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Est 4


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Est 4

  1. 1. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS TUTORIAL4- SIMULATING OUR FIRST PROJECT ON PROTEUS Hii….. friends again I am here with next tutorial on EMBEDDED SYSTEMS with PROTEUS. In case you have not arranged your hardware or there is some problem with your hardware or you are making any mistake in using them( highly expected ..:P) this tutorial with be really beneficial for you. PROTEUS is highly recommended for all of you its is very easy to use and user friendly software please download it . It will help you a lot and if you are facing problems in using it don’t worry I will post some article on PROTEUS later but please arrange it. Proteus is a unique software for MPU/MCU simulation, schematic capture and PCB layout designing. With this Virtual System Modelling facility, you can transform your product design cycle, reaping huge rewards in terms of reduced time to market and lower costs of development. It is a open source software you can download it from here;jsessionid=F6FDD2200F11944391FF2D3163825624.dc322 Download it and install it. Installing process document is usually provided with download material if it is not provided then please let me know I will post another article on Proteus installation. After installation you will find there are two different Proteus software are installed ISIS and ARES. ISIS is for circuit design and simulation and ARES is for PCB layout designing. So we are going to discuss about ISIS only we will discuss about ARES in any PCB designing tutorial which I will post later. U can simulate any analog circuit or our microcontroller projects with this software here we are going to simulate our first blinking LED project. GETTING STARTED
  2. 2. So lets start with ISIS here is complete step wise process click on ISIS 7 proffesional icon a window will pop up like this. Now click on file and save your design at a desired location. Now its time to choose component click on component mode icon as shown in figure then click on P or simply tap P on keyboard.Search your component and click ok after selecting suitable component.
  3. 3. You can put these components in design area simply by clicking on them.
  4. 4. For power supply click on terminal mode icon , after that make connections using your mouse its simple. POWER will give +5v and ground can be achieved by using GROUND. Your circuit is now complete and now u have to program your microcontroller with the hex file so RIGHT CLICK on MCU>choose EDIT PROPERTIES > browse HEX FILE> CLICK OK, now your MCU is programmed with our first project hex file.
  5. 5. Now its time to show result simply click on PLAY button (BOTTOM LEFT CORNER)and led will start blinking.
  6. 6. This was the basic of PROTEUS there are a lot of amazing things in PROTEUS I will post some more articles to explore this wonderful software. I hope this article was beneficial for all of you , if you have any doubts, questions or critical views you can post a comment .I will answer that. In next tutorial we will discuss about some input/ output interfacing of microcontroller…till then bye…….:)