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Those interested in spreading awareness about Akshaya Patra's vision - "No Child Shall be Deprived of Education because of Hunger" please check out these slides. For more information, visit us at www.foodforeducation.org

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Akshaya Patra Workshop Chapters

  1. 1. TM FEEDING OVER ONE MILLION CHILDREN DAILY No child s ll b d p d o e uc tio ha e e rive f d a n b c us o hung r ea e f e w w o fo d a n.o w .fo d re uc tio rg
  2. 2. TM DID YOU KNOW? EDUCATION NUTRITION •Approx. 21 million primary •57 million children in India are school-age children in India are not malnourished. in school. •One third of the world’ s •Literacy, especially among women, malnourished children live in India. remains low. •Ranks 66 out of 88 in developing countries for hunger (Global Hunger Index 2008)
  3. 3. TM AKSHAYA PATRA SOLUTION Simultaneously addressing the dual challenge of malnutrition and access to education through the midday school meal program. • MIDDAY SCHOOL MEALS for children serve as an incentive to come to school, stay in school and provides them with the necessary nutrients they need to focus on learning. • Established in 2000, Akshaya Patra is the largest NGO-run midday meal program feeding over ONE MILLION children daily in over 5,700 schools through 17 kitchens in 7 states.
  4. 4. TM Public-Private Partnership TheAks yaP trap g mis ha a ro ra c nd te in p rtne hip w the o uc d a rs ith va usSta Go rnm ntsa rio te ve e nd C ntra Go rnm nt. All o the e e l ve e f s g ve e p vid as s y to o rnm nts ro e ub id s p rt a o 5 % o thec s p r up o b ut 0 f ot e mae l.
  5. 5. TM LEADING THE WAY everaging technology to prepare nutritious meals on a large scale at a low cost. IT COSTS $28 TO FEED A CHILD FOR THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR! On average, the Government of India subsidizes 50 % of the cost per meal.
  6. 6. TM CUSTOM KITCHENS – IN URBAN AREAS • C ntra dMo e –us o g vity flo e lize dl e f ra w m c nis s fully a m te p c s e , e ha m , uto a d ro e s s co o kingw s a , m e ith te m e tingthehig s ISO he t s nd rd ta a s  C to ize Ve le –us e ie us m d hic s ing ffic nt d trib n s te s s inle ss e is utio ys m , ta s te l c nta rsa p c dintoc to b o ine re a ke us m uilt ve le hic s tha p ve s illa ea t re nt p g nd c nta ina n (d t-fre ) o m tio us e
  7. 7. TM Chapatti making machine-10,000 chapattis per hour
  8. 8. TM Cooks rice for 1,000 students in 15 minutes
  9. 9. TM Prepares sambar or dhal for 6,000 students in 2 hours
  10. 10. TM CUSTOM KITCHENS – IN RURAL AREAS • De e lize (rura Mo e –s a r c ntra d l) d l m lle kitc nsb ne r thes ho ls s p ra db he uilt a c o , e a te y la ed ta e rg is nc s  Fo dp p re b lo a trib l w m n o re a d y c l a o e w a p idas la a ho re a a ry nd a tra din re ine co o kingm tho s e d, nutritio a hyg ne n nd ie p c e ra tic s
  11. 11. TM Baran District, Rajasthan In 117 schools feeding 20,200 children and creating employment for 230 women
  12. 12. TM Mathura District, Uttar Prades In 88 villages feeding 14,419 children and creating employment for 273 women
  13. 13. TM Nayagarh District, Orissa In 160 villages feeding 16,250 children and creating employment for 280 women
  14. 14. TM WHY AKSHAYA PATRA IS UNIQUE: • Largest NGO-run midday meal program • Public/private partnership • Local cuisine, local produce and local support • Leverages technology to provide nutritious meals on a large scale at a low cost • Global model • Nielsen Impact Study: Improved school enrollment, retention rates and classroom performance. • Secular program, transparent operations and quality control.
  15. 15. TM RECOGNITION Ra d5o o 1,19 p je ts nke ut f 0 ro c ; W rld sla e t NGO-run o ’ rg s W inne o $ 0 0 r f 10 ,0 0 s ho l m d y m a p g m c o id a e l ro ra Se c db Harvard Business le te y School fo ac s s y o p c e r a e tud n re is tim m na e e e a g m nt Aw rd dSo ia Ente ris a e c l rp e Fe ture in 2 0 & 2 0 a d 07 08 o theYe r, 2 0 f a 08 a theClinton Global t Initiative
  16. 16. In Summary TM Akshaya Patra is now feeding 1,008,518 underserved children everyday
  17. 17. TM Our Next Milestone To feed 5,000,000 underserved children everyday by 2020
  18. 18. TM C re a theultim teb ne ia s hild n re a e fic rie Givethe ac nc tos c e –it w b theb s m ha e uc e d ill e et return o yo inve tm nt n ur s e Vis uso it nlineat w w o fo d a n.o w .fo d re uc tio rg TheAks yaP traFo a n USA ha a und tio 9 Mo 2 ntva Ave , Suite2 0 , Sto ha , MA 0 18 le nue 50 ne m 2 0 (78 4 8 0 0ta f.info a ha p tra a rg 1) 3 -3 9 p @ ks ya a us .o