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How to make a website with Eyebridge


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Eye bridge is one of the reputed, professional and fastest growing website designing company in Delhi and Mumbai (India) offers wide range of creative web designing, web development and seo services at a fraction of cost and time. Contact us at or visit us at or

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How to make a website with Eyebridge

  1. 1. How to Make a Website
  2. 2. www.eyebridge.inTo m ake your business an online presence overInternet, we need a website and creating a website isnot a big d eal..!!! Tod ay it d oesn’t have com plicated ,tim e-consum ing or expensive. Thanks to Google whom ake it easier for us to d o this by provid ing suchhelpful guid elines.Websites are the best source of inform ation and largeorganizations as well as sm all organizations are takinggreat use of it to prom ote their business and m onetize.So to m ake your id entity am ong your com petitors inm arket you need to build a website using som e sim pleinstructions and gets lots of traffic in som e couple ofd ays.
  3. 3. www.eyebridge.inH ere are som e concepts behind creating a website:-Step I – C hoose your keyword sStep II – C hoose your D om ain N am eStep III – C hoose best web hosting com panyStep IV – Install Word Press and publish your content (optional)
  4. 4. C hoose Your KeywordsThe m ost prim ary thing is to choose keyword s. Whenyou build ing a website – it is very im portant to be surethat it m ust be appear on the top searches in SERP’s ofgoogle for your keyword s. C hoose the best and m ostappropriate keyword s that reflects your business solely.For this, you can use “google ad word s keyword tool”with your proposed keyword s, get to know the am ountof com petition and various other d ata points.
  5. 5. C hoose Your Domain Name After choosing highly-searched keyword s, it’s tim e to choose a d om ain nam e or U RL i.e. called web ad d ress of your website. To m ake a good quality d om ain nam e choose a web ad d ress• That contains one of your m ost punching keyword phrases, if possible. This will help you visible in search engine at top.• If m ore than one word then separate each with hyphens.• N ot so com plicated i.e. easy to rem em ber.• End s in .com d om ain nam e as it frequently used . If it’s not available m ove on to other alternatives such as .net or .org• After all this, register your d esired d om ain nam e through a best d om ain registrar com pany like “GoD ad d ”.
  6. 6. C hoose Best Web Hosting C ompany While build a website, choosing best web hosting com pany is also an influent factor. Firstly, d escribing hosting – it’s a place where your websites are actually stored . There are so m any web hosting com pany, each one has its own set of services and paym ent criteria. Avoid unid entified , unreliable and untrustworthy. Factors that are im portant when choosing best web hosting com pany such as:-• A reputed com pany with best services• C -Panel user interface• 24* 7 technical support• Word Press installation in just one-click
  7. 7.“H ” is one best web hosting com pany thathighly m eets all this specifications with an inexpensivepackage. Signup and choose your appropriate plan.After choosing plan, enter your alread y registeredd om ain nam e, type your U RL and click ‘continue’ andd o com plete the billing process.Within few m inutes, your hosting space will beavailable for your website files. This is not enough, youwill get an confirm ation m ail from “H ostGator” thatproceed s you to change “nam eservers”. Follow all theinstructions one by one, this helps your browser whereto look the files in your website.
  8. 8. Install Word Press and publish Your C ontent As U RL works as your ad d ress, therefore hosting spaceis the raw land . In the sam e way, Word Press is like aFound ation of your house you’re about to build . WordPress is one of the open source software or platform tobuild a website and for this it costs nothing. Also, it isbest option for m aking d ynam ic website.Word Press gave you large num ber of“them es” or “layouts” for web pages.There are also thousand s of “plugins”online available for your help. You can use themaccord ing to your requirem ents. After that, ad d som euseful content to get the traffic.
  9. 9. www.eyebridge.inBeware ad d ‘valuable’ content to your web pages asthis is visible d irectly on your business page and if it’snot sensible then the visitors could n’t stay thereanym ore and go back im m ed iately. U pload your filesbut before publishing, take a look and check iseverything is correct or not. If everything is fine,“publish” it. N ow, your business is live on internet.U sing Word Press, you can upd ate your content such astext , im ages, ad d m ore plugins and also change yourthem e at anytim e without taking help of any d esigner.For this, sim ply login to your Word Press account withyour usernam e and password at www.your-web-address/wp-admin.
  10. 10. www.eyebridge.inT nk Y ha ou alforgiv your l ing precious t !!! ime… &BestofLuck foryour F stDesign…  ir