Sos Circles


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School of Synnervation is a holacratic circle within CHE-NL. The first slides shows the SoS circle and other Circles in CHE-NL. The second and third slide show the Holacratic organisational chart of School of Synnervation.

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Sos Circles

  1. 1. School of Synnervation circle Algemene SoS rollen SoS rollen opleidingen SoS rollen onderzoek CHE-NL Synnervate Service (circa 7 rollen) (circa 4 rollen) (circa 4 rollen) Constellaties (circa 6 constel. School of Synnervation - current relations in CHE-NL
  2. 2. CHE Alignment circle (6 constellations) School of Synnervation circle General roles Training & Development Research & Development (apx 7 roles) (apx 4 roles) (apx 4 roles) Constellations circle School of Synnervation - current circles
  3. 3. CHE Alignment circle CHE School of Synnervation circle SoS Roles (apx 7 roles) Training & Development circle (apx 4 roles) Research & Development circle (apx 4 roles) Constellations circle (6 constellations) School of Synnervation – future circles