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Mechoulam reference

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Mechoulam reference

  1. 1. Reference Letter Lenk, April 18th 2015 To Whom it may concern, As College Principal and Dean of SHML - Swiss College of Hospitality Management Lenk – I hereby certify that Mr. Alain Mechoulam has been teaching as guest lecturer at our College from April 7th until April 17th 2015 the following course: Sales and Marketing in the Hospitality Sector:  Business Communication  Globalization  Introduction to Business  Total Quality Management - ISO 9000  Marketing  Service Marketing  Marketing Analysis Models  Sales Management in the Service/Hospitality Sector  The Virtual Employee (Outsourcing Vs In-house)  Customer Service  Motivation & Performance During his stay, Alain has impeccably fulfilled his requirements, always on time, highly appreciated by his students and fellow colleagues. Additionally to his teaching classes, Alain was always available to assist his students. At the end of each week, he prepared an exam to recap the topics. Those exams have been positively valued by his students. He delivered clear grade-sheets and statistics to the faculty. I highly recommend Mr. Alain Mechoulam for any position as lecturer in his fields of expertise. Best regards, Gianfranco Astori College Principal / Dean