huge plans of providing Broadband Internet services in 198 cities in the country in a phased manner spanning over next few months. BSNL has launched these services in the country under the brand name Data One with the simultaneous launch of same on 14th January 2005 on nationwide basis beginning with four cities namely Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. BSNL hopes to have about 2.5 million broadband subscribers in next two years. The subscriber base is increasing at a very fast pace in all the categories, namely Narrowband, Broadband, MPLS VPNs, etc. Scaling new heights of success, the present turnover of BSNL is more than Rs.351,820 million with net profit to the tune of Rs.99,390 million for last financial year. BSNL has plans to expand its customer base from present 47 million lines to 125 million lines in coming years and also to increase infrastructure investment plan in the next three years. The turnover, nationwide coverage, reach, comprehensive range of telecom services and the desire to excel has made BSNL the No. 1 Telecom Company of India. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 23
  34. 34. BSNL LL BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Board comprise of 12 Directors, of which 6 [including the CMD] are whole time Directors; 2 Government Nominee Directors and 4 Non-official Part Time Directors. The present composition is as under. Chairman & Managing Director- Shri R.K. Upadhyay Shri Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay, joined BSNL as Chairman & Managing Director on 30 th April 2011. Shri Upadhyay is a B. Tech in Electronics Engineering from IT, Banaras Hindu University (BHU). He is also a graduate of Defence Services Staff College, Wellington and was awarded M.Sc. (DS) degree by Madras University. He has done MBA in Marketing Management from Indira Gandhi Open University. His career began in Department of Telecommunications in 1975 after his selection by UPSC for Indian Telecom Service. In DoT, he gained experience in areas of Planning, Installation and Commissioning, Commercial Administration and Operations. In October 1996, he proceeded on Deputation to TCIL, where he remained till August 1999. During his deputation, he successfully worked as Project Director in the Foreign Projects at Sana and as General Manager in Yemen. Shri Shahbaz Ali, Govt. Director Shri Shahbaz Ali, having Master Degree from Patna University, is an officer of Indian P&T Accounts & Finance Service of 1989 Batch. He is presently working as DDG (TPF & Accounts) in GOI, Ministry of Communication & IT, and Deptt. Of Telecom. Shri Ali has wide and varied experience in the field of Telecom Sector as he has worked in various capacities in Deptt. of Telecom and its Public Sectors, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 24
  35. 35. BSNL LL Director - (CFA) -Shri N.K.Gupta Shri Naresh Kumar Gupta took over as Director CFA in BSNL on 1st June 20012. Shri Gupta is B.E. from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE), in Electronics and Communications. He joined the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India through Indian Telecommunications Services (ITS) Group A 1978 batch. Since then he has worked in various capacities in different units of DoT/TEC/BSNL/MTNL and has versatile experience covering almost all the fields in telecommunications including installation, operations, development and management of telecom networks, sales and marketing and financial management etc. Director - (Enterprise) and HRD -Shri A.N.RAI Shri A.N.Rai assumed the charge of the office of Director (Enterprise) on 19.9.2011. Shri Rai, an officer of Indian Telecommunications Service 1977 batch holds B.Tech Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from BHU Varanasi. Shri Rai, was actively associated with Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Switching equipment’s at various places in the country. He was also trained in Digital Telephone systems in various countries like UK, Germany and USA. As senior telecom management professional, he was involved with Development, Operation and Maintenance of Telecom Services at various places like Allahabad, Kanpur etc. As Deputy Director General at the Corporate Office, he handled Rural Networking and CMTS areas. Prior to the joining as Director (Enterprise), he was the Chief General Manager of Orissa Circle of the BSNL, which bagged the prestigious “Telecom Circle of the Year 2010-11 Award”. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 25
  36. 36. BSNL LL Director - Finance -Shri K.C.G.K.Pillai Shri K.C.G.K.Pillai took over the charge of Director (Finance) on 25th April 2012. An MBA in Finance and Post Graduate in Political Science, Shri Pillai, an Officer of the Indian P & T Accounts and Finance Service-1981 batch, entered Government Service in 1982. Spanning over a career of 30 years in the P & T Accounts and Finance Service, he served in the Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra Telecom Circles of the Department of Telecommunications; apart from a stint of over 7 Years in the MTNL‘s Finance Wing. Possess vast experience of Budget, Banking, Treasury Management, Human Resources and Personnel Management and Procurement Finance. Shri Ashish Guha Director Shri Ashish Guha entered upon the office of Director of the Company wef 21 st May 2010. Shri Ashish Guha joined Heidelberg Cement Group in August 2006 as the Managing Director of Heidelberg Cement India Limited. Mr. Guha consolidated Heidelberg Cement’s entry into India and has been instrumental in transforming the businesses of the acquired companies. Shri Ajai Vikram Singh Director Ajai Vikram Singh was born at Ajmer and had his education at Mayo College (Senior Cambridge) and Government College (Graduation), Ajmer. After a short spell in the Private Sector, he joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 1967 and, after the initial training, was allotted to the Uttar Pradesh Cadre. He has served in various capacities in the State and Central Governments, both, in the field and in the Secretariats. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 26
  37. 37. BSNL LL Prof. N. Balakrishnan Director Prof. N. Balakrishnan received his B.E. (Hons.) in Electronics and Communication from the University of Madras in 1972 and Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science in 1979. He then joined the Department of Aerospace Engineering as an Assistant Professor. He is currently the Associate Director of the Indian Institute of Science and a Professor at the Department of Aerospace Engineering and at the Supercomputer Education and Research Centre. His areas of research where he has more than 200 publications in the international journals and international conferences include Numerical Electromagnetics, High Performance Computing and Networks, Polarimetric Radars, Aerospace Electronic Systems, Information Security, Complex Social Networks and Digital Library. CMD - Shri Kuldeep Goyal Shri Kuldeep Goyal has taken over as Chairman & Managing Director of BSNL on August 1, 2007. Shri Kuldeep Goyal joined the Indian Telecommunication Service of Govt. of India in 1972. He is an Engineering Graduate from IIT Roorkee. Just prior to taking over as CMD, BSNL, Shri Goyal has worked as Director (Planning & New Services) and was responsible for planning and execution of strategy for expansion of BSNL's network. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 27
  38. 38. BSNL LL Director (Commercial & Marketing)- Shri Rajendra Singh Shri Rajendra Singh took over as Director (Commercial & Marketing) BSNL Board on 7th November 2007. He belongs to 1972 batch of Indian Telecom Service. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh in 1972 and joined Department of Telecommunications in March 1974. As Director (Commercial & Marketing) BSNL Board, he is responsible for formulating and implementing policies pertaining to Commercial, Marketing, Business Development, Enterprise Business, Regulation and International Long Distance. He is also responsible for procurement, installation & commissioning of GSM Cellular Mobile Director (Planning & New Services)-Shri R.K.Aggarwal Shri Rakesh Kumar Agarwal has done his B.E. from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1973 and then M.Tech in Communications from IIT Delhi in 1975. Thereafter he joined Department of Telecommunications and worked in various fields of telecommunications PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 28
  39. 39. BSNL LL VISION: To become the largest telecom Service Provider in Asia. MISSION: To provide world class State-of-art technology telecom services to its customers on demand at competitive prices. To provide world class telecom infrastructure in its area of operation and to contribute to the growth of the country's economy. OBJECTIVES: To be a Lead Telecom Services Provider. To provide quality and reliable fixed telecom service to our customer and thereby increase customer's confidence. To provide mobile telephone service of high quality and become no. 1 GSM operator in its area of operation. To provide point of interconnection to other service provider as per their requirement promptly. Contribute towards: National Plan Target of 500 million subscriber base for the country by December 2010. Broadband customers base of 20 million in the country by 2010 as per Broadband Policy 2004. Providing telephone connection in villages as per government policy. Implementation of Triple play as a regular commercial proposition. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 29
  40. 40. BSNL LL World Class services offered by the BSNL:1). BSNL Broadband BSNL offers Internet service with a speed range of 2 Mbps to 8 Mbps across 3,200 towns and cities. Out of the 612 district headquarters in the country, 585 have broadband connectivity. As many as 25,000 villages have broadband connections, and by March 2009, one lakh more villages are expected to be covered. The company’s broadband expansion plan aims at covering all gram panchayats, government higher secondary schools and public health centers’ as part of its egovernance project. For the benefit of its customers, the company offers a number of value-added services such as television on mobile, radio on mobile, railway PNR status enquiry through interactive voice response, Collect SMS, multilingual SMS and railway-ticket booking through general packet radio service (GPRS). In addition, a host of value-added services are offered though the broadband platform. These include dial VPN, which allows remote users to access their private network securely over the BSNL’s National Internet Backbone II infrastructure, VPN on broadband, Internet Protocol PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 30
  41. 41. BSNL LL Television (IPTV) with video-on-demand services, which provides broadcast quality television and video signals. This service is now available in Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata. The company is planning to offer more value-added services like Tele-education, mobile advertisements, SMS notifications to pre-registered friends and family members of customers, lost-mobile tracking, mobile commerce, subscription-based security service for personal computers, push e-mail, video tutoring and video surveillance. The company is also planning to offer total telecom solutions to large corporate houses using mobile technology as part of enterprise business development. Thus, while the company continues to provide efficient services to its low-income mainstream customers, it has also taken care to cover high-end users with its services, in order to provide a stable source of revenue. 2). BSNL Landline BSNL is the largest telecom operator in India and is known to everybody for Basic Telephony Services for over 100 years. Presently the Plain old, Countrywide telephone service is being provided through 32,000 electronic exchanges, 326 Digital Trunk Automatic Exchanges (TAX), Digitalized Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) all interlinked by over 2.4 lakh km of Optical Fiber Cable, with a host of Phone Plus value additions to our valued Customers. BSNL's telephony network expands throughout the vast expanses of the country reaching to the remotest part of the country. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 31
  42. 42. BSNL LL 3).BSNL Internet BSNL is India's no. 1 Internet service provider with more than 17 lakh subscribers, providing Internet service throughout the entire country (except in New Delhi and Mumbai) under the brand name of “Sancharnet". Sancharnet provides free all India roaming and enables it's users to access their accounts, using the same access code (172233) and user ID from anywhere in the Country. In order to make Internet available throughout the length and breadth of the Country Internet Dhabas are being commissioned at all the Block Headquarters. BSNL has also started DIAS and Account free internet access (CLI based) facility on few select cities recently. Web Hosting Services "Anything and Everything on the Net" is the culture of the day. It has become essential to keep the information about the organization and self in the cyberspace. Web hosting is a service that allows users to post Web pages to the Internet. It allows users to publish their own information resources to any Internet user interested in accessing them. It is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for web sites to be viewed on the web. Web hosting utilizes the server/client model to distribute content. A web hosting provider will offer its clients access to a web server that will push the client’s content to recipients on request. Recipients use web browsers to request content from the Web over their own Internet connection. BSNL provides the web hosting server and other technical resources that are required to provide a consumer with their own customized Web site. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 32
  43. 43. BSNL LL Web hosting services are more advantageous because they are outsourced, meaning that the physical location of the web server does not reside at the consumer’s premises. By outsourcing the Web, the customer effectively transfers responsibility for maintaining his website to BSNL and obtain access to world- class capabilities to control IT functions. The administrative control of the website remains with the customer, though the website is in the BSNL server. Generally, Web hosting does not include authoring of a Web site or the development of database-driven components or code. It is incumbent upon the consumer of Web hosting services to develop this material or have it developed on his or her behalf. Web hosting is offered to the consumer in multiple formats based upon the user’s requirements. These requirements are incumbent upon cost and infrastructure provided. The Web Hosting Services of BSNL has been launched and are being hosted presently through web servers located at New Delhi and Bangalore. The number of sites will increase based on the demand and the requirement of the customers of the country. By hosting their pages through the Web servers of BSNL the customer can save lot of access time. As the server is available within the safe hands of BSNL any modifications required by the customer can be done immediately to suit the requirements. The following are the salient features:  Domain name hosting  Web Publishing : HTML pages with Browser supported MIME pages  Server side scripting: Perl. Java Servlets , JSP  Web Server: Apache, Tomcat.  Data base : MYSQL  SMTP (Exim) and POP3 (apop3d) service for each domain  Multiple e-mail ids per domain with flexible mail quota possible  FTP access for uploading /downloading files  Centralized authentication for SMTP, POP3,FTP and for administration  Multiple Web Hosting Plans to choose PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 33
  44. 44. BSNL LL  Multi user Admin- Administration Console for the management of services & usage reports.  Multi User – User Administration Console for limited management of services and usage reports Data Transfer quota Exceeded Message Display.  No hard limit on quota  Round the clock Technical report support through Help Desk (1957) BSNL Web Conferencing BSNL Web Conferencing Service is made available on our desktop and enables us to conduct virtual meetings with our partners, suppliers, employers etc. It has the innovative feature such as Persistent meeting rooms, which simulates physical room environment wherein authorized users can enter their designated rooms the way do in physical meetings. The users can access the rich features, apart from multi-point, multi-media (Audio, Video & Data) conferencing service, BSNL web Conferencing service provides very powerful data conferencing tools to enhance collaboration among users such as sharing of PowerPoint Presentation, Whiteboard, Documents, & Chat facility amongst the conference participants, which will significantly aid in increasing the effectiveness of your business meetings. BSNL Web Conferencing Service does not require expensive end points; all that you require are a PC, Webcam and an ADSL Connection Ideally suited for users at all levels in large corporate houses, Small and medium businesses, quality conscious individuals to enhance collaboration, increase productivity and save costs. 1).Audio Conferencing Audio Conferencing service allows multiple participants to converse with each other regardless of their location through the normal fixed line telephone or cellular phone. An audio conference subscriber can add two or more participants in a particular conference. The customers can schedule their audio conferences through the Web or through IVR. The service is available to existing BSNL subscribers only. Any conference scheduled can have both Dial-in and Dial-out participants. Conference can be scheduled one time or standing. A standing conference is always PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 34
  45. 45. BSNL LL on. The authorized participants have just to dial in a particular telephone number followed by a password to enter into a conference. On demand conference can be made. The chairperson can invite several users one by one in the conference without using the web. He/she has to just dial a number followed by certain number and the called party number for doing a conference call. 2). Video Conferencing Video Conferencing service allows multiple participants to converse with each other regardless of their location through the video end-points or Personal computers. It involves Video and Audio communication. It's about connecting people. A video conference subscriber can add two or more video participants in a particular conference. The customers can schedule their video conferences through the Web. The video conferencing service can be availed by any user through IP or ISDN interface. The service is available to existing BSNL subscribers only. The Video endpoint required for conferencing should be ITU - H.323/H.320 compliant. Any conference scheduled can have both Dial-in and Dial-out participants on either IP or ISDN. The customer will have to procure the video end-point from the market. Personal computer user can download the software called "PVX" from BSNL's Video Conferencing Portal to avail the Video Conferencing facility with their web-cam. This software will be made available shortly at BSNL's Video Conferencing Portal. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 35
  46. 46. BSNL LL EMPLOYEE’S WELFARE ACTIVITIES Commitment towards the principles of corporate social responsibilities is inbuilt within the corporate philosophy of BSNL. A very wide range of welfare programmes, with a focus on the employees’ welfare is continuously implemented by the Staff Welfare Board of the Company. BSNL’S corporate social responsibility Being a state-owned entity, BSNL is active in community and social development efforts. Some of the activities envisaged under the company’s corporate social responsibility policy are  Adoption and rehabilitation of select villages and blocks in times of natural calamities and restoration of their infrastructure;  Donation of ambulances to government hospitals;  Provision of PCs with broadband connections to schools for the physically handicapped and mentally retarded children and orphanages;  provision of GSM public payphones on tricycles and wireless in local loop (WLL) data connections along with point-of-sale terminals to physically handicapped persons to enable them to issue railway and air tickets; and  Also organising and sponsoring major sports and cultural events. BSNL’S ASPIRATION BSNL has created an aspiration to guide its transformation process. This aspiration was developed in a very systematic manner and involved interactions and deliberations among employees from various cadres, designations and geographies.  Be the leading telecom service provider in India with global presence  Create a customer focused organization with excellence in sales, marketing and customer care.  Leverage technology to provide affordable and innovative products services across customer segments.  Provide a conducive work environment with strong focus on performance.  Establish efficient business processes enabled by IT. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 36
  47. 47. BSNL LL PROPOSED STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE ASPIRATION Having defined this aspiration, we are working on the following key pillars of transformation Revitalise the business via – Focusing on aggressive growth in Mobility (2G/3G), Broadband and Enterprise segment(i.e., corporate customers) Reducing churn in the landline (including PCO) business and consolidating our position in the wholesale business (i.e., NLD) Venturing into new areas to further drive growth such as infrastructure sharing, DTH,international expansion among others Build operations excellence in the following critical areas – Marketing, sales and distribution Product innovation and pricing Customer service PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 37
  48. 48. BSNL LL DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION Analysis and Interpretation plays an important part of any project report based on the historical, like this project titled “Comparative Analysis of the Broadband services offered by BSNL with that of the other Broadband service providers in Bangalore”. The analysis part helps to think on various ways and make the interpretation based on the variables and inputs which have been accessed during customer survey. Most of the variables are defined from qualitative to quantitative figures to take appropriate decisions and carry forward any action to attain the target. Interpretation helps in defining or explaining the factors of the study and take support of the inputs to take necessary action and head further. It also helps to explain the quantitative figures through concepts and understand the results further. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 38
  49. 49. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 1 Title: Table showing Usage of Broadband service. Options No of Response Percentage (%) Yes 76 76% No 24 24% Total 100 100% BROADBAND USAGE 24% YES NO 76% Graph: 1.1 Interpretation About 76% of respondent says Yes and about 24% says here we can see that out of 100 people almost 76 are using broadband and 24 number of people are those who are not using it. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 39
  50. 50. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 2 Title: Table showing most favored broadband service provider Options No of Response Percentage (%) Bsnl 28 28% Reliance 18 18% Tata Indicom 22 22% Airtel 20 20% Others 12 12% Total 100 100% BROADBAND SERVICE PROVIDER 12% 28% BSNL RELIANCE 20% TATA INDICOM AIRTEL 18% OTHERS 22% Graph: 2.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 40
  51. 51. BSNL LL Interpretation Here we can see that BSNL has got highest no of broadband users, & Tata Indicom is the most favored broadband service provider after BSNL. The no of users who uses Airtel broadband are 20 and 12 are those who uses none of these broadband services, the reason behind this could be they are using may be a 3G connection or they opted for mobile internet we can conclude that BSNL be the most favored broadband having a percentage of almost 28% of respondents who are using their services. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 41
  52. 52. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 3 Title: Table showing type of broadband plans. Options No of Response Percentage (%) Limited 25 25% Unlimited 61 61% Night unlimited 14 14% Total 100 100% BROADBAND PLAN NIGHT UNLIMITED LIMITED 14% 25% UNLIMITED 61% LIMITED UNLIMITED NIGHT UNLIMITED Graph: 3.1 Interpretation About 25 respondents are those users who uses limited plan & 61 are those who adopts for unlimited plan, the no of respondents using night unlimited are we can analyze that percentage of unlimited users are more than the limited and night unlimited users which is 61% of people are those who are using unlimited broadband plan. We can identify that people are fonder of unlimited plans as they found it more reliable and ease of money for them to use the broadband service to a full extent. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 42
  53. 53. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 4 Title: Table showing timeframe of broadband service. Options No of Response Percentage (%) 6-8 months 18 18% 8-10 months 27 27% 10-12 months 25 25% More than 1 year 30 30% Total 100 100% TIME SPENT 6-8 MONTHS 8-10 MONTHS 10-12 MONTHS MORE THAN A YEAR 18% 30% 27% 25% Graph: 4.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 43
  54. 54. BSNL LL Interpretation About 30% of the respondent are those who are using their broadband services for more than 1 year.27% of people are those who are using for a period of 8-10 months and 25% of respondents are being identified who are using their broadband for almost 10-12 months. There are only 18 % of people who have using their services for 6-8 we come to the conclusion that people are a need for broadband for almost nevertheless every day at a particular span of time and that brings them to continue to use a particular broadband service for almost more than a year .Now broadband has become the most crucial part of their life. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 44
  55. 55. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 5 Title: Table showing criteria for selecting a broadband service. Options No of Response Percentage (%) Speed 28 28% Network service 23 23% Monthly rental 20 20% All 29 29% Total 100 100% SELECTION ATRIBUTES SPEED NETWORK SERVICE 29% 20% MONTHLY RENTAL ALL 28% 23% Graph: 5.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 45
  56. 56. BSNL LL Interpretation Here after analyzing we found that basically people looks for speed when they choose a particular broadband service .here about 28% of people are those who check the speed first & then take the decision, speed being a most relevant factor for them.23% of people are those who select their broadband service provider on the basis of how their network service work they would opted for the network connectivity & 20% of people are those who select on basis of monthly rental. With respect to all these 29% of respondents go for all these attributes while selecting their broadband we could see that while people choose a particular broadband people are looking for various factors and among those factors or attributes they give more importance to a single factor out of those factor, while talking about the factors they are speed, network service, monthly rental…etc. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 46
  57. 57. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 6 Title: Table showing broadband uses. Options No of Response Percentage (%) General purpose 37 37% Downloading 32 32% Gaming 19 19% Video conferencing 12 12% Total 100 100% BROADBAND USES VIDEO CONFRENCING GENERAL PURPOSE GAMING DOWNLOADING Graph: 6.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 47
  58. 58. BSNL LL Interpretation Almost 37% of people who are using broadband for general purpose .in spite of being using that for general purpose about 32% of people are those who used their broadband for the purpose of downloading. The other uses of broadband are gaming & video conferencing which got a percentage of 19% & here we can identify that people like to download something and that’s why they use their broadband most of the time. Sometimes they also spent time on the internet to play some games or doing a video conferencing & that is also one of the reason that they use a broadband service as because they get a good broadband speed and that make easy for them to accesses anything over the internet easily and fast. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 48
  59. 59. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 7 Title: Table showing broadband that comes to people minds when they think of a broadband. Options No of Response Percentage (%) Bsnl 32 32% Reliance 18 18% Tata Indicom 23 23% Airtel 27 27% Total 100 100% POPULAR BROADBAND 27% 32% BSNL RELIANCE TATA INDICOM AIRTEL 23% 18% Graph: 7.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 49
  60. 60. BSNL LL Interpretation BSNL being the broadband that comes to peoples mind when they are asked for a broadband company that they find the most popular. Airtel comes after Bsnl which got a percentage of 27%.Reliance & Tata indicom are those that are moderately comes to a customer’s we can see that Bsnl is the one with a percentage of about 32% is kind of broadband that comes to peoples mind when they are asked to think of a particular broadband service. Here we could interpret that customer’s believes that Bsnl is a broadband that is a most preferable one as they found it to be more reliable broadband than any other broadband that make them more satisfied after using it. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 50
  61. 61. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 8 Title: Table showing ratings of Price of a particular broadband service. PRICE PARTICULARS Bsnl Airtel Tata Indicom Reliance 32 36 23 35 Rs500-Rs750 25 22 29 17 Rs750-Rs1000 20 21 30 25 Above Rs1000 23 21 18 23 Below Rs500 PRICE 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 BELOW RS500 RS500-750 BSNL AIRTEL RS750-1000 TATA INDICOM ABOVE RS1000 RELIANCE Graph: 8.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 51
  62. 62. BSNL LL Interpretation Here people who are using broadband for below Rs500 are Bsnl, Airtel, Tata Indicom & Reliance is 32,36,23,35 no of respondents .so we found that there are more no of people in Airtel who go for plan 500, where as if we talk about Bsnl as we can see that its 32 no of people who uses Rs500 compare to these two broadband service provider other service provider such as reliance and Tata indicom. Tata indicom is having less no of people who uses Rs500 plan. We can also see that reliance comes after Airtel in using Rs500 plan. While taking category no 2 which is Rs500Rs750 plan here we can see that Tata indicom has got the highest no of people as compared to Bsnl & other broadband users. About 30 people are those who used plan ranging from Rs750Rs1000 and that is Tata indicom users, while Bsnl, Airtel & reliance has got 20, 21 & 25 no of respondents who go for 750 plan. If we take plan more than 1000 we could see that Bsnl & reliance both have got highest no of people who go for this plan .Airtel got 21 no of people & Tata indicom got after analyzing we could see that people are more economical while choosing a particular plan as we can see that Airtel has got 36 no of people who use plan up to Rs500. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 52
  63. 63. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 9 Title: Table showing purpose of using broadband service. Options No of response Percentage (%) Business 29 29% Education 35 35% Communications 19 19% Other 17 17% Total 100 100% PURPOSE 17% 29% 19% 35% BUSINESS EDUCATION COMUNICATIONS OTHER Graph: 9.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 53
  64. 64. BSNL LL Interpretation Here we can see that people who are using the broadband their purpose of using it is almost for educational purpose. About 35% of respondents are using broadband for educational purpose only, after education it’s been seen that broadband is using for business purpose. Talking about communication there are about 19% of respondent who use it for communication & 17% are those who are having some other we can come to the conclusion that there are people who uses it for education purposes only as the can use internet for doing any kind of assignments projects .etc. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 54
  65. 65. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 10 Title: Table showing facilities that attracts to customers in broadband. Options No of response Percentage (%) Speed 29 29% Good facility 35 35% Night tariff 19 19% Validity 17 17% Total 100 100% UNIQUE FEATURES SPEED GOOD FACILITY NIGHT TARIFF VALIDITY Graph: 10.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 55
  66. 66. BSNL LL Interpretation About 35% of people looks for good facility that attracts them more to choose a particular broadband service. Almost 29% of people are those who are giving their preferences for speed. Night tariff & validity got 19% & 17%.after analyzing we found that people while choosing a broadband they like to have good facility in terms of a good bandwidth and various other aspect. Here we can also see that they also like to have a good speed and that makes them to stick to a particular broadband. Night tariff & Validity that comes after these two attributes is also an important factor for them. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 56
  67. 67. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 11 Title: Table showing ratings of speed of a particular broadband service. SPEED PARTICULARS Bsnl Airtel 46 37 31 28 Satisfied 29 25 27 21 Dissatisfied 15 21 23 28 Very Dissatisfied 10 17 19 23 Very satisfied Tata Indicom Reliance BROADBAND SPEED 46 37 31 28 29 25 28 27 21 21 23 23 17 15 19 10 VERY SATISFIED SATISFIED BSNL AIRTEL DISSATISFIED TATA INDICOM VERY DISSATISFIED RELIANCE Graph: 11.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 57
  68. 68. BSNL LL Interpretation Here it shows that BSNL has got more no of very satisfied customers 46 no of respondents have rated BSNL as a good speedy broadband, where Airtel is been after BSNL in terms of speed .Tata indicom & reliance has almost got same kind of speed .we can found out that while we talking about speed BSNL comes first with respect to other broadband service provider .if we talk about dissatisfied customer in terms of speed the broadband that has more no of dissatisfied customer is reliance followed by Tata indicom, Airtel & we can see that BSNL has made to make their customers more happier by providing them with a good & handsome amount of fast speed. Airtel also has done the same but yes after BSNL. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 58
  69. 69. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 12 Title: Table showing ratings of Customer care of a particular broadband service. CUSTOMER CARE PARTICULARS Bsnl Airtel Tata Reliance Indicom Very satisfied 29 34 27 Satisfied 23 29 28 25 Dissatisfied 22 20 22 27 Very Dissatisfied 26 17 23 25 23 CUSTOMER CARE 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 VERY SATISFIED SATISFIED BSNL AIRTEL DISSATISFIED TATA INDICOM VERY DISSATISFIED RELIANCE Graph: 12.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 59
  70. 70. BSNL LL Interpretation Customer service is one of the criteria that people expect from the broadband company has to be good and speedy kind of service .while talking about customer service after analyzing we found that Airtel is no 1 in terms of customer service support. Their time of attending a customer complaint is faster than any other broadband service provider. While we are talking about customer service BSNL comes after Airtel in which people thinks that BSNL has also got a fast and reliable customer service. Tata indicom and reliance also got a good customer service but obviously they do comes after Airtel & BSNL. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 60
  71. 71. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 13 Title: Table showing ratings of reliability of a particular broadband service. RELIABILITY PARTICULARS Bsnl Airtel Tata Reliance Indicom Very satisfied 23 36 29 25 Satisfied 31 35 34 28 Dissatisfied 23 20 21 24 Very Dissatisfied 10 20 25 16 RELIABILITY 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 VER SATISFIED SATISFIED BSNL AIRTEL DISSATISFIED TATA INDICOM VERY DISSATISFIED RELIANCE Graph: 13.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 61
  72. 72. BSNL LL Interpretation Talking about reliability we can see that BSNL has got more no of highly satisfied customers which is comes after BSNL. Whereas if we talk about highly dissatisfied customers we can see that reliance has got more no of highly dissatisfied customers as comparing it to BSNL, Airtel & Tata indicom. If we talk about satisfied customers in terms of reliability here we found that Airtel has got more no of satisfied coustomers.people who think that they are satisfied but at some point they are dissatisfied with the reliability of their broadband service we can see that reliance has got more no of dissatisfied finally we could conclude that BSNL is more reliable or highly reliable comparing to others and reliance has got very low level in terms of reliability. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 62
  73. 73. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 14 Title: Table showing most preferable value added service (VAS) in a particular broadband service. Options No of response Percentage (%) Speed on Demand 33 33% Games on Demand 24 24% Pc secure 28 28% Website builder 15 15% Total 100 100% VALU -ADDED SERVICE WEBSITE BUILDER 15% SPEED ON DEMAND 33% PC SECURE 28% GAMES ON DEMAND 24% SPEED ON DEMAND GAMES ON DEMAND PC SECURE WEBSITE BUILDER Graph: 14.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 63
  74. 74. BSNL LL Interpretation About 33% of people are there who would like to have speed on demand as a value added service that attracts them most. Pc secure is the other kind of a value added service which got a percentage of about 28% that people are mostly using it. Games on demand & website builder are the other kind of a value added service that people we could found that people are more centric for speed, they want speed as a no 1 factor and that they using it or wanted to use it as a value added service. Pc secure is also important for them as to make their laptops virus free & protected. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 64
  75. 75. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 15 Title: Table showing percentage of respondents who would like to switch to other broadband service provider from their current broadband service provider. Options No of Response Percentage (%) Yes 65 65% No 35 35% Total 100 100% SWITCHING OF BROADBAND NO 35% YES 65% Graph: 15.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 65
  76. 76. BSNL LL Interpretation About 65% of people who would like to shift to other broadband service provider & 35% of people are those who don’t like to shift to other broadband service provider. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 66
  77. 77. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 16 Title: Table showing percentage of respondents towards the company they want to adopt. Options No of response Percentage (%) Bsnl 35 35% Tata Indicom 18 18% Airtel 29 29% Reliance 18 18% Total 100 100% PREFERABLE BROADBAND BSNL TATA INDICOM AIRTEL RELIANCE Graph: 16.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 67
  78. 78. BSNL LL Interpretation Almost 35% of people are not happy with their broadband service provider that they are currently using and they wanted to go for BSNL broadband. While talking about Tata indicom & reliance, they have got same kind of percentage of people which is 18% of people like to go for Tata indicom & reliance. Airtel would be the 2nd option for them after BSNL to switch from their current broadband service after analyzing we can clearly see that there is more no of people who believes that BSNL is a good broadband and they wanted to switch to BSNL if they had to deactivate their current account. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 68
  79. 79. BSNL LL TABLE NO: 17 Title: Table showing percentage of satisfaction level of the customers towards the service provided by the broadband service provider. Options No of Response Percentage (%) Yes 41 41% No 59 59% Total 100 100% COUSTOMER SERVICE SATISFACTION LEVEL YES NO Graph: 17.1 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 69
  80. 80. BSNL LL Interpretation Almost 41% of people are those who are satisfied with their customer’s service provider. About 59% of people are those who are not satisfied with their broadband customer’s service. So we can analyze that people are not getting a good customers service and because of that the level of satisfaction is getting less. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 70
  81. 81. BSNL LL 18. Statement showing. If YES, within how many days was the service provided No of respondents favored for satisfaction = 41% Services provided within 2-4 working days by the service provider. 19. in case of no, then the complaint made by the customers. Complaint Registered by the customers regarding low quality customers service.  Unavailability of customer service executive.  Less response from the Tele calling executive .some time a busy tone sent by the representative while talking or registering complaint over the phone.  Delay in visiting the premises.  Unable to identify the problem & working towards that.  Lower speed.  Frequent failure to handle a customer.  Network issues.  Varying speeds that almost all the respondents are complaining about.  Sudden breakdown also leads to dissatisfaction among the users. 20. Suggestions given by respondents. Improving network service. Company should improve the network service by installing equipment that can give more network signal to customers. Giving more bandwidth. More Bandwidth has to be given by the company, there should increase in the FUP .the limit of GB restriction has to be increase .if its 20GB restriction then that has to be increase to 50GB. Increase speed. Speed need to be increase so that people can download or browse the internet without any interruption. They can have a Hassel free & fast speed .it will enable them to use the internet easily and comfortably & that also make them to be a loyal customer of that particular broadband. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 71
  82. 82. BSNL LL Decrease cost of use. The company should also decrease the cost of broadband. The monthly plans has to be decreased so that more people can afford it .by doing this it will help the company to attract more number of customers. More value added service for free. The no of value added service has to be increased. More no of value added services has to give by the broadband company and that also has to be free .so that it will help then to gain more no of valuable customer. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 72
  83. 83. BSNL LL FINDINGS  BSNL is the broadband which is a favorite broadband for the customers.  Market Share of the broadband service providers among the samples is led by BSNL and followed by Tata indicom,Airtel,& Reliance with 22%, 20% and 18% share respectively.  If we talk about broadband plans, we can found that most of the customers go for unlimited broadband plan.  There is a need of internet in our daily life & we can see that people are using broadband for fulfilling their different kinds of need & most of the people are using it for more than 1 year.  While choosing a respective broadband the reason behind choosing a particular broadband is more of a speed, in spite of that people choose a broadband on the basis of the network connectivity of a broadband. Network service is also one of the reason that help them to be a long term customers.  Most of the people uses broadband for general purpose, followed by downloading, gaming & video conferencing.  BSNL is the most recognized top of mind brand, when they are asked to think of a broadband that first come to their mind.  In terms of Tariff /Price Airtel is the lowest priced brand comparing to reliance, Bsnl and Tata indicom.  Most of the people use their broadband for educational purpose.  Good facility is the main factor that attract the customers towards a particular broadband service.  Other factor that drives consumer satisfaction are speed, night tariff, validity etc. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 73
  84. 84. BSNL LL  BSNL has got the high speed followed by Airtel, Tata indicom & Reliance.  While talking about customer service we found that Airtel, BSNL and Tata indicom are found to be the first three brands which have good customer care service.  BSNL, Airtel and Tata indicom are found to be the first three brands which have got the best reliability feature.  Most preferable value added service which got a highest percentage is Speed on Demand with 33% followed by Pc secure ,Games on Demand & website builder with 28%,24% & 15%.  If we talk about customer satisfaction level with the service provided by the broadband companies we can see that there are almost 41% of people are there who are satisfied & 59% are those who are not satisfied. RECOMMENDATIONS BSNL should focus more on advertising and promotional activities so that they can make their brand occupy a special and distinctive place in the minds of the customers. This will help them to acquire more number of customers. As speed is becoming more important factor of attraction for the customer so it’s mandatory for BSNL to increase their speed so that people can browse smoothly .company should also improve its customer service, the time spent in handing a customer’s complaint has to be faster so that the waiting time will decrease. It was been suggested that, company should also introduce some promotional schemes ,such as some discount on monthly packages has to be given & that will help them to acquire more no of new subscribers. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 74
  85. 85. BSNL LL CONCLUSION After analyzing the data , it can be concluded that BSNL is one of the Top of Mind brand among customers compared to other broadband service providers; BSNL is successful to some extent in positioning its brand in the market. It has created its strong recalling ability in the customer’s mindset. BSNL has got a good market share compared to Airtel, Reliance & Tata indicom. The three important factors that a customer considers in opting for a particular brand of internet service providers High Speed, Low Price and Reliability. Here Network service also plays a major role in customer’s minds. While talking about low priced broadband Airtel is the low priced and BSNL is considered as high speed brand among broadband service providers, followed by Reliance and Tata Indicom. In terms of customer care service Airtel is one which provide better than the other competitor in the market. Reliability is one more factor through which the brands can be successful in the market; BSNL playing the lead role in this feature, followed by BSNL and Airtel and Tata Indicom as 2nd and 3rd respectively. Most of the people like to have more number of Value added service. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 75
  86. 86. BSNL LL BIBILIOGRAPHY BOOKS: Kotlar Philip & Keller Kevin Lane (2007), Marketing Management, 12th edition, Pearson Education Publication Singapore Press. Tull Donalds S & Hawkins Del I (2002), Marketing Research Measurement & Research, 6 th Edition, and Prentice Hall of India limited New Delhi Publication Jai Press. WEBSITES     JOURNALS Broadband wireless technology in rural India, Bhaskar rammurthi Department of electrical engineering, TeNeT group Indian institute of technology, Chennai Revised 27 September 2006: accepted 27 February 2007 NEWSSPAPER AND MAGAZINE Times of India PRESIDENCY COLLEGE,BANGALORE 76
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