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Est 2

  1. 1. EMBEDDEDD SYSTEMS TUTORIAL2- REQUIREMENTS Hii friends I am here with my second article on embedded systems, this time we are going to discuss about the requirements for starting our journey with AVR. There are a few hardware and software requirements to start with. After arranging all these we will be able to start our first project. HARDWARE REQUIRED 1.A PROGRAMMER – A programmer is required to burn our hex file (if you are not aware with hex file dont worry we will discuss about it in next tutorial) into our microcontroller in my tutorial series I am using USBASP programmer . USBASP is a low cost programmer its easily available in market or you can buy it online from any trusted site . it can be implemented on a circuit board ( I will post another tutorial on making your own USBASP programmer later) but I will advice to buy it from somewhere. 2.A TARGET BOARD – A target board can be your own development boards with ISP header to connect and disconnect the programmer ( though in my tutorials I will use bread board or hand made circuits but if you are a newbie you can purchase a AVR development board from any electronic shop or trusted sites ..its easily available) or you can make your own . 3.A PC/ Laptop with windows98 or BETTER THAN THAT. And of course our AVR MCU. SOFTWARE REQUIRED- 1. AVR STUDIO 4
  2. 2. It is GUI IDE for AVR, you can download it by CLICKING HERE its totally free..:P 2. WIN AVR It is free C compiler from AVR , can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE . 3. PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE We will need a software to burn our hex file to MCU for this we need a programming software . There are many softwares like avrdude, pony prog, extreme burner but I am using PROGISP in my projects you can download it BY CLICKING HERE its totally free. DOWNLOADS DOWNLOAD PROGISP DOWNLOAD WINAVR DOWNLOAD AVR STUDIO4 So these are the basic requirements for starting , arrange all the stuff and wait for next tutorial where we will compile our code ,burn hex file to MCU and will make our first blinking led project. In case you are not able to arrange it, no problem I will show you how you can simulate your microcontroller projects on PROTEUS ( a very nice circuit simulator software)…….I promise next tutorial is going to be a very good starting tutorial for all the beginners…if you have any doubts , questions, suggestions, or critical views you can post here......I hope it was a useful article for u all.