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Model answer informing an airline

This is a sample answer to General IELTS Writing Task 1. I do hope you find it useful.

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Model answer informing an airline

  1. 1. Informing an Airline Last Tuesday you flew from New York to Paris. When you arrived home, you discovered that you had left your bag on the plane. Write a letter to the airline. In your letter, you should explain:  where and when you left your bag  what your bag looks like  what its contents were Model Answer: I am writing in reference to a lost item. I know it is my responsibility, but I have to mention this is but urgent. It was January 26th when I flew back to Paris from New York. I took the flight boarded 3 in the afternoon. My flight number was X55T7, and seat number was A16. When I got on the plane, I immediately placed my bag in the overhead locker. I paid less attention to the bag for I was sure that I could get it anytime I wanted. However, when I arrived home, I had a strong feeling that I left something in the plane. For a minute, it felt strange as I would normally put down a bag from my back once I get home. This left me into counting the ones I brought home. In a minute, it was to my shock that the black bag I placed in the overhead locker was not among the ones I unpacked home. I am sure I left the bag on the plane; the flight to Paris took only 5 hours, and I arrived on the same day. To give you a description of my bag, I am leaving its features. The bag is generally black with 2 silver vertical linings lying from the bottom to the top of the shoulder straps. On the bag’s face between the 2 silver vertical linings is the brand; it has the logo of Nike with its slogan ‘Just do it!’ in sky blue. It features the Nike tick in neon green. This is easily seen as it is in complete contrast with black. It is a little big as it comes in 13 x 6 x 17” for length, width and height, respectively. The material is polyester, covering every part from the front to the back. The pulls of the zippers of the two are joined through a gym locker padlock with 3-digit combination. The bag has two main compartments and 2 small pockets on the sides – one on each side. The pocket on the right has a Statue of Liberty keychain – approximately 2 inches in height. This is readily seen since it swings here and there when I move. It is a need for me to get my bag as soon as possible as the contents are very important to me. The reason I flew to New York is that I had to meet a client I am to have a business dealing with. We successfully ended our meeting with the signing of important business documents including contracts. These are but critical as I failed to reproduce some copies of these documents and contracts. Moreover, I placed there my billfold with all my 3 credit cards and 4 debit cards. I also placed 2 sample brochures from my client. I believe you could understand the situation I am in at this moment. I do need my bag as soon as possible. I know that I should have paid more attention to my belongings. It is my responsibility to eye on my bag as I said it contains important documents and others. I am certain you could help me retrieve my bag. To verify information, I am willing to get calls at any time. I would also like to know how I am to get my bag. Please reach me through phone (1- 7567457) or email ( I am happily indebted to you. Thank you very much.