20 year personal hypermarketing plan for o.c. akeel dalisay


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  • 20 year personal hypermarketing plan for o.c. akeel dalisay

    1. 1. COOK YOUR SUCCESS!20-YEAR PERSONAL “COOK BOOK” By: O.C. Akeel D. Dalisay V58 MARKMA Class, vCoach Bong De Ungria November 2012 ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    2. 2. Recipes and ingredients to help you cook the best dish in life, SUCCESS.DAILY ROUNDS•Vision / Mission•Ingredients for Success•O.C. Akeel DalisayEND IN MIND•Recipe for success ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    3. 3. I don’t have anything special to look up to. I can’t inspire other people since Idon’t have any heart-touching stories of my life. I just wanted to live to the fullest andshare my knowledge to those in need. To have a successful career both in the corporate world and in my business. Tofinish my MBA degree, and pursue my doctorate studies. To be a licensed real estateappraiser, and a part-time professor. To be a caring and supportive father to my child,and a loving husband to my wife-to-be. And to have a stress and worry-free life after mycareer. Every success I will achieve would be dedicated to my ever supportive parents,and to everyone I met along the way to success. And in everything I do, I always believethat God Almighty is with me. All of these will be cooked accordingly and properly, according to the recipesof success. I may be an O.C., yet I won’t be OverConfident not to OverCook my dish. ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    4. 4. INGREDIENTS FOR SUCCESSYour dish may get overcooked, uncooked, too salty, or too sweet; yet keep on trying until you get it right orthe “tamang timpla”. Remember, NEVER EVER GIVE UP. You won’t succeed unless you have failed, you won’tfail either unless you have tried. There may be a thousand reasons to quit, but you only need one reason togo on. ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    5. 5. INGREDIENTS FOR SUCCESSStay focused. You’ll get burns, cuts, or cry over chopping an onion; but “never lose sight of your goal”. Keepyour heart and mind glued to it. Why persevere if you’re not determined? ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    6. 6. INGREDIENTS FOR SUCCESSExplore limits, then exceed it. Any success won’t be sweeter without hard work. It is self-fulfillment seeingyour hard work bear the fruits of its labor, isn’t it? ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    7. 7. INGREDIENTS FOR SUCCESSHAVE FUN! Take your goals seriously, but also take a break from time to time. Blow away stress, getrefreshed, a start anew. Also, have fun on what you do. If you’re happy with it, success would likely to follow. ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    8. 8. INGREDIENTS FOR SUCCESSSTAY FIT! A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Get into sports or any other activities that would make yousweat. ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    9. 9. INGREDIENTS FOR SUCCESSVALUE FAMILY TIES. No one inspires us much as our family. Share your success and failures with them. ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    10. 10. O.C. Akeel Dalisay CBC / AGSB C. O. (see) (O) Akeel Dali / say / ChinaSomeone saw me, and he hurriedly told the crowd to say“China”… ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    11. 11. O.C. Akeel Dalisay CBC / AGSB Ateneo Bank (eagle) (Bang!)… all of a sudden, there was a “BANG!”, the Ateneo BlueEagle appeared and took me higher than the rest of thecrowd. ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    12. 12. The 20-YEAR JOURNEYPRESENT FUTURE•29 years old •49 years old•Real Estate Appraiser 1 •Top notch licensed Real Estate Appraiser; part- time professor•Single •Happily married with two kids•MBA student •Ph.D. degree holder•Weekend cook •Bar/restaurant owner ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    13. 13. ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    14. 14. Daily Diet The mentioned ingredients and recipe will always be included in mycooking and my daily diet. These will be mixed with the guidance and wisdomprovided by God Almighty, to be a successful individual and a devoted Catholic.The proper amount of ingredients depends on me, as the cook of my success.I must be able to properly combine and balance the ingredients to cook theperfect dish. I will not be afraid to fail as God Almighty, my family and myfriends will always be behind me. Being an O.C. will keep me on trying and improving. For an O.C.,enough will never be enough. We don’t strive on being the BEST, but to alwaysbe BETTER. For us O.C.’s, “hindi puwede ang puwede na.” ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay
    15. 15. COOK YOUR SUCCESS!20-YEAR PERSONAL “COOK BOOK” By: O.C. Akeel D. Dalisay V58 MARKMA Class, vCoach Bong De Ungria November 2012 ph.linkedin.com/in/akeeldalisay