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Sanyo eneloop Flyer 2008 UK


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Sanyo eneloop Flyer 2008 UK

  1. 1. UK-Flyer_n.fh10 29.05.2008 14:35 Uhr Seite 1 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Recharging the easy way. Trust the proven quality and know-how of SANYO, the world's largest manufacturer of SANYO offers a practical and rechargeable batteries. compact charger for the eneloop battery range. eneloop is available in two sizes: AA (R6) and AAA (R03), Two eneloop rechargeable in packs of 2, 4 or 8 batteries. batteries can be quickly recharged at any time. For AA (R6) size full charging takes 230 minutes and for New. The battery the AAA (R03) size only 135 minutes. Naturally you can for the 21st century. also use other modern NiMH Size: AA battery chargers to charge 2 batteries per pack eneloop batteries. 4 batteries per pack 8 batteries per pack eneloop the alternative to conventional recharge- able or disposable batteries. Technology Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries Size AA (R6) AAA (R03) Model HR-3UTG HR-4UTG Size: AAA Nominal voltage 1.2 V 1.2 V 2 batteries per pack 4 batteries per pack Nominal capacity 2,000 mAh 800 mAh Dimensions (D x H in mm) 14.3 x 50.4 10.5 x 44.5 Weight 27 g 13 g Charge time with eneloop charger 230 minutes 135 minutes Quick charger including 2 AA eneloop batteries The only battery SANYO Component Europe GmbH you will ever need. Mobile & Clean Energy Division Stahlgruberring 4, 81829 Munich, Germany 06/08-English Probedruck
  2. 2. UK-Flyer_n.fh10 29.05.2008 14:35 Uhr Seite 2 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K The time is right for eneloop. eneloop – combining cost efficiency and environmental Take up to four times as many pictures with your compatibility. digicam using eneloop. Unlike single use batteries conventional rechargeable batteries can be reused over and over again, are powerful and are Certainly the clearest advantage Do you have a digital camera environmetally friendly. However they also present problems of eneloop over disposable using single use batteries? of their own. They're often empty just when you need them. batteries is that it can be Switch to eneloop, and you'll They have to be charged before you can use them. In devices recharged 1,000 times and then recycled. For example, if you be taking up to 4 times as with low power requirements they discharge quickly even discharge eneloop once a week and then recharge it, you'll many pictures. Especially in when not using the device. In other words you never quite have 19 years of use. In the long run, this is not only more applications with high power needs, eneloop is far superior know if the Battery is charged or not. economical, it also avoids the problematic waste presented to alkaline batteries. Thanks to eneloop, you won't have to by 1,000 batteries. SANYO is an active member in several keep changing your camera batteries. SANYO, the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable national battery collection organisations. Together with other batteries, has now put an end to the disadvantages associated battery manufacturers, we have built up a return, sorting and Another advantage on vacation is cost - who wants to pay with conventional rechargeable batteries. SANYO is presenting recycling system that ensures optimal recycling of used for batteries abroad, where they're usually sold at inflated a groundbreaking innovation: the world's first rechargeable batteries. prices? battery ready for immediate use: eneloop. It combines the superior technology of modern nickel metal hydride recharge- able batteries with the advantages of conventional alkaline batteries. eneloop impresses with extended service life. eneloop replaces disposable batteries in all your Now there is every reason to switch over to this innovative household devices. technology. Protect the environment and save money at the Thanks to SANYO’s same time - the time is right for eneloop! eneloop "Super-lattice-alloy technology" and im- 85 provements in electro- Quality % rechargeable lyte composition, self- batteries discharge has been eneloop combines the advantages of rechargeable drastically reduced. New 6 months 12 months and alkaline batteries. From digital cameras to MP3 players and on to remote As the graph clearly shows, in comparison with other high quality controls or flashlights, eneloop is the ideal and universal Rechargeable Battery Alkaline Battery rechargeable batteries, eneloop retains almost its full power power supply for all your household devices, even appli- even after one year, and does not require periodic recharging. cations that until now have run on alkaline batteries, such Cost saving Ready-to-use High Power This means that you can be sure that your device is always as computer games or travel alarm clocks. This means you Long Shelf Life Enviromentally Any Application ready for use. No matter when you charge eneloop, you can no longer have to choose from a large number of battery friendly count on eneloop supplying the power that you need, even one types or use expensive special batteries. With eneloop, you year later. always have the right battery on hand. All batteries discharge by themselves over time, even Each eneloop blister pack can be re-used as a handy battery if they are not used. This is called self-discharge. With con- storage pack. ventional rechargeable batteries self-discharge is pronounced. SANYO has drastically reduced the self-discharge effect for eneloop through unique developments in its nickel metal hydride eneloop won’t let you down even in the cold. technology. Consequently eneloop offers optimum energy storage with 85% of the capacity still available after 12 months. In low temperatures such as winter holidays, Subsequently eneloop is the first battery to be supplied charged, eneloop demonstrates superior performance off the shelf, when you buy it. This is why you can use eneloop over alkaline batteries. After all it would be just like a disposable battery, immediately after purchase and a shame to lose that special moment just why it can be used in all applications even of low power because your batteries had left you out in the consumption, such as remote controls, torches and clocks. cold. Probedruck