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3 ways I can help you improve your business analysis results - By Alaeddin Hallak


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Multidisciplinary senior business analyst with relentless focus on delivering valuable business outcomes and eliminating waste. For over 12 years, I have strived to be an agent of change in sectors like IT, finance & government. A lifelong learner, I’m fascinated by details and motivated by grand missions. Empathy is my daily driver

I'm passionate about helping you in:

■ Eliciting and managing product/project requirements in lean/agile manner
■ Improving your business processes
■ Establishing or improving your BA capability
■ Reviewing BA work products or deliverables
■ Training or mentoring business analysts

My specialties include:

■ Lean/Agile Business Analysis
■ Enterprise and Business Architecture
■ Process Improvement & BPM
■ User-centered Design Thinking
■ Customer Experience

I've been fortunate to work with organizations in different sectors including:
■ IT
■ Finance and payment systems
■ e-Government
■ Aviation

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3 ways I can help you improve your business analysis results - By Alaeddin Hallak

  1. 1. 3 WAYS I can help improve your BUSINESS ANALYSIS resultsAlaeddin Hallak
  2. 2. Requirements Engineering & Product Development • Elicit the right requirements to support your business needs • Reach the market faster with better quality • Avoid waste with lean/agile approaches • Maximize project ROI 1 I can help you:
  3. 3. Improve Your Business Processes • Discover which processes to improve • Create a vision and scope for the initiative • Figure out how you’re doing today (as-is) • Apply improvement techniques to reach desired state • Create controls, tools and metrics to sustain improvements • Roll out with an eye on change management and continuous improvement 2 I can help you:
  4. 4. Upgrade Your BA Capability • Adopt lean BA practices to increase BA effectiveness and efficiency • Review BA deliverables for issues that can cause downstream problems • On-site training for anyone who performs BA-related tasks • Ongoing 1-1 mentoring 3 I can help you:
  5. 5. Alaeddin Hallak: Brief Bio With over 12 years of experience in the business analysis discipline, Alaeddin has accumulated a wealth of hands-on experience serving at large national and international organizations in sectors including IT, finance and e-government. His unique approach to business analysis emphasizes the diverse nature of this field, which crosses boundaries into other disciplines that he has embraced including business process management (BPM), enterprise architecture (EA) and human- computer interactions (HCI). Alaeddin is an advocate of realizing the true potential value that business analysts are capable of bringing to their organization.
  6. 6. Let’s Talk! I’m available for full or part-time/contract business analysis opportunities within the GTA: - 647 994 8976 - -