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Letter For Bu


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Letter For Bu

  1. 1. Dear Mrs. Amal Abu-Nijmih; Faculty of Nursing, Bethlehem University On behalf of the Al-Sadeel Society for Palliative Care for Cancer Patients, we would like to thank you for actively participating in the Workshop on Holistic Approaches for Oncology Integrated Palliative Care that was held in Jerusalem. Sending your senior students (Nasser Dweib, Riham Melhem, Sharihan Jobran, Mohammad Thawabtah, Murad Abu-Rmayes, Walaa’ Abdelwahab, Mahmoud Torman) was a professional and active participation in this meeting. It was our pleasure meeting them; we hope that the workshop was informative and provided them with the knowledge and the opportunity to network with other professionals from other countries and share their experiences. It was a very useful and productive meeting. Your enthusiastic support of the Workshop has been really helpful and much appreciated Thank you for supporting us in efforts to initiate palliative care in Palestine. The workshop covered the following topics: • Providing palliative care in resources-poor countries. • The problem of suffering & the principles of assessment in palliative medicine. Palliative care in a hospice environment. • The clinical pharmacist in palliative care. • Pain pathophysiology, pain assessment and WHO principles. • Neuropathic pain. • Weak and strong Opioids. • Non-Opioid analgesics. • Talking with families & Parents about the disease of a Child. • Preparing families & children about the death of a parent. • Dealing with Death. • Symptom management- Fatigue. • Symptom management: Insomnia, Delirium, Dementia and anxiety. • Symptom management: Nausea Vomiting and Bowel obstruction. • The family perspective. • Nursing and palliative care. • Principals of drug use in palliative care. • Sedation in the terminal phase. • Terminal care at home. • Education and training in palliative care. Regards, 6/11/2009 Amal Dweib Khleif Chair of the Board 733 Dr. Geminer St., Karkafa, Bethlehem –Palestine. P.O. Box: 19960 East Jerusalem 97200 Telefax: 972 2 2767337 , Mobile: 972 522495249 , E-mail: