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Udp introduction


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Udp introduction

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Udp introduction

  1. 1. Global Classics of Sinology from Taiwan United Digital Publications Co., Ltd. 聯合百科電子出版有限公司
  2. 2. Introduction ● Founded in 1997. ● Cultivates deeply the fields of Sinology, humanities and social sciences. ● Focuses on deep-knowledge, high-quality, elaborate publications. ● Owns innovative platform, unique copyright of content , global marketing channels.
  3. 3. Awards ● National Technology Progress Award ( in China, 1998) ● Digital-Content Product Award (bestowed by Industry Bureau,Taiwan 2011) ● Innovation Award of Digital Publication (bestowed by Government Information Office, Taiwan, 2006) ● Nominated on The Golden Tripod Award (by Government Information Office, Taiwan, 2007, 2010)
  4. 4. Honor ●Sinica Sinoweb (SSW,cooperated with Sinica) acquired the subsidy and recommendation of Taiwan E-Learning and Digital Archives Program (TELDAP), in2011 ●Classical-Art-Literature-Magazines Database won Industry-Incentive subsidy from Taipei City Government, in 2011
  5. 5. Business Category ●Database/ E-Book/ Digital Map/ E-Learning publications ● Agent of international digital publications ● Outsourcing of digital projects ● International digital copyright /content authorization exchange
  6. 6. Main Products ●Sinica Sinoweb (SSW) ●Taiwan Journals Search (TJS) ●Biography Literature Database ●Chinese Republic History Series ●China Digital Local Chronicles Library ● Gujin Tushu Jicheng ●LionArt Databank
  7. 7. Sinica Sinoweb (SSW) 1928-present, 17500 articles, 1650 issues, 300m characters The most in-depth research tool of Taiwan’s sinology. The sole, complete sinology journals whose full texts are searchable from Academia Sinica.
  8. 8. ● The sole 100% completeness of content/ issues from Sinica’s sinology journals (from the first issue to present). ● Nearly 100% exactness of full text typed anew, word by word. ● Nearly 100% search efficiency on full text.
  9. 9. ● Search words are highlighted onto article’s paragraph. ● Perpetual access, cross-searchable platform. ● Simplified/traditional Chinese interface, as well as English.
  10. 10. SSW vs. Alternatives Comparative item SSW Alternatives ●Content/Issue Completeness 100% 45% (on average) ●Full text Exactness 99.95% 0 ●Search efficiency on full text 99.9% 0 ●Search-words highlights onto paragraph/page 98% 0
  11. 11. Journal title Period (Year)  中央研究院歷史語言研究所集刊 Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology 1928-present  中央研究院中國文哲研究集刊 Bulletin of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy 1991-present  中央研究院臺灣史研究 Taiwan Historical Research 1994-present  中央研究院臺灣人類學刊 Taiwan Journal of Anthropology 1994-present  中央研究院近代中國史研究通訊 Newsletter for Modern Chinese History 1986-2003  中央研究院口述歷史期刊 Oral History Journal 1989-2004, 2012  中央研究院近代中國婦女史研究 Research on Women in Modern Chinese History 1993-present  中央研究院近代史研究所集刊 Bulletin of the Institute of Modern History 1969-present  漢學研究 Chinese Studies 1983-present  思與言 Thought and Words 1963-present  食貨月刊 Shih-Huo Monthly 1971-1988  鵝湖學誌 Legein Semi-Annual 1988-present  鵝湖月刊 Legein Monthly 1975-present  民俗曲藝 Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore 2006-present
  12. 12. Back to the first issue, The sole, 100% completeness Bulletin of IHP, the most eminent, longest journal in Academia Sinica
  13. 13. Full text and image
  14. 14. Key words highlighted onto paragraph
  15. 15. Full text of nearly 100% accuracy is typed word by word, exclusive globally! All pictographs/ rare characters are inserted onto PDF one by one
  16. 16. TJ-Search Taiwan Journals Search ( 臺 灣 人 社 百 刊 ) ( 1972 - 今 )
  17. 17. ● The sole full-text searchable database of its kind from Taiwan. ● Top 100 Taiwan journals on humanities & social sciences are all gathered in TJ-Search and Sinica Sinoweb. ● 75% of journals were selected in the most excellent journals list of Taiwan, TSSCI, THCI Core, and THCI.
  18. 18. ● The greatest collection of China studies/Sinology based on Taiwanese viewpoint. ● Purely scholar-oriented and catchy for researchers. ● Simple, clear interface of English simplified Chinese/traditional Chinese version.
  19. 19. Back to the first issue
  20. 20. The sole full-text searchable database of its kind from Taiwan Multi-language interface
  21. 21. Chinese Republic History Series (Exclusive Content from Top 3 Research Organizations in Taiwan) ●Biography Literature Magazine (傳記文學社) ● Kuomintang Authority (中國國民黨黨史會) ●The Institute of Modern History, SINICA (中研院近史所)
  22. 22. Biography Literature Magazine 傳記文學(全文資料庫) (1962-present)
  23. 23. ●From the first issue to present, full images/ full text ●Regarded as the same academic rank as heavyweight, national research institutions of modern history ●The paragon of unofficial library of historical data ●Excellent, unique supplement of authoritative history ●Essential historic-material database on history of the Republic of China
  24. 24. Modern China Databank 近 代 中 國 (1977-2004)
  25. 25. ●Exposes first-hand historic materials of Kuomintang authority, from the first issue to the end. ●Combines exclusive archives and history research ●Contains plenty of Republic history, revolutionary documents of China ●Excellent oral history of main actors/relatives on Republic history ●Multi-viewpoint, international journal whose authors come from China, Korea, Japan as well as Taiwan
  26. 26. The Institute of Modern History, SINICA 中央研究院-近代史研究所集刊 ( 1963 - 2015 )
  27. 27. ● From the first issue to present. ● Situated in a key position in China studies globally. ● Focus on how modern China was affected, transited and changed in politics, military affairs, diplomacy, economy, society, culture and thoughts after China connected the West countries. ● Especially focus on the forming procedure of “Modernity”.
  28. 28. Research on Women in Modern Chinese History, SINICA 中央研究院-近代中國婦女史研究 (1993-2014)
  29. 29. ● From the first issue to present. ●Urging historians to abandon traditional ideology and stereotype impression, correcting man-centered thinking, so to analyze women’s issues historically. ●Key issues : pursuit of women’s rights,women and family/ gender/ labor/education/ wars/nation, etc. ●Reviewing the historical truth of Chinese women’s activities via new viewpoints, and finding new feasible approaches to really liberate women.
  30. 30. Oral History Journal, SINICA 中央研究院-口述歷史期刊 (1989-2004)
  31. 31. ● From the first issue to present. ●Hundreds of people’s interview: grand old men in Taiwan, eminent leaders of various professions, witnesses of significant historical events. ●Preserves precious historical testimony during greatly changing times. ● Outstanding special issues/reports : 228 Events, Beautiful Island Events, Taiwanese’s China experience record during Japanese occupation period, local military/political networks during early Republic of China period, etc..
  32. 32. Newsletter for Modern Chinese History, SINICA 中央研究院-近代中國史研究通訊 (1986-2003)
  33. 33. ● From the first issue to the end. ●Exclusive content: Guo Tingyi’s posthumous manuscripts (郭廷以遺稿輯存) ●Including international academic conference, scholar’s profile, introduction of historical data, research review, new book review, old learning vs. new thought, research discussion, dissertation list, chronicle, etc. ●100% completeness, 36 issues in 1986-2003, the most important, widespread newsletter of its kind then.
  34. 34. Ninety Age 九 十 年 代 (1970-1998)
  35. 35. ● From the first issue to the end, Exclusive content. ●A weighty criticism/independent public opinions forum recording the changes & critical situations of Chinese world during1970-2000. ●The sole magazine wishes to report, comment honestly and in details of all the events of opposition party and political lawsuits in Chinese world. ●Intellectuals’ articles not published in general magazines would be contributed to it.
  36. 36. Global Classics of Sinology
  37. 37. Mou, Tsung-San’s Lectures Series 牟宗三演講錄 (1980-1995)
  38. 38. The thumb of contemporary Neo-Confucianism, world-class philosopher, Mou, Tsung-San’s script announced after he died in 1995. As exclusive in global books markets, the lectures series (11 topics) were made in New Asia College during 1980-1995 and revised by Legein scholars based on Mou’s lecture tapes. 1《先秦儒學大義》 2《周易大義》 3《老子》 4《齊物論》 5《孟子》 6《康德美學》 7《康德道德哲學》 8《實踐的智慧學》 9《康德第三批判》 10《康德"純粹理性批判"》 11《西方哲學》 ▇ 《別冊:當代新儒家港台奮鬥40年》 (Contemporary Neo-Confucians’ struggle in Taiwan and Hong Kong during 1975-2014)
  39. 39. 《當代新儒家港台奮鬥40年》 Contemporary Neo-Confucians’ struggle in Taiwan and Hong Kong during 1975-2014) Based on hundreds of archive pictures taken by Legein Society, the book collects many contemporary Confucians’ articles that witness and record Neo- Confucians’ struggling, developing history, and cultural ambition to improve the world. It also compiles many exclusive, firsthand historic data announced.
  40. 40. Biaodien Gujin Tushu Jicheng 標點古今圖書集成 (全文圖像版)
  41. 41. ●The most popular version of digital Gujin Tushu Jicheng (nearly 100 institutional customers). ●The unique punctuation version worldwide, easier to read, understand. ●The greatest, largest encyclopedia worldwide. ●Chinese culture heritage collection of thousands of years.
  42. 42. Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection 歷代書法碑帖集成
  43. 43. ●4014 calligraphic models, 700 calligraphers, 10 thousand of Chinese characters, 1.7 million characters in various forms ●Renowned calligraphists’ handwritings, stone rubbings and inscriptions, handwritten scripture of Dun-Huang Caves. ●Throughout 4700 years, including ancient Yin-Shang, Qin, Han, Wei-Jin Nan-Bei Zhao, Tang, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties
  44. 44. ●Single-Character Database, in which every photo scanned from single character reserves its original look, charm and feeling. ●Full-text Database, for complete handwritings and inscriptions. In which users can promptly find different calligraphers’ works from different Dynasties and enjoy or compare their styles via search engine. ●Excellent tool for studying, teaching, appreciating, textual researching, applying.
  45. 45. Taiwan Wenxian Congkan (Taiwan Literature Series) 台灣文獻叢刊 (全文圖像版)
  46. 46. ●The most well-known, complete Taiwan encyclopedia of historical data. ●Various literatures come from Tang Dynasty to the Japanese occupation period. ●Sole copies, out-of-print books, official document, private collection,ect. ●Full text/full image, the most convenient research tool.
  47. 47. Taiwan Wenxian Congkan Xubian (Continuation of Taiwan Literature Series) 台灣文獻叢刊續編 (全文圖像版)
  48. 48. ●Rare books/literatures collection of China and Taiwan from Ming Dynasty, Japanese occupation period to 1958. ●The sole full-text/full-image version of the same content globally. ●Sole copies, rare books, manuscripts, 204 kinds, 20 million characters. ●Chorography, folkways, literature, official archives, civil commotions, wars, Japanese pirates, 228 Incident, Koxinga’s historical data.
  49. 49. Lionart Databank 雄獅美術知識庫 (1971-1996)
  50. 50. ●Recording 1971-1996 history of Taiwan's art. ●4000 Chinese artists’ out-of- print works revive in digital form. ●44 million characters, 33000 articles, 68000 pictures, 10000 pages of nostalgic advertisement, and 12220 vocabulary entries. ●Value-added notes based on Chinese Art Dictionary, Western Art Dictionary, Taiwanese Art Yearbook.
  51. 51. Thanks.