Structure of eyef


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Structure of eyef

  1. 1. IV EYEF
  4. 4. TARGETAUDIENCE Schoolchildren Students Young Young scientists (Forms 1-11) (all modes of study) specialists (postgraduates, (company employees, Master students, entrepreneurs, Doctors officials) of Sciences)
  5. 5. KEYDATES
  6. 6. FORUMSTRUCTURE CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTSIssues under discussion: • Eurasian economic area in the global economy • Development of economic relations within the customs union • Projects for the development of neighboring territories • Eurasian supranational currency • Contribution of the SCO and the EEC to the development of the economic area • Prospects of resources provision for the global economic growth: contribution of Russia and the CIS • Food supply security in the context of the WTO membership • Management innovations for the development of corporate governance systems • Human potential in the context of economy globalizationCompetitions: • Research projects competition Territorial Competitiveness • Research projects competition Corporate Governance and Investment in the Global Economy • Research projects competition Model of the WMF • Research projects competition Food Supply Security • International competition Young ProfessionalsCongress partners
  7. 7. FORUMSTRUCTURE CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTSKEY DATES (2012-2013)November February • II International Conference Corporate Governance • International video conference Post-crisis financial in Russia: New Trends management of corporation in Russia and the EU • IV International Research and Practice Conference Decent • International Research and Practice Conference Work as the Basis of a Stable Society Modeling a Paradigm of Financial Security of Regions • Students’ interuniversity seminar Big Waves in the in the Context of Increasing Competition on the Eurasian History of the World Economy dedicated to N. Kondratiev’s Territory 120th anniversary March • Open assessment of young HR specialists HR Talent Pool • International Young Scientists’ Conference RussianDecember Economy Modernization: Historical Background, dedicated • Research and Practice Conference Enterprises’ Foreign to the 140th anniversary of outstanding economist Trade in the Context of Russia’s Membership in the WTO A. Bogdanov • International Research and Practice Conference BRICS: May a new form of integration between democratic countries • International business game Model of the WTOJanuary • Round table discussion Model of the XXI Century Village • ХVII Inter-Regional Research and Practice Conference • Management competences competition Business Skills Creative economy problems dedicated to the 110th • Web search competition Economic Intelligence anniversary of scientist, economist and statesman • International business game Eurasia URBAN N. A. Voznesenskiy • III International Research and Practice Conference Competitive Environment for the International Business Contacts:Congress Director – Svetlana Giniyeva, ph. +7 (343) 221-17-16, ginsb@ya.ruCongress Coordinator – Maria Kovaleva, ph. +7 (343) 221-17-52,
  8. 8. FORUMSTRUCTURE CONGRESS OF YOUNG INNOVATORSIssues under discussion: • Youth entrepreneurship as a driver of economic development • IT contribution to the development of the global economy • Technological creativity of the young as the basis of the innovations-driven economyCompetitions: • Research projects competition Innovative Eurasia • Research projects competition EURASIA GREEN • Research projects competition Eurasia: Energy of the Future • Applied science competition Eurasia: Technology of the Future • Youth business projects competition Business Eurasia • Youth business projects competition IT Startup • Humanitarian projects competition Human of the Future • School projects competition Eurasia: Education of the FutureCongress partners Министерство природных ресурсов Свердловской области
  9. 9. FORUMSTRUCTURE CONGRESS OF YOUNG INNOVATORSKEY DATES (2012-2013) • Innovative Battle • Branch leaders’innovative achievements presentation session • II International Research and Practice Conference Intellectual Capital Management • Round table discussion Resources of the Future / Energy Efficiency: problems and solutions • Intellectual battle Ecologists vs. Industrialists • Olympiad Programming and Information Protection • International tournament ACCELERATE • Round table discussion Eurasian Web • Round table discussion Leading Universities • Technical creativity exhibition TechnogradContacts:Congress Director – Ksenia Krasheninnikova, ph. +7 (343) 201-59-60, 251-96-45, fltk@mail.ruCongress Coordinator – Alexandra Kiseleva, ph. +7 (952) 736-04-27,
  10. 10. FORUMSTRUCTURE CONGRESS OF CIVIL INITIATIVESIssues under discussion: • The new generation of political leaders • Eurasian youth identity • Young people’s expectations from the Eurasian Union • Role of the Eurasian youth movement in the development of integration processes • Eurasian youth parliamentarism • Consumer rights protection: functioning and development • Public evaluation of the RF and CIS legislation • Supra-national institutional system • Support of youth civil initiatives concerning up-to-date social issues • Developing tolerance; measures against extremism and terrorismCompetitions • Research projects competition Public evaluation of the legislation • Students’ research projects competition Responsible consumption in the ХХI century • Competition Best Blogger of the ForumCongress partners
  11. 11. FORUMSTRUCTURE CONGRESS OF CIVIL INITIATIVESKEY DATES (2012-2013)October • Virtual forum launch on • Research and Practice Conference The Eurasian Consumer MarketNovember • Launch of the international research project Constructing the Eurasian identity in the midst of young intellectualsDecember • Foresight sessions Eurasia in the XXI centuryMarch • Round table discussion Responsible ConsumptionMay • The Eurasian Youth Parliament foundation meeting • Social and cultural projects fair Contacts:Congress Director – Yevgenia Varovina, ph. +7 (965) 527-55-65, e.varovina@gmail.comCongress Coordinator – Dina Akhtareeva, ph. +7 (343) 221-26-06,
  12. 12. FORUMSTRUCTURE World Festival of Young Intellectuals “Youth Global Mind”Issues under discussion: • Global challenges to economic and human development of nations • Ethnic and cultural identification of the young in the context of globalization: achievements and problems • Role of the EXPO in the development of regions and global integration processes • Unified intellectual and creativity space; expanding international and intercultural connections between youngsters of Ekaterinburg, Russian regions and the world community • Encouraging the young to spend leisure time by participating in intellectual events • Ekaterinburg as a multinational megacity • Providing the participants with equal opportunities to present their creative works, to showcase intellectual abilities and acting skills; • Augmentation of youngsters’ spiritual; intellectual and cultural potential through creativity • Upgrading young people’s professional skills • Expanding contacts between youth-related organizations; youth organizations and associations; establishing interpersonal contacts between the festival participants • Promoting nations’ mutual understanding and friendship • Strengthening the present traditions of holding international youth festivals in RussiaCompetitions: • Research projects competition Terrotorial Marketing and Branding • EXPO Dream competition for the best theme, slogan, mascot, pavilion by the BIE criteria • Hospitable Ekaterinburg professional skill competition • Ekaterinburg – the youth capital of Eurasia (competition for the media)
  13. 13. FORUMSTRUCTURE World Festival of Young Intellectuals “Youth Global Mind” KEY DATES (2012-2013)February-March 2012 • EXPO Foresight (foresight session for Ekaterinburg)May 2013 • World Festival Ceremonial Opening with the participation of public authorities (President, Prime-Minister, Governor, representatives of the BIE and other VIP guests) • Festival expositions: international youth organizations and universities presenting their achievements in science, innovations, education, youth movements, and intellectual creativity. • Festival theme panels (EXPO science panels, sports, art, music, choreography, photography, movie making, professional skill, culinary art) Contacts: Congress Director – Elena Ovsyannikova, ph. +7 (903) 080-42-84, Congress Coordinator – Irina Rood, ph. +7 (343) 221-27-60, fip@usue.ruCongress partners Правительство Администрация АдминистрацияСвердловской области Губернатора г.Екатеринбурга Свердловской области
  14. 14. ORGANIZINGCOMMITTEE Mikhail Fedorov, Chairman of the EYEF Organizing Committee, Rector of the USUE +7 (343) 221-17-00 Svetlana Giniyeva, Director of the Congress of Young Economists ph. +7 (343) 221-17-16 Elena Godovykh, Chief Coordinator of the EYEF Executive Directorate, Elena Ovsyannikova, Vice-Rector for youth programs Director of the World Festival of Young +7 (343) 221-26-06 Intellectuals “Youth Global Mind” ph. +7 (903) 080-42-84 Anna Polyakova, EYEF Executive Director Ksenia Krasheninnikova, +7 (343) 221-26-06 Director of the Congress of Young Innovators ph. +7 (343) 201-59-60 251-96-45, Natalia Vlasova Head of the Department Yevgenia Varovina, for international cooperation, Director of the Congress of Civil Initiatives Chief Coordinator of the foreign ph. +7 (965) 527-55-65 delegations to the EYEF +7 (343) 221-17-90
  15. 15. Notes________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. 16. FORUMVISIONRussia, Ekaterinburg,8 Marta St. 62Ph. +7 (343) 221-26-06Fax: +7 (343) 221-17-69E-mail: