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Google's day


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Google's day

  1. 1. Google’s Day Prepared by: Alaa’ Amr Amin
  2. 2. Agenda• Google Search by Image.• Search by Image vs. Image Search.• Demo Slam
  3. 3. Google Search by Image• Google Goggles (Mobile App.).• Google Search by Image (Desktop App.).
  4. 4. Google Goggles• Mobile App for Andriod(2.1+) & iPhone.(iOS 4.0 +)• To know more info. About something, just: 1- Open the app. 2- Snap a pic. 3- Wait for your search results.
  5. 5. Applicable Categories
  6. 6. Inapplicable Categories
  7. 7. Marketing Experiment
  8. 8. • You can download the app. From this link:
  9. 9. Google Search by Image
  10. 10. Google Search by Image(Cont’d)• Desktop App.• Ways to use it:
  11. 11. Google Search by Image(Cont’d) • Technique: Features Mathema- Matching Results Data BaseExtraction tical Model Algorithm Retrieval
  12. 12. Search by Image vs. Image Search
  13. 13. Image Search(Cont’d)• How it works?!
  14. 14. Game =D
  15. 15. Demo Slam• A fun site featuring demos of different Google products and different technologies.• Link:
  16. 16. Questions?!