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Manpower Recruitment agencies in Paksitan

Global Al Saqib Recruitment Group ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company,” is a renowned name when it comes to the manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan. It is very difficult to find the right human resource consultant in Pakistan as there are many manpower consultants that fail to meet the standards. If you want to save your valuable time and hard-earned money with overseas manpower agency, you have come to the right place. We have been supplying manpower to the Gulf region for a long time.
Being a manpower professional in Pakistan, we deal in all types of placements whether related to any field of work. There are only few manpower recruitment consultants of this caliber and we proudly present ourselves as one of the top placement consultants. We are one of the top manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan that provide authentic placements overseas, making the manpower experience worthwhile.
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Overseas Employment agencies in Pakistan , Manpower Recruitment agencies in Paksitan

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Manpower Recruitment agencies in Paksitan

  3. 3. Al-Saqib Group has strived hard for the position where it is today. Today we stand proud as a united recruitment body not only in the gulf region but also in other regions worldwide. Our untiring hard work and formidable services are going global. We are pleased to offer our recruitment servic- es globally and contributing to the global economy. The exquisite recruitment services of Al-Saqib group was started in 2005, with a vision to serve people belonging to different cultural backgrounds and assembling them on one platform through are top-notch recruitment solutions. Our manpower consultancy has records of excellence throughout the life of Al-Saqib group. The company is constantly striving for betterment and unstoppable growth through impeccable recruitment services for a few decades now. Musa Khan CEO Global Al- Saqib Group CEO MESSAGE
  4. 4. Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group is a domain for manpower hunt and successful recruitment stories. Established in 2005, the company escalated quickly to serve the most prime companies of Middle East. Today Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group holds many records of providing the supreme services to hundreds of employers belonging to various disciplines in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Based in Pakistan, Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group is committed to provide top-notch recruitment servic- es to its exclusive clients. Skilled manpower is collected from various cities of Pakistan, assessed through an uncompromising testing system and recruited accordingly. The company deals with the manpower recruit- ment from every field including but not limited to, Oil and Gas, Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, Automo- bile, Aviation, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Agriculture, Public Services, Travelling & Tourism, Administration, Media, Entertainment etc. Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group is the one-stop-shop for all manpower recruit- ment options. ABOUT US A U S T R I A H E L L A S CERTIFICATION EN9001:2008 ISO
  6. 6. We aim to be the best recruitment solution providers around the globe, and serve as many prestig- ious companies as possible. We strongly believe our unbeatable services can accommodate more clients and serve them with the ideal recruitment solutions. We have a proven record of best recruit- ment solutions to our existing clients. We are inclined towards providing the top services. Years of trust has enabled us to strong tall today. Above all, we regard our own team consisting of people from diverse backgrounds that strive con- stantly to help us achieve our goals. We have some great minds on our team that contribute to our company through their ideas and creativity. We respect their contribution and continuous efforts. We believe in fairness and equality. We ensure to provide them with persistent training and empower- ment as our team makes Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group what it is, today! MISSION
  7. 7. > > > Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group is one of the leading manpower recruitment companies that strives to provide optimum and reliable recruitment solutions to its prestigious clients. Our ultimate goal is to provide the excellent manpower services to our distinguished clients to support their vision and business operations. We stand for the unsurpassed quality services that contribute to a triumphant society and strong economy. We ensure our mission is accomplished through constant efforts and profound beliefs. Our company has served numerous clients since it is established. Successful recruitment to diverse working sectors through Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group has made many businesses thrive. We have dealt with different cases of manpower supply and each of them turned out to be a success story.
  9. 9. WER PROVIDER > > > Oil and Gas industry is one of the most leading sectors of modern times. With everything requiring fuel today, petroleum industry has thrived since past few decades. The major processes regarding petroleum industry includes exploration, extraction, refining, transporting, marketing and selling. All of these processes requires skilled manpower to execute the tasks efficiently. Global Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group is one of the most renowned companies that provide manpower, exclu- sively to Oil and Gas sectors. The specific requirements, skills and experiences are considered before recruiting personnel for petroleum industry. Petroleum industry is contributing to every other industry and domestic household due to increase in demand of energy. Our high profile clientele belonging to Oil and Gas sectors entrust us with our recruitment needs and we take responsibility to recommend only the best chosen candidates with years of experience and defined set of expertise. Oil and Gas sector is the most profitable sector that requires highly professional and skilled manpower to perform routine tasks. Our company aims to provide the best through the rigorous testing procedure for selecting the exemplary candidates only. Test Email Please replyTest Email Please replyTest Email Please reply
  10. 10. Infrastructure is the basic requirement of any household or business. The basic plan about any business definitely includes the basic infrastructure. Therefore, construction industry is also one of the most leading industry of modern times, considering the increase in population and recent development. Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group is dedicated to provide ultimate skilled manpower recruitment services for construction companies. We have especial arrangements to assess design engineers including Archi- tects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical/ Electrical Engineers, Landscape Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, HSE Engineers, Masons, Plumbers, Electricians, Crane Operators etc. Our prime objective is to bring the best professionals from construction industry to our reputable clients. Our company strives day and night to select top-notch manpower, test them and prepare them for our competitive clients. We only provide highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in construction industry. We have our own protocols to follow in selection of right candidates. We also provide specific manpower on clients’ demand. CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY > > >
  12. 12. To meet the global requirements for recruitment and placements, Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group has its own testing centers where skilled and unskilled workers are assessed. Our rigorous testing procedures ensures the provision of our signature quality recruitment solutions to our reputable clients. Each and every step of our test is specifically designed to assess candidates on basis of language requirements, skills requirements and qualification requirements. We know the resumes and interviews cannot give the insight into technical and other skills of an individual. For that we have separate testing centers which help our clients to test prospective candidates for blue collar jobs. Such testing systems can assess candidates from practical perspective. Apart from the testing centers, Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group also has training centers where candi- dates are trained according to the requirement of our clientele or general global requirements. We have the best professional trainers that retain several years of practical experience from leading working sectors of Gulf region. Our trainee candidates are provided with the quality training, in light of the scientific theories and the prior experiences of our trainers. SKILLED MANPOWER > >
  14. 14. Our company comprises of some of the exceptional people that form a marve- lous team. The strings of the company are in hands of the people who have their own proven records of human resource services. Apart from the governing body of our company, rest of the recruitment team consists of well-trained staff, experienced engineers and legal advisors to ensure the quality selection of prime candidates only. Our offices are in two major cities of Pakistan: Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Kara- chi. Our legal advisors ensure that rights of both parties (client and prospective employee) are protected prior to dispatch of any worker to the host company. Our experienced staff consider the trivial details to ensure the quality recruit- ment services. We are proud to have such an impeccable team on board. OUR TEAM SHUJAAT ALI RECRUITMENT MANAGER
  15. 15. Our professional staffs have been extensively engaged in similar assignments for local and multinational companies. NAZEEF ULLAH GENERAL MANAGER AND COMPETENT STAFF
  16. 16. Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group also works towards the development of meritorious and deserving candidates, and train them to excellence. Global Al-Saqib Recruitment Group Training center hire professional from non-recruitment background and prepare them from scratch to take future chal- lenges relating to recruitment consultancy. They are given extensive in-house training to make them future leaders. Our team members work tremendously to provide competent IT training and advance presentation & communication skills training. Trainees are given full chance to prove themselves and offered enormous growth opportunities within the company. They are offered skill based promotions to the managerial level where they can enhance their skills, gain practical experience and prove themselves as a competent leader. We believe the in 360-degree feedback, to know our employees better. We offer quarterly appraisals to our prestigious employees to motivate them and accelerate their personal & professional develop- ment. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT
  19. 19. > > >
  20. 20. Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group is an authentic recruitment consultancy firm. Our company holds a license approved by Ministry of Labor, Manpower and overseas Paki- stanis, Government of Pakistan. Our company has proved all that it claims. Our clientele is the proof of our quality services and exquisite promises that we are bound to keep. We will continue to strive for better- ment and serving more working sectors in coming time. Global Alsaqib Recruitment Group is also certified by ISO: 2005 and TUV Austria. AUTHENTIC / CERTIFIED A U S T R I A H E L L A S CERTIFICATION EN9001:2008 ISO
  21. 21. Licensed by Government of Pakistan Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment Protectorate of Emigrants Certified by Chamber of Commerce Karachi Authoriezed by: Federal Board of Revenue Member: Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association
  22. 22. +92-321-2778309 S u i t e # 0 6 , 1 s t F l o o r S a t e l l i t e S h o p p i n g C e n t e r , S a t e l l i t e To w n , R a w a l p i n d i P a k i s t a n E m a i l : i n f o @ a l s q i b g ro u p . c o m , We b s i t e : w w w. a l s a q i b g ro u p . c o m DESIGNED&DEVELOPEDBYSHUJAATALI|03002323218