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A kaur portfolio

  1. 1. Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio Akvinder Kaur BA Psychology, 2011 1
  2. 2. Personal StatementI know I will be a great counselor because of the passionI feel for this field. I have gotten almost straight A’s inall my classes. I have been on honors and dean’s list fortwo semesters in a row. I realized this occurred becauseI feel deeply for what I am studying. I will also bringmy Indian culture into perspective. At a present time,diversity is a huge positive impact on a counselingworld. Therefore, I decided because of my experiencesand the benefits I can contribute to gain a counseling inpsychology.
  3. 3. Resume EXPERIENCEDomestic Violence Center, King County, WA August 2011Volunteer position, counseling for crisis hotlineDomestic Violence Center, Snohomish County, WA July 2011 to currentVolunteer position, counseling for crisis hotline, office workIndependent Work, Lynnwood, WA 2007-2008Certified Nursing Assistant, Emotional support to the patient EDUCATIONEdmonds Community College, Edmonds, WA 2010Associates of ArtsArgosy University Seattle, Seattle, WA 2011BA Psychology
  4. 4. ReflectionFrom the beginning of my year at Argosy University Seattle until now I have learned tremendously about myself as a person. I became aware of my own inner self throughout the various courses I have taken here.I have gained many skills and have much more knowledge about psychology at the present time. As I see my work from the beginning until now I realized that I have grown academically.I have gotten into honors as well as dean’s list two times. I learned to push myself to achieve what I wanted in life. Therefore, My portfolio will explain how much this year have taught me.
  5. 5. Table of ContentsCognitive AbilitiesParental Role on children’s PersonalityResearch SkillsLiterature Review for Battered women and RecidivismCommunication SkillsInterview with the newsEthics and Diversity AwarenessMulticultural and Diversity ethical codes
  6. 6. Table of ContentsFoundations of PsychologyMental DisordersApplied PsychologyAbnormal PsychologyInterpersonal EffectivenessIdentifying Abnormal Behaviors
  7. 7. My Future in LearningLearning is a lifelong process. Therefore, I am continuing myjourney with Master’s in Counseling Psychology at ArgosyUniversity Seattle in 2012. I would want to continue on thisjourney of knowledge and gain much experience for thisfield. I can contribute a lot with my individual and culturalbackground. Therefore, I want to pursue a career in which Ican help abused women and men who have gone throughtraumatic psychological and emotional abuse.
  8. 8. Contact Me Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio. For further information, pleasecontact me at the e-mail address below. minny_rathour@hotmail.com