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After the install


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Here are my slides from WordCamp Ottawa- After the Install

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After the install

  1. 1. Al DavisWPTeach.comAFTER THEINSTALL
  2. 2. ABOUT MEOrganizer of:• WordCamp Toronto ( 2011, 2012)• WordCamp Developers Toronto ( 2012)• Toronto WordPress Meetup group• Toronto Wordpress Developers MeetupProgram Manager, Hostopia• WordPress SME for world’s largestwholesale hosting provider• Developing WP strategy for major telco’s,cableco’s and ISP’s globally• About to launch a service where we designand publish 1000+ sites a month using WPProfessor , George Brown College• Intro to WordPress• Intro to WordPress theme DevelopmentOwner,• WordPress website• Launching online school to learn WP in Q2• Freelance WordPress Development andtraining
  3. 3. AGENDA 10 Things you should do after you installWordPress and before you write thatfirst post Any WordPress questions you mighthave
  4. 4. Change the Default AdminWhy?Because you want to publish your content under amore user friendly name. And no one is actuallynamed admin…How?• Go to Users > Add new• Add a new user with admin rights• Log out of WordPress and log back in as yournewly created Admin user• Delete default admin user
  5. 5. Add a Security PluginWhy?Because of the growing popularity of WordPress forpublishing websites, it has now become a target forhackers and other ne’er do wellsHow?• Go to Plugins > Add new• Search for ‘Wordfence’• Install plugin and make sure it is activated
  6. 6. Change the permalinksWhy?Because name ismuch more SEO friendly to Settings> PermalinksAs of WP version 3.3 you can click on buttonlabelled ‘Post Name’Or you can use a custom structure such as/%category%/%postname%/
  7. 7. Activate AkismetWhy?Akismet comes bundled in with WordPress and is a great front linedefense against the spambotHow?Go to Plugins > Installed pluginsActivate AkismetClick on Link labeled ‘Sign up for an Akismet API Key’Follow instructions – feel free to donate at the same timeOnce done, check email for API keyFrom inside your WP Dashboard, click on the Akismetconfiguration page ( Plugins> installed plugins> AkismetEnter API key where prompted, click on ‘ Update options’
  8. 8. Install WordPress SEO byYoastWhy?Make sure your content is optimized and easily searchable. The wholeidea is to attract visitors and grow your traffic right?How?Find a plugin you likeInstall the plugin in the usual manner Plugins> Add New>SearchI am a BIG fan of Yoast SEO Plugin ( and not just because its free!)Once installed view the options for the plugin you chose and startto get familiar with how it worksFirst piece of work here is go to SEO-> XML Sitemap
  9. 9. Activate Google AnalyticsWhy?Youll be able to measure the effectiveness of different posts on your siteand generally get a good feeling about what your doingHow?Go to Plugins > Add NewSearch for ‘Google Analytics’ and install PluginGo to Google analytics and sign up for an account confirmation, you will receive a Web property ID ( starts with UA)copy that number into the plugin setting page and save changes.Google Analytics is set up!The BonusInstall Google Analytics Dashboard plugin for Google analytics right inYour WP dashboard
  10. 10. Categories- Add them!Why?The out-of-the-box category is ‘Uncategorized,’ which, if it is a truereflection of your content, means you might want to rethink yourstrategy.How?Go to Posts > CategoriesClick ‘Edit’ under the Uncategorized categoryChange the name to something appropriate for your siteAdd more categories if you likeSet the default categoryGo to Settings > WritingSet Default Post Category
  11. 11. Change your blog taglineWhy?WordPress defaults to the tagline ‘Just Another WordPressSite’ and your site is not just another site.How?Go to Setting > GeneralChange the tagline in the text box providedRemember to save your changes!
  12. 12. Install a themeWhy?You want a look and feel that represents you as a business or anindividual…and we all like good-looking websitesHow do I find a free one?Go to through the thousands of themes and find one thatworks for you..make note of the name or download it directly toyour computerFrom inside your WP dashboard go to Appearance>Themes>Install Themes and either upload the theme directly or searchfor it by name and installMake sure you activate the theme after you install it
  13. 13. Install a themeWhat’s a premium theme?A premium theme is a theme you pay for. Typically they include anumber of different features:• Sliders• Extra Widget areas• Advanced functionality in generalHow do I find one?Lots of different places• Elegant themes• Woo themes•• Theme Forest• DO YOUR HOMEWORK HERE!!!!!
  14. 14. Back it up!Why?A backup plugin will at the very least give you peace of mind when thetime comes that something bad happensHow?Find a plugin you likeInstall the plugin in the usual manner Plugins> Add NewMake sure you do a backup and schedule a backup to happen at aregular interval ( if that option is available)I’m a fan of Backup Buddy by iThemes ( premium plugin but wellworth the $)Other options:• VaultPress ( monthly fee)• ManageWP ( if you’re managing multiple sites)
  15. 15. That’s it, you’re now ready!Any Questions?
  16. 16. Thank youAl DavisWPTeach.comal@wpteach.comTwitter- adavis3105Skype adavis3105