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Arcelor Mittal


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Arcelor Mittal Financial status and Brand Positioning
Recent comeback after there MERGER ...............................
Maintaining consistency

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Arcelor Mittal

  1. 1. By Akhil Kumar
  2. 2. Introduction • History of Mr.Mittal • History of Arcelor • The Merger
  3. 3. Values • Quality • Leadership • Respect • Openness • Subsidiary • Cooperation
  4. 4. BRAND
 REPOSITIONING • The branding was mainly done by FutureBrand, a London based global branding firm. The main elements of ArcelorMittal’s new brand identity are its new logo, lay- out and typeface. • The brand promise and core values • The logo and its hidden meaning • Visibility • Websites • Communicating the brand and its relevance • Other means to communicate
  5. 5. SWOT Strength Weakness 1)World’s largest steel manufactures with over 260,000 employees 2)High quality of operations with economies of scales 3)Strong R&D team 1)Dependence on subsidiaries to meet obligations 2)Cost of environmental hazards 3)The capacity of the blast furnaces is not high enough Opportunities Threat 1)Continue investment in mining operations 2)Creating flexibility in operations 3)Acquisition and joint ventures in developing countries like India 1)Government and environment regulations(political, legal and social) 2)Rising labour cost 3)High competition from companies like Tata steel and A.K steel holding corporation
  6. 6. 9 principle
 of Communication • Authorized spokespersons • Responsible individual behavior • Transparency • Two-way communication • Presenting at conferences • Official language • Fair and prompt disclosure • Confidentiality • Compliance
  7. 7. Challenges • Social unrest • Not enough communication at plant • Not enough communication on ArcelorMittal Gent’s environmental approach • Financial crisis
  8. 8. Research Methodology
 and Solution • Interviews • Telephone calls • Written questionnaires • Feedback • LCC‟s - Local Communication Coordinators • Committee Internal Communication (IC) • Sidmar Messages • Information screens • Sidmar Nieuws - “1”
 REPORTS(2012&2013) • Risks related to ArcelorMittal • External financing activities • Group financing • Market risks • Internal controls over financial reporting • Relationship with ArcelorMittal • Results of the year • Subsequent events • Research and development • Staff and remuneration