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Facebook's Organisational Behavior, Structure & Culture

This slide shows the organisational life at There is a video in the slide which is not playing in slideshare so if any one need that request it in the comment section and I will forward it

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Facebook's Organisational Behavior, Structure & Culture

  1. 1. Project By: Akash Majumder Kushal Jaiswal Ritesh Kumar Mohanty Snehil Srivatava
  2. 2. Introduction • What is Organizational Behavior? • History • Mission & Core values • Culture (organizational) • Structure (organizational) • Strategy • Design (organic or mechanistic) • Leadership • Innovation etc.
  3. 3. History • Founded by Mark Zuckerburg, 2004 • In 12 hours of launch had 1200 sign ups • In 6 months, received funds and shifted to California • Funded by Sean Parker and Peter Theil, initially • Companies like Google, Yahoo wanted to buy-out • In 2009, acquired FriendFeed (real time news aggregator) • In 2012, acquired Instagram for about $1 billion • In 2014, acquired WhatsApp for a whooping $19 billion deal
  4. 4. Mission & Core Values • Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make world more open and connected • Core value: “Move Fast and Break Things,” • helped the employees to take risk without worrying about the adversaries
  5. 5. Organizational Culture • Open and collaborative • Freedom and autonomy inside the organization • Small teams, works for innovation • Free from hierarchy, office politics and departmental distinction • No cubicles in the office, even CEO Zuckerburg share the desk space as others in the Engineering dept. • “hip geek culture” by Zuckerburg
  6. 6. Organization Culture • According to employees, environment is fast paced and great opportunity to work with smartest brains in the industry • Facebook hosted a weekly “All Hands Meetings” • Facebook offered flexibility in work hours and freedom to work from home • strong leader like Zuckerburg at the top the culture is young and performance oriented Continues….
  7. 7. Organizational Structure • Global Organisation having 16 subsidiaries and 109 executives • Has developed into a matrix type of organisation • It concentrates that its employee base is of the lower age group • Has a high turnover rate • Structure encourages free flow of communication • No clearly defined roles in the mid management level if compared to Google and other internet companies
  8. 8. Organizational Design • Facebook is a Matrix form which attempts to use the advantages of both unitary form and multi dimensional form design • Facebook has each organizational unit answerable to different organizational leaders for different aspects of the work performed by the unit • Basic design of facebook is organic characterized by the following • Little job specialization • Few layers of management • Decentralized decision-making • Not much direct supervision
  9. 9. Organizational Strategy • Over the next few years, Facebook’s goal is to make itself a cross- platform that allows developers to build, grow and monetize their apps across every major mobile platform • Over the next three years, Facebook’s main goals are around continuing to grow and serve its existing communities and businesses and help them reach their full potential • Over the next five years, Facebook’s goals are around taking its next generation of services, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Search and helping them connect billions of people and become important businesses in their own right
  10. 10. Effectiveness • Attractive perks and Allowances • Reimbursement towards Child Care • Food Facility towards employees • Purple Tie Laundry Service
  11. 11. Flow Of Information • No hierarchy levels • Allocation of projects on voluntary basis • Easy contact to Top Authority • Meeting with employees every month
  12. 12. Leadership • Journey from a startup to Multinational Company • Employees can freely express their suggestions • Engineering Bootcamp Programme
  13. 13. Innovation • Wall and Messaging • Newsfeed • Lists • Facebook Notes • Home - Facebook to your Home Screen • Timeline • The Ticker • Link with Instagram • The Like Button • Tagging And Attachments
  14. 14. Hiring Process • Facebook has picked up three of nine IITians and four of five non-IITians who interned at its Menlo Park headquarters in the US from May to August. • They joined after their graduation in 2014. Each earned $1,00,000 (Rs 62,39,000) as annual base salary, $75,000 (approximately Rs. 46,80,000) as a one-time signing bonus and FB stocks worth $1,00,000 that would be handed out over four years. • Some comments of the people who got recruited at Facebook are: "What I loved about working at FB was that there was no hierarchy. We were all treated on a par with the full-timers.” "I was keen on learning a lot of things going on there, and people were more than happy to show me around and explain.” “There were no structures at FB and it was a flat organization.” “My parents were happier to learn about my acceptance to the internship programme than when he got the job offer later. I'll learn a lot at FB and give my best. I'll think of getting a master's degree after a few years.”
  15. 15. Relationship with other Organizations Facebook has been one of the most successful social networking sites in the world. It has linkups with many organizations who uses it and promotes it. Few examples of such networking sites are: Instagram Linked In YouTube Twitter Google+

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This slide shows the organisational life at There is a video in the slide which is not playing in slideshare so if any one need that request it in the comment section and I will forward it


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