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  • We believe in holistic, high-quality educational opportunities for all; that early experiences shape our lives psychologically, socially, emotionally and educationally and that through these experiences, children are afforded life changing and life sustaining opportunities. We aspire to make early education resources and services accessible to all families and professionals who have or work with young children in all communities, especially those in high-need areas, around the world.
  • Access Early Ed Pitch Deck

    1. 1. Access Early Ed Akiea Gross M.A. Candidate Developmental Psychology Teachers College-Columbia University
    2. 2. In a perfect world… Every child attends high-quality preschool for free. Every parent is involved. Every early childhood and family organization has money and manpower. Every child is ready for school before kindergarten.
    3. 3. LET’S GET REAL: When it comes to early childhood education, WE SUCK!
    4. 4. The Facts
    5. 5. Research shows… Income Gap Children living in poverty have less access to high- quality early childhood programming & services Vocabulary Gap Achievement Gap 2100 words to 600 words Is evident before kindergarten, especially for minority children & those living in poverty & low-income neighborhoods “Less than half of children eligible for HS are enrolled. Less than 5% of children eligible for EHS are enrolled.”
    6. 6. The Problem Low-income communities
    7. 7. The Solution Increased Opportunity Increased Success*Increase Access Theory of Change AccessSelf-efficacyParentalInvolvementSchoolReadinessAchievement Gap
    8. 8. MISSION We seek to create a global web platform that connects parents, professionals and organizations in a way that provides digital access to early education resources and services to people in high-need communities and people who service high-need communities who otherwise would not have access to them. VISION We believe in holistic, high- quality educational opportunities for all; that early experiences shape our lives psychologically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively and that through access to these experiences, children are afforded life-changing and life-sustaining opportunities.
    9. 9. How will we do it? Families Professionals Organizations Web Platform Web Platform + Partnerships = ACCESS
    10. 10. Potential Partners
    11. 11. What We Need $50,000 in web development startup costs
    12. 12. “Expanding access to high quality early childhood education is among the smartest investments that we can make.” BE SMART. INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE. INVEST IN YOUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE. INVEST IN CHANGING THE WORLD. Why Early Childhood?
    13. 13. What You Get 7 to 1 return Less crime More education Higher incomes Upward Mobility Data shows that economic return on early childhood investment far exceeds the cost Social Impact & Investment
    14. 14. Access Opportunity Success