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Business Model Generation Patterns


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This deck show a synopsis of the the book, Business Model Generation.

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Business Model Generation Patterns

  1. 1. Business ModelGeneration:Patterns Business Model Generation Meetup Cambridge, MA June 26, 2012 Brian Gladstein @briangladstein
  2. 2. @explorics
  3. 3. let’s review
  4. 4.
  5. 5. variations Lean Canvas Go-To-Market Canvas User Experience Canvas
  6. 6. unbundled long tail multi-sided FREE open B A C D E
  7. 7. unbundling business models Infrastructure Customer Relationship Innovation
  8. 8. the long tailNiche Products Niche Buyers
  9. 9. multi-sided platformsThe Platform Enables… Subsidies across segments
  10. 10. FREE as a business modelThe Platform Enables… Subsidies from paid to non-paid
  11. 11. open business modelsBuy Innovation Sell Innovation
  12. 12. what • Are these patterns useful? • How do we apply them to our own do we businesses?learn? Multi-Sided FREE Open Long Tail Unbundled
  13. 13. thank you!