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Bett2013 mobiluck finland_js (1)


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Bett2013 mobiluck finland_js (1)

  1. 1. BETT 2013 School Leaders SummitStory of Network Mobiluck
  2. 2. MobiluckNetwork Case study of Finnishupper secondary school network and iPad development
  3. 3. Trust iseverything
  4. 4. AutonomyFreedom and responsibilityGoals are set in nationalcurriculum, but it is up tolocal schools and teacherstogether decide how toachieve goals
  5. 5. Ideas in sky – text in the clouds Started in Twitter #edtech & iPads Funds for new learning enviroments from National Board of Education Shared ideas in Twitter and Facebook groups Application in Google Docs Brainstorming in cloud services!
  6. 6. What is Mobiluck? Mobiluck is a six Finnish Upper Secondary School to develope use of mobile technology in learning Project goals:• Classroom and team learning• Phenomenon based learning• Sports and sport technology• Flipped Classroom• Augmented Reality• Gamification
  7. 7. Mobiluck schools
  8. 8. Network @ social media Facebook is the key of effective knowledge sharing and project management Core group (project leader & principals) planning and administration of project Common group for all teachers and principals of project schools Mobiluck page for everyone Use of closed groups for different purposes School Facebook pages
  9. 9. Other social media Twitter for global communication and networking, crowdsourcing YouTube learning tutorials, student videos Google Drive – project planning, funding applications Blog for sharing SkyDrive Zine! for collection of resources
  10. 10. Mobiluck results 1:1 for teachers Personal devices School Wi-Fi Sharing experiences Development role of IT Basic training for iPads Maintenance in schools Apps for different subjects
  11. 11. FutureNew culturePersonal devices for students1:1BYODeBookseExam in MatriculationExamination from 2016
  12. 12. More information Blog Twitter• @ilotimo, @apuustin, @karirajala @citdon @sormuju, @sarijaaranen Project magazine in Mobie Zine• coordinator
  13. 13. and more links in English… Finnish National Board of Education • General Upper Secondary Education • The National Core Curriculum for General Upper Secondary Educationtion Matriculation in Examination in Finland National Plan for Educational Use of Information and Communications Technology (pdf-file)
  14. 14. Thank you!