India colonization final


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India colonization final

  1. 1. India Colonization: Negative There was a time when the British ruled over India for more than 200 years. There weremany perspectives in this situation, some people say that it was bad for India to get colonizedbecause the rights of a lot of Indians was lost when the British started to kill a lot of people. Someon the other hand said that it was good for India to get colonized because India got modernized andthey were left as a better country for the future. I am one of those people who are completelyagainst the colonization of India. I think that human rights are being violatedin this situation, thecountry wasn’t in fact left as a better country, and the rule of India was very harsh and mean.Overall I think that the peace protest conducted by Mohandas K. Gandhi was necessary to goagainst the whole point that Britain stands upon, which is stealing the rights of Indians, killing a lotof innocent Indians who have done no harm, and making sure that they loot the whole country toleave the country in a very bad state when they have to leave. Everyone in this world has a right to live; everyone has rights and the country that wasactually fighting for these rights (Britain) was going against itself by violating the rights of thecountry’s colonies (India). As a matter of fact more than 500,000 people from India had lost theirrights. Would you ever want to lose your rights? No right?So it is important that if you want yourrights you have to ensure that other people who are being tortured from you should also get theirrights. Not only is it important to make sure that the world is fair and everybody gets the right, ifyou are the country that is actually fighting for these rights you have to make sure that you aregiving the rights to other colonies that you own. So since India didn’t get their rights I think that it isinhumane for the British to rule over India.
  2. 2. Have you ever been to India at this time? It surely doesn’t look like a modernized country. Ithas become a very dirty country filled with a lot of people and most of the population is in poverty.The reason that most of the country is poor is because the British stole a lot of money from India.The only valid argument for the other side that is arguing for the colonization of India is that India ismodernized because of the British, but the British had not done all that work for India as a wholebut they did the modernization for themselves. So the sole purpose of modernizing India was sothat the British could benefit from those items. For example the train, the British made a lot oftrains in India, but they only did that so they could steal and import a lot of items from India back totheir own country, they did not do this because they felt pity for India, they only did it so that theycould benefit from this action and if India had the money that the British stole from them theycould modernize by themselves like other famous countries who modernized themselves, but theycouldn’t do that because the British stole so much money from them, and used it for their ownbenefits. So the modernization of India makes no sense because it is for the British and not theIndians. So since a lot of money wasstolen from India two things happened, the Indians were leftwith a lot of poverty, and the Indians were unable to modernize itself. The Indians were treated horribly by the British when they were under control, because theBritish wanted to suppress the Indians so badly because then there wouldn’t be any protesting andthe British can go on with their cruel acts of stealing resources from India. One example of this isthe clothes industry. The British used to steal a lot of resources that enabled them to make clotheslike wool, silk, etc. Then they used to take these resources back to their own country Britain, andthen they used to put those resourses in the British factories, and then bring the clothes made backto India and charged the Indians ten times the actual price. Now this is not fair at all because the
  3. 3. resourses were actually Indian resourses and the British had no right to take those resourses andthen bankrupt India. Another example of this cruelty is the time when India started to protest against these cruelleaders. The British did a very cruel thing to the Indians by handing out the Rowlatt acts and thenarresting so many innocent protestors who were just merely taking a peaceful approach towardthese cruel rulers. The British soldiers did not even care who they were arresting they could arrestanyone as long as he/she looks like they are protesting. This was not fair because unlike otherprotests the violence did not come from the victim’s side; it actually came from the suppressor side.So this is completely unfair in the sense that Indians are getting tortured with their daily lives andthen the British tortured them again by arresting them. One more example of the British cruelty over India was in the spring of 1919 in Amritsar.Thousands of Indians and Muslims united together in this city to just merely listen to speechesabout their suffering and they did not intend to do any harm to anybody. The British should havebeen actually happy that there was no conflict between the Muslims and Hindus, but they wereactually angry with this incident and they let their army on these people and killed more than 400Indians, and injuring more than 1200 Indians. If we examine this situation carefully we can clearlysee the amount of cruelty that the British had been exposing on to the innocent Indians. Thisincident was called the Amritsar Massacre and this incident caused a lot of Indians to feel that theyshould finally get their independence from these cruel leaders. The leader of this peace protest wasMohandas K. Gandhi and without him India wouldn’t have even got independence. He had realizedthat the British were clearly the stronger country and there was no point in trying to fight with thembecause India will most probably lose, so he took a better approach of peace to make the whole
  4. 4. world see the evil acts of the British. The way that Gandhi fought against the British was in theeconomic sense, which means he started to use boycotts. Boycotts means that the Indians refusedto buy anything from the British, go to British schools, and pay British taxes. Now this action was acompletely fair action because the Indians did not do anything wrong, they were protesting againstsomething so unjust. Another peaceful approach toward the British was when Gandhi suggestedpeople to get their own salt in the sea. He and many followers followed him to the sea and theymade their own salt. Now this action was called the Salt March. Then the Indians planned to shutdown the British factories that were processing salt. So when the Indians tried to do that, the Britishsoldiers attacked unprotected Indian bodies and killed a lot of people. This was another example ofthe cruelty that British gave over India. So after seeing all these actions I feel that it is better forIndia to get its independence and the British should have never colonized India. Since India was treated so unfairly it can be clearly seen that it was best for India to getindependence and the British to leave the country. No one deserves their rights to be taken away(especially the most important right, the right to life), no one deserves for their money to be stolen,and no one deserves to be treated so unfairly when all they were doing was a peace protest. Soafter seeing the situation that India was in, everybody in the world must have already understoodthat what India did was right and fair.Sources: 1. "Colonial India." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 17 Nov. 2011. <>. 2. 13, April. "Jallianwala Bagh Massacre." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 17 Nov. 2011. <>. 3. I also used the textbook “Modern World History” for a little information. Made by Akhil