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Intro to template hierarchy WCTO


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Intro to template hierarchy WCTO

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO THE TEMPLATE HIERARCHY Al Davis- WordCamp Toronto Developers
  2. 2. Who’s the Bald Guy?Co-Organizer TorontoWordPress and WordPress Developer Meetup groups Toronto WordCamp ( end users) and Toronto WordCamp Developers Presenter at Numerous WordCamps this year in both Canada and the USA Program Manager - Hostopia- WordPress Manager for world’s largest hosting wholesale provider Instructor- George Brown College Intro to WordPress Intro to WordPress Theme and Plugin Development
  3. 3. Question?What file does WordPress use to display a specific type ofcontent?
  4. 4. Answer:
  5. 5. But first the basics header.php sidebar.php The Loop footer.php
  6. 6. The requirementsTo build a functioning WordPress theme you need the followingfiles: index.php style.cssYour site will suck, but it will be functioning
  7. 7. So what’s with all these files in a theme then?
  8. 8. Welcome to the Template HierarchyHow does it all work?
  9. 9. Home page exampleIf a visitor goes to your home page does the following:
  10. 10. Home page example1.Determines if you have a static front page assigned.If so, it loads it.2.If there is no static front page, it looks for a file called home.php3.If there is no home.php file, it then defaults to index.php
  11. 11. It’s a Rule!!When no other template files exist, WordPress will alwaysdisplay index.php Always
  12. 12. Category page exampleUser clicks on your link for a category page happens?
  13. 13. Category page exampleWordpress looks for the following: 1. category-{slug}.php - in this example it would be category-cats-are-dumb.php 2. category-{id}.php if the category id is 4, then it would be category-4.php 3. category.php 4. archive.php 5. index.php
  14. 14. Lather , rinse , repeatWordPress follows this logic for all content types with just minorchanges
  15. 15. Single Post1.Single-{post-type}.php. If the post type was cars, it would look for single-cars.php2.single.php3.index.php
  16. 16. Page Display1.Custom template file- the page template assigned to the page ( example : alsawesometemplatefile.php){slug}.php . If the slug is cats-suck then it would be page-{id}
  17. 17. Author Display (last example)1.Author-{nicename}.php If the author was dallas (my dog), the file would be{id}.php3.Author.php4.Archive.php5.Index.php
  18. 18. The forgotten templates....1. Tag Display2. 404 Display3. Custom Taxonomies Display4. Custom Post Types Display5. Date Display6. Search Result Display7. Attachment Display
  19. 19. Questions?