Aimee's Home Buyer Client Services


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San Mateo County Realtor Aimee Klarich's comprehensive Home Buyer services.

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Aimee's Home Buyer Client Services

  1. 1. Aimee Klarich Realtor Alain Pinel Realtors Burlingame Aimee's Buyer Client Services I. Initial Meeting 1) Present and future housing needs & wishes a. Single family vs. condo/ townhome b. Number of bedrooms & bathrooms c. Home square footage and lot size d. Location vs. commute to work/school e. Desired amenities and age of home f. Your family size- current and projected g. Hobbies or special needs to accommodate h. Preferred condition of the property (fixer upper?) i. Recommendations by Broker 2) Financing abilities and alternatives a. Down payment, closing costs and deposit review b. Income and credit c. Debt ratios and PMI d. Fixed rate vs. adjustable e. Differences in institutional underwriting practices f. Techniques to maximize purchasing power g. Current lease 3) Relationship expectations & means of communication a. Buyer expectations of Realtor b. Realtor expectations of Buyers c. Best forms of communication d. Next steps and future meetings
  2. 2. Aimee Klarich Realtor Alain Pinel Realtors Burlingame Aimee's Buyer Client Services II. The Home Search 1) Store Client's housing criteria in MLS database for potential matches with existing and future listings 2) Log and track pocket listings that are not placed on MLS for potential matches 3) Preview listings for suitability to clients needs: a. Price b. Location c. Amenities 4) Eliminate unsuitable properties; those that are: a. Overpriced b. In poor condition c. On a busy street d. Backing up to a freeway e. In a sub-par neighborhood, etc. 5) As needed, investigate newspapers and other sources quot;for sale by ownerquot; properties & evaluate using the same criteria as listed above 6) Arrange home tour for client. For selected properties: a. Check sales availability with listing agent b. Make showing appointments c. Map out tour route d. Drive Client to homes, commenting on neighborhood, street, etc. e. Assist Client with each home viewing, i.e., noting condition of: 1) Driveways 6) Roof and Gutters 2) Sidewalks 7) Fencing 3) Landscaping 8) Floor Coverings 4) Paint 9) Windows and Doors 5) Garage Doors 10) Cabinets, etc f. Recommend inspections by licensed professional where appropriate or when red flags are evident
  3. 3. Aimee Klarich Realtor Alain Pinel Realtors Burlingame Aimee's Buyer Client Services III. Preparing the Purchase Agreement 1) Agent prepares an itemized estimate of Buyer's closing costs, down payment and monthly payment for proposed home purchase 2) Prepare and review a Comparitive Market Analysis to determine approximate fair market value of the property 3) Confer with listing agent to accurately assess Buyer's negotiating position vis-à-vis the Seller 4) Prepare the purchase agreement on behalf of Buyer, with special consideration being given to: a. Purchase price b. The deposit c. Closing costs d. Loan contingencies e. Fixtures vs personal property f. Professional inspections g. Flood, special zone and other disclosures h. Close of escrow i. Possession j. Condition of the property k. An overall avoidance of unnecessary controversy, complications or delays 5) Arrange for offer presentation to Seller, Listing Agent, or both. Meet with the said parties, negotiate on Buyer's behalf and facilitate the negotiations of any Seller's counter offers to buyer, and vice versa
  4. 4. Aimee Klarich Realtor Alain Pinel Realtors Burlingame Aimee's Buyer Client Services IV. Processing the Escrow 1) Open escrow 2) Review and forward Preliminary Title Report to Client and their lender 3) Coordinate loan processing with loan officer 4) Provide access and info for appraiser 5) As needed, order Pest, Roof, Property, Geological, etc. inspections 6) Arrange access for above inspectors 7) Review all reports, forwarding them to the Client with interpretations when needed 8) Order and schedule all repair work 9) Review & forward completion notices to clients 10) Conduct Buyers quot;walk thruquot; inspection 11) Arrange client-escrow officer sign-off meeting 12) Coordinate close of escrow and possession 13) Arrange for transfer of the keys 14) Handle any & all problems that arise along the way!
  5. 5. Aimee Klarich Realtor Alain Pinel Realtors Burlingame About Aimee… Passionate about peninsula real estate and quality client representation, Aimee Klarich is driven to unite people and their homes. Through strategic and diligent representation, she enables her clients to negotiate the best sale or purcha price. Timely and meaningful communication, combined wit strong listening skills and tireless market research for decision-making purposes are some of Aimee’s defining characteristics in representing buyers and sellers. She firml believes that her clients deserve nothing but her best! Aimee Klarich is deeply rooted in Burlingame and the Penin communities in which she grew up. As the third generation her family to graduate from Burlingame High School, she understands and appreciates the values and lifestyle of are residents. Her in-depth knowledge of Peninsula neighborho and schools is one of her most valuable assets as a Realtor, and Alain Pinel Realtors is proud of its affiliation with Aimee Aimee's Specialties… Burlingame Ca Real Estate San Mateo Ca Real Estate Downtown Burlingame Condominiums Burlingame Townhomes San Mateo County Single Family Homes Contract Negotiations Peninsula Real Estate Purchase Contract Internet Marketing