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Highrise workshop

  1. 1. We will be covering… What is Highrise? Why use Highrise? Site Walkthrough Standard Practices Nifty Tips Issues
  2. 2. What is Highrise? CRM or Customer Relationship Management Tool Keeps Track of Emails and Conversations Shared Address Book Contact History Tasks and Reminders for Workflow Cases for Grouping Communications on One Subject Deals for Highlighting a Bid or Project in the Pipeline
  3. 3. Why use Highrise? To have visibility on what It’s a great our colleagues are doing archive/backup of and communicating to important partners communications to partners Before meeting a partner you can see whether Easy way to follow up they’ve been when our colleagues are experiencing problems on vacation or leave recently
  4. 4. Site Walkthroughwww.highrisehq.comLatest Activity Tasks See the latest notes everyone has entered All tasks assigned to you into the system All your own tasks Ordered by Today’s date Cases Can filter by UserContacts All the Cases or Groups we are working with All current contacts Deals Filter by Name, Title, Email etc All the Deals that have been entered into Email filter @iicd works great! the system Can drill-down into individual Contacts Search Can edit/update contacts with new information Ability to search on anything in the system
  5. 5. Standard PracticesAll outgoing emails to Partners should be placed into Highrise Bcc your Highrise Dropbox when sending a mail If forgotten, add a note with the contents of the email to the Contact – DO NOT FORWARDIncoming mails of interest should be entered in as soon as possible Simply Forward your Received Mails to your Highrise Dropbox – INCLUDING the Email HeaderImportant Telephone Conversations & Meetings should be added to Highrise –linked to the CASE and/or CONTACTAdd details to Contacts you speak to regularly – or if they join an existing Team Each Contact should be allocated to a single CompanyLarge Workflows (Alliances, Events etc) should be placed into Cases
  6. 6. Nifty Tips Download your Highrise Dropboxes to your Address book Add a whole company to a CASE Schedule a Task via Email Add your Tasks into your iCalendar Add your LinkedIn Profile Use the CASE Dropbox Addresses
  7. 7. Issues Overviews aren’t easy to come by You can’t search for a Company It’s only as good as the data we put in You can’t forward a forgotten email Notes can only be linked to 1 CONTACT and 1 CASE Telephone calls are not easy to enter
  8. 8. Still to do… Integrate with MailChimp Decide on the use of Deals Update & embellish existing contacts Utilise the Highrise API Token (RSS)
  9. 9. Discussions…